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My South Florida Commute is Under Assault awful, racist, fear-mongering billboards. I recently moved to Miami from the relatively quiet (politically anyhow) streets of Boston. While i thoroughly enjoyed living in the liberal ...
freefall582 10/13/2012 16 12 - -
Rep. King shows his idiocy (again)
Well, after parading it around again and again during the campaign with no meaningful results, republicans are again talking about the HUSSEIN. Not the one in Iraq, but the one right between the ...
freefall582 01/17/2009 17 8 - 1
Nebraska GOP targets electoral split
The Nebraska GOP has realized that they do not completely own the state as previously thought. Of course this makes them nervous and they have now decided to make a push to do away with Nebraska's ...
freefall582 10/31/2008 6 6 - 4
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