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Scott Walker loves unions
Scott Walker negotiated a 17% pay raise with a union that he asked the legislature to pass today. His GOP buddies laughed at him. Maybe they will laugh at him for some other things in the future. ...
freelunch 02/17/2015 10 7 - -
Occupied Ferguson
I'm (sometimes) a grouchy old(er) white guy and there are many things that are making me grouchy these days. First, the DA and police chief are making grouchy old(er) white guys look bad, like fools ...
freelunch 08/18/2014 2 2 - -
Why FISA Judge Roger Vinson Must be Impeached
Judge Roger Vinson, the FISA judge who allowed the FBI to collect all phone records (Verizon for three months, but various folks have implied that he has allowed this to go on for a long time and ...
freelunch 06/06/2013 15 7 - -
Guaranteed job at $12.50/hr + benefits
Once upon a time, the United States actually cared about those without jobs. Humphrey-Hawkins set a standard. We have not met it and we are going further away from it every day. It's time to get rid ...
freelunch 02/16/2013 19 19 1 -
This is NOT how to get out the vote w/ update
Greater Wisconsin has one of the most annoying mailings I have ever seen. They really needed to talk to some normal people before they decided on this.
freelunch 06/01/2012 24 4 - 236
Corporate Executives Make Millions Failing
The Wall Street Journal notes today that there are many corporate executives who are basically being given bonuses for running their companies into the ground despite a law that forbids ...
freelunch 01/27/2012 9 12 - 66
Bank too big? Make 'em shrink
The largest commercial banks in America, the ones that are too big to fail, each control between one and ten percent ...
freelunch 11/18/2011 2 2 - 28
Walker's Fake Budget Repairs, Real Budget Damage
Governor Walker was supposed to present his budget for the 2011-2013 budget on Tuesday. The legislature gave him a pass, letting him get his homework in a week late. What does the governor have in ...
freelunch 02/19/2011 2 1 - 28
Gates offers to cut Defense Budget too much for GOP (w/poll)
The BBC tells us that Gates cutting Pentagon budget by $78bn over five years . Well, that's not much, but it's a start. The ...
freelunch 01/06/2011 46 18 - 84
The Rich Desperately Need Much Higher Taxes
It's time to raise the top tax rate to 50% and the tax on unearned income, including inflation-adjusted capital gains, to 70%. Oh, we also need to replace all deductions with a much larger zero ...
freelunch 11/19/2010 40 13 - 87
[Wisc Sen] Ron Johnson writes Op-Ed in the Onion
I looked but was surprised not to find a diary on this. The Onion apparently gave space ...
freelunch 10/28/2010 19 8 - 113
The GOP used to support the First Amendment
Ten years ago, the GOP would never have stood for the attacks on a congregation trying to build a new house of worship. Both houses passed the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons ...
freelunch 08/17/2010 28 5 - 21
Folkbum running against Paul Ryan
I'm pretty sure this isn't an April Fool's joke, but since our long-time community member folkbum (Jay Bullock) hasn't announced it here, I'm not ...
freelunch 04/01/2010 5 4 - 85
Greg Mankiw's April Fool's Day Diary is a Day Early
Professor Greg Mankiw of Harvard is generally conservative, but hasn't gained a reputation of being totally foolish, so I have to assume that ...
freelunch 03/31/2010 7 1 - 34
AP Gives GOP Credit for Mandatory Insurance
The AP has a nice article by Ricardo Alanso-Zaldivar today about how a key portion of the health funding reform package was a GOP ...
freelunch 03/27/2010 27 21 1 21
Pope Benedict's Disappointing Letter
Is there a reason that the US Conference of Bishops seems to be bureaucratic and more concerned about themselves and their perks than about the folks who are in the pews? Maybe they are just ...
freelunch 03/20/2010 54 16 - 33
Anthem Blue Cross Loses Transplant Case
The LA Times is reporting that Anthem Blue Cross lost its jury trial concerning its unwillingness to pay for ...
freelunch 03/16/2010 19 22 - 87
Cost Controls in Health Care (with poll)
The New York Times has an article about the inevitability of expanding cost controls in health care. The core of the ...
freelunch 03/14/2010 6 1 - 10
Regulating Banks a Better Way
The New York Times has an article in today's paper about the fight over how to protect consumers while keeping banks ...
freelunch 03/06/2010 8 3 1 19
Medical Malpractice is a Red Herring
The people who claim to advocate medical tort reform don't seem to understand what it entails. Aside from a half-dozen sociopaths, I'm not aware of anyone who is saying that doctors and hospitals ...
freelunch 02/27/2010 70 13 - 12
Why Buying Health Insurance Across State Lines is a Bad Idea
Florida Insurance Commissioner Orders Several Companies and Individuals to Cease And Desist the Unauthorized Sale of Health ...
freelunch 02/22/2010 39 5 - 87
Andreas Moritz, medical quack, finds a victim
We don't know how many people have died because they have listened to the very unscientific medical advice that Andreas Moritz has offered. Mr. Moritz has no medical training at all, but ...
freelunch 02/18/2010 24 6 1 50
Better Democrats? We still need them.
It isn't only our nation's capitol that is infested with Democrats who either don't support moderate and progressive ideas or are willing to sell them out for promises from K Street. Wisconsin ...
freelunch 02/02/2010 2 1 - 108
Illinois Corruption Continues (U of I edition)
The Chicago Tribune has a fascinating article about a U. of I. jobs-for-entry scheme . It seems that ...
freelunch 06/26/2009 9 4 - 35
Catholics taken by Tom Monaghan in Ave Maria
The Naples Daily News has finished a ...
freelunch 05/12/2009 21 7 - 8
How to feel better about managing bills you cannot pay
Debt is debt. It doesn't matter how you incurred it. It doesn't matter why you cannot pay it right now. Whether you are a victim of the economy, bad health, impulsiveness or any other reason, it is ...
freelunch 02/21/2009 8 17 8 20
Forbes Magazine gives space to anti-science crowd
Forbes Magazine had a special report this week about Darwin, since the ...
freelunch 02/06/2009 55 14 - 20
The Peril of Substituting Dogma for Thought
As has been commented on a few times here, our poor former Fed Chairman, as befuddled as Secretary of State Rice, came out with his "perfect" defense of his behavior since 1/20/2001. According to ...
freelunch 10/23/2008 4 4 1 1
Buying Silence from Not for Profits
The Ohio Coalition for Responsible Lending lost one of its members this week as Rent-a-Center, a company that charges outrageous rental ...
freelunch 05/01/2008 10 11 - 7
"Health Insurance Mafia" [w/ poll]
Today, in the Wall Street Journal , generally firewalled, Jonathan Kellerman compares health ...
freelunch 04/14/2008 10 7 - -
Feds outsource services, some employees uninsured
How do you save money when dealing with low-level service employees? For more than 40 years, the Federal Government's response has been to outsorce certain service jobs under a 1965 law, called ...
freelunch 03/25/2008 4 2 - -
Have we got a deal for you
You may remember that a lot of people in America bought their homes using adjustable rate mortgages, even though fixed mortgages were near historic lows. Well, some local governments did the same ...
freelunch 02/14/2008 2 5 - -
Right Wing Talk: All about me. Will Democrats Benefit?
Right wing talkers want a Democratic victory because it makes their jobs easier and, they think, they will make themselves richer. Proving that they don't actually care about conservatives or values ...
freelunch 02/12/2008 3 - - -
Nataline Sarkisyan front page on Wall St. Journal Tomorrow
The Wall Street Journal has a front page story (still firewalled?) about Nataline Sarkisyan ...
freelunch 01/06/2008 23 31 1 12
Wal-Mart legally grabs employees accident settlement
Today, the Wall Street Journal has a great front page article about the effect of subrogation ...
freelunch 11/20/2007 13 12 1 11
David Brooks discovers and approves more health insurance complexity
David Brooks discovers (firewalled) that the Brookings Institute is ...
freelunch 09/07/2007 5 4 - 8
Hedge Fund Investors burned by Bankruptcy: Even the ones who cashed out
Bayou Investors went broke a few years ago because their founders defrauded the company. Some of the investors thought that they had smelled a rat in time. Yesterday, they found out that getting out ...
freelunch 02/24/2007 6 3 1 2
The Supreme Court Rules again on Punitive Damages
The high court voted 5-4 to overturn the jury verdict, ruling it violated earlier high court decisions on limits to punitive damages. The decision could further curb the size of product ...
freelunch 02/20/2007 31 3 1 1
Unfettered Lies: RNC's Mike Duncan Edition
Apparently, it's okay to lie if you are the RNC Chairman: They call it their 'slow-bleed' plan. Instead of supporting the troops ...
freelunch 02/15/2007 8 1 - -
Gutting the FMLA: Your Rights on the Line
For those of you with access to Times Select, there is another excellent essay from Judith Warner letting us know that the Department of Labor is ...
freelunch 02/09/2007 13 18 - 17
Avoiding Foreclosure (with poll)
The Wall Street Journal reported behind its normal firewall today on a rising problem, and how nice the banks are being in dealing with it. As the number of borrowers falling ...
freelunch 01/24/2007 31 3 - -
Farmers and the Problem with Subsidies
Food is cheap in the United States. The percentage of U.S. disposable income spent on food prepared at home decreased, from 22% in 1950 to 7% in 2000, even if we add back the roughly 7% of our ...
freelunch 01/13/2007 38 10 - 1
$8,648,806,491,911.59 [with poll]
That is the federal debt as of December 14, 2006. Your share is almost $30,000. You can check on it every day if you like at the Bureau of the Public Debt'...
freelunch 12/17/2006 32 12 - 8
Bernanke Gets Religion on Fiscal Discipline?
freelunch 10/04/2006 7 5 - -
Housing Sales Slowing: How Bad?
freelunch 09/25/2006 24 8 - -
Ponzi Redux: The Pinnacle of Housing Greed
freelunch 09/21/2006 4 5 - -
Another $68 billion in IOUs
freelunch 09/12/2006 18 4 - -
Census: 2005 Income Poverty and Health Care Coverage
freelunch 08/29/2006 4 4 - -
The Housing Marsh
freelunch 08/23/2006 3 3 - -
More Lies from the Discovery Institute
freelunch 07/31/2005 6 7 - -
Still Missing the Point
freelunch 07/09/2005 1 - - -
No Timetable? No Plan! (with poll)
freelunch 06/24/2005 4 - - -
Business Reform: One Bite at Limited Liability
freelunch 04/24/2005 1 2 - -
Enemies of Christ
freelunch 04/15/2005 10 8 - -
Come save me Costco!
freelunch 01/29/2005 16 - - -
The Register tears the red states a new one
freelunch 11/07/2004 14 3 - -
A Model Debate
freelunch 10/22/2004 4 1 - -
Feingold debates Michels
freelunch 10/01/2004 5 1 - -
New Column on the Hamdi Farce
freelunch 09/29/2004 1 - - -
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