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NEW POLL: 99.5% of Kossacks hate Grand Bargains
A new poll released this morning by Vandelay Industries confirms what we have suspected all along: 99.5% of people who frequent the liberal website Daily Kos would be really pissed off at a Grand ...
friedmanberg 11/13/2012 9 3 - -
Your voting histories...
I just voted for Obama. This was just the third time I voted in a national election after 2008 and 2010, but I'm old enough to remember the two GW Bush elections and my two liberal parents being ...
friedmanberg 11/06/2012 26 2 - -
Final Reuters/Ipsos OH, CO, VA, FL polls
These are all internet polls, so take with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, things are looking alright. Ohio: O 50, R 46 (yesterday was O 48, R 44) Colorado: O 48, R 47 (yesterday was O 48, R 48) ...
friedmanberg 11/05/2012 7 6 - -
Nate Silver late nite update: 86.3%
We have Obama almost matching his highest point: 307.2 electoral votes projected for Tuesday (was 306.4 yesterday, highest since Oct. 7) 86.3% probability of winning of Tuesday (was 85.1% yesterday,
friedmanberg 11/04/2012 34 14 1 -
New YouGov polls point to 303 Obama victory in electoral college (Updated with Senate Results)
Here's the write-up. Tossups: Virginia +2: O 48, R 46 Colorado +1: O 48, R 47 Iowa +1: O 48, R 47 Florida -1: O 47, R 48 North Carolina -2: O 47, R 49 I'd add that we're getting enough unlikely ...
friedmanberg 11/04/2012 17 8 - -
Heads up on crap PA poll...
So we have the latest Susquehanna poll, which has Obama and Romney tied at 47. Get ready for Chuck Todd/Jake Tapper (as well as the obvious Malkin/Redstate crowd) to start talking this up. I just ...
friedmanberg 11/03/2012 38 2 - -
GREAT Nevada early voting news!
Jon Ralston (@RalstonReports), the man who knows Nevada politics the best, just tweeted the following: I am hearing Democrats had huge day in Clark County today -- gained 9,600 voters, went over 70,...
friedmanberg 11/02/2012 10 23 - -
Nate Silver Senate Update: 91.6% chance of D Majority
Poblano just ran the newest Senate numbers into his model. Here is where things stand: 52.5 Dem caucus seats projected 91.6% chance of Dem caucus majority And by state from most to least likely D ...
friedmanberg 11/02/2012 20 17 - -
New Reuters/Ipsos Nat'l, OH, VA, FL, CO LV polls
Here's the write-up. Nationally: O 46, R 46 (changed from O 47, R 46 yesterday) Ohio: O 47, R 45 (unchanged from yesterday) Virginia: O 48, R 45 (changed from O 49, R 44 yesterday) Florida: O 48,
friedmanberg 11/02/2012 6 2 - -
Nate Silver #'s: States
I'd thought I'd do a quick rundown of how all the states (and, in the cases of Maine and Nebraska, congressional districts) are looking according to Nate's model as of the latest update. Listed ...
friedmanberg 11/01/2012 7 7 - -
New CNN/ORC Colorado Poll: O 50, R 48
Here's the write-up They're going with the "virtual tie" narrative. It's close, but really? Note that this ORC doesn't have a strong house effect according to Simon Jackman, so this is probably a ...
friedmanberg 11/01/2012 7 2 - -
Jake Tapper rant
This guy pisses me right off. He's a belligerent, self-important alpha-male type who may as well be Romney, Jr. In fact he's basically Romney at the first two debates: an entitled prick who ramrods ...
friedmanberg 10/31/2012 12 4 - -
New Nate Silver #'s: Obamentum!
Here ya go: 299.7 electoral votes projected for Obama (highest since Oct. 8, was 299.0 yesterday) 78.4% chance of winning (highest since Oct. 7, was 77.4 yesterday) 50.5% popular vote projection (...
friedmanberg 10/31/2012 36 30 3 -
New OH and WI polls: O+2 and O+8
Herein lies a tale of two polls, one good and one awesome: Ohio poll: 48 O, 46 R, 2 Gary Johnson Note that this is the same pollster (U of Cincy) that had it tied at 49 O, 49 R less than a week ago.
friedmanberg 10/31/2012 17 10 - -
Why does Chuck Todd have it in so much for Obama?
Any ideas? And, while we're at, how about Jake Tapper? Mark Halperin?
friedmanberg 10/30/2012 94 2 - -
Swing State Impressions?
I'm interested in hearing some impressions/anecdotes of where things stand in the swing states (or non-swing states, for that matter). I'm a little sick of the polls and am curious as to how y'all ...
friedmanberg 10/30/2012 13 - - -
Nate Silver #'s: Movin' on Up (UPDATED WITH BRAND NEW SENATE #'s)
296.6 projected for BO in EC (was 295.5 yesterday, highest since Oct. 9) 74.6% BO electoral college win (was 73.6% yesterday, highest since Oct. 8) 50.4% projected in popular vote (was 50.3% ...
friedmanberg 10/28/2012 16 29 1 -
Impressions in the Swing States
I'm interested in hearing some impressions/anecdotes of where things stand in the swing states (or non-swing states, for that matter). I'm a little sick of the polls and am curious as to how y'all ...
friedmanberg 10/28/2012 5 1 - -
Obama vs. Romney signage in your area
I'm interested in knowing from Kossacks their impression of how support for Obama and Romney is manifested in their particular region. One thing you'll hear the Romney folks boast of is that they ...
friedmanberg 10/27/2012 82 11 - -
New AP/GfK poll: R 47, O 45 LV
Here's the link: click on "download topline" to see the PDF. The poll finds Obama leading Romney 46 to 45 among registered voters. Clearly this is not a great result for us. However, I would not ...
friedmanberg 10/25/2012 24 - - -
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