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Headline: Police on high alert, fear more attacks. I have a question
I want to ask all of you. Every one of you. I don't expect an answer. There are many answers. Here is the story:
funluvn1 12/22/2014 6 3 - -
A talented woman wins NHRA Pro Stock Finals!
Not a lot to say beyond the fact that this is such a thumb in the eye of the good old boys having recently showed up to vote against anything a real woman would approve of. What are the NHRA Pro ...
funluvn1 11/17/2014 12 2 - -
Neo Cons might want to get the band back together, but General Petraeus refuses to sing lead
Kristol? Check McCain and his sidekick Lindsey? Check Darth VP? Check Wolfowitz? Big MF'n Check Robert Kagan? He's totally in! These are the see nothing, know nothing pundits that recently ...
funluvn1 06/19/2014 13 16 - -
Good News Tuesday! SCOTUS rejects Planned Parenthood de-funding
The State of Indiana had passed a law that would not have allowed any Medicaid money to be received by Planned Parenthood within the state, due to the fact that Planned Parenthood as an organization ...
funluvn1 05/28/2013 39 198 1 -
You Paid For This! Entitlements my A*S
Gonna be short and sweet, but this is, imho opioion, a very important message to all Americans that have been paying into Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Let's face it people If you draw ...
funluvn1 11/26/2012 19 6 - -
Weak Tea
Having stayed up basically all night to watch the mangling the Republicans, and especially their Tea Party contingent took last night, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss what these poor ...
funluvn1 11/07/2012 4 3 - -
Romney's policies. It isn’t a platform — it’s a punchline
I was reading an opinion article by Katrina vanden Heuvel, that appears in today's Washington Post, and she really hits the nail on the head with her assessment of Mitt's policies. Not only does ...
funluvn1 10/15/2012 1 6 - -
Just donated another $112 to Tom Barrett in Wisconsin
The reason I did just now go and donate once again to Tom Barrett is because at this time in history, it seems that while I may live here in North Carolina, the battle for the hearts-and-minds of ...
funluvn1 05/20/2012 21 21 1 115
The Power of a short statement
I apologize for the short diary. No. I don't . The reason i don't is because sometimes power does not come from long explained and informational discussions. Ask anyone I know (if you're ...
funluvn1 04/07/2012 2 2 - 61
CA / NY AG's join fight to penalize abusive bank foreclosure practices
New York and California Attorney Generals, Eric Schneiderman and Kamala Harris have agreed to sign the proposed settlement between U.S. states and some of the biggest mortgage lenders over ...
funluvn1 02/09/2012 57 9 - 141
Socialist Puppets say Fox not actually news
It has finally come to this. The war of words and ideology just got serious-as-a-heart-attack ! Now that the cartoonish Eric Bolling at Fox has called out the Indoctrination of "...
funluvn1 01/30/2012 7 12 - 186
Lifetime subscription, or How I Want You to Invest My $100 Kos
Okay! I've been sufficinetly nagged into submission and last night I put in the digits on the card in my wallet, and voilà ! Not only were there no longer any ad's to hide from, but there ...
funluvn1 12/30/2011 10 11 1 82
FINALLY! Dec. 18, 2011 - Last U.S. troops leave Iraq - War Over
Remember this? Feb. 7, 2003 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, to U.S. troops in Aviano, Italy: "It is unknowable how long that conflict will last. It could last six days, ...
funluvn1 12/18/2011 3 1 - 26
Tea Party A$$ KICKED! Dem's control Wake County, NC (Raleigh) school board
Oh HELL yes! Local matters! Diversity matters! The election yet to be finalized until today's runoff between the Democratic candidate and incumbent Kevin Hill and Republican challenger Heather ...
funluvn1 11/08/2011 99 350 1 1924
Wake County (Raleigh) Dem's kick Tea Party A$$. Diversity wins (Update)
In a beautiful reversal of fortunes from the 2009 Wake County, NC School Board elections, the people of Raleigh / Cary and greater Wake County turned out and elected 4 new Democratic School Board ...
funluvn1 10/12/2011 74 134 - 838
Stop the tea party takeover of our Schools? Raleigh is!
Here in the greater Raleigh / Wake County North Carolina area, we've had a big battle going on regarding the tea party infused School Board and their attempts to return the diverse and nationally ...
funluvn1 10/09/2011 9 13 - 96
I had a thought. Help me out here *Action*
That thought blossomed into more thoughts. Scary, I know. I thought, what if we worked our asses off to bring in the voters in Wisconsin, pay the ransom , er, price it takes to run ad's to ...
funluvn1 08/06/2011 8 9 - 72
To hell with you victims!
Oh, Jeebus on a jumped up pogostick! Lucianne's little boy, er, large dough pants boy, Jonah is in a tizzy because the "liberal media" hold a minute while I piss myself laughing okay, where ...
funluvn1 08/03/2011 3 4 - 83
Looking Good Rep. Giffords
There is nothing that could make me happier than seeing Gabrielle Giffords up and about, smiling and looking very well, thank you. The first photos of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords since ...
funluvn1 06/12/2011 74 217 - 1126
Ryan fixes Medicare like Mafia fixes Informers
Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times has a very introspective and informative column that I would ask each of you to take the time to peruse. His pièce de résistance? This quote.
funluvn1 04/17/2011 10 7 - 47
Want to send an email to your elderly Republican friends?
Well, you might want to start here. [ Paul Ryan's budget blueprint would push the aged into poverty] ...
funluvn1 04/15/2011 28 12 - 209
A piece of excrement wrote a book ~ The Rummy Follies
A piece of excrement has written a book. Well, sure the pages are full of shit, what do you expect when a piece of excrement has written a book? [
funluvn1 02/08/2011 26 14 - 229
News from Around~TeaPublican Hypocrisy Edition
Notice to TeaPublicans! You are going to get your wish, and the majority Republican House of Representatives is going to vote next week to repeal the Affordable Care Act that they have not-...
funluvn1 01/04/2011 8 3 - 88
From the "I don't think anybody could have predicted" files
When Condi Rice, in a stunning pair of nubuck and kidskin Ferragamo pumps made this WTF comment “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these people
funluvn1 12/11/2010 13 7 - 39
I have more questions than answers
The last few election cycles have caused us to all get hyped up, felt let down, brought back up for a moment or two - long enough to separate us from either our money or our time for a candidate(s) ...
funluvn1 11/21/2010 25 6 - 24
Newly elected Republicans? Don't get too comfortable
Those pesky Republicans! Once again, they won the war of Bumper Sticker Slogans and kicked some Dem backside with the assistance of the "Liberal Media" who has nothing better to do than grab a hold ...
funluvn1 11/07/2010 30 34 1 224
Money for infrastructure and jobs? What a quaint notion
You know those high speed trains they have in Yurp and China and such? We don't have that. You know those really nice autobahn's they have in Germany that are banked for safe high speed travel ...
funluvn1 10/12/2010 33 15 1 69
Reagan appointed federal judge: Sex, drugs and guns
Sure, it's old hat now. The general hypocrisy that we expect from the Social Conservatives and their motto of "do as I say, not as I do." Still, when a Federal Judge is ...
funluvn1 10/06/2010 18 20 - 78
Healthcare Law: Consumer Protections kick in tomorrow   UPDATE
On September 23, 2010 the first provisions of the historical Health Care legislation passed earlier this year will begin to come into play. I consider these provisions mostly consumer protections ...
funluvn1 09/22/2010 14 10 - 92
Obama bringing his "A" Game to Rally CBC Dem's
President Barack Obama is on offense, and I for one like him much better when he is in this mode than when he is in bi-partisan mode. His calm, cool and focused demeanor shines much more brightly ...
funluvn1 09/19/2010 13 19 - 70
Call the Media Bluff
Our (non) friends in the traditional media have one thing that they want to sell you. They want to sell you on their corporate owners insistence that Democrats are in in disarray and are about to ...
funluvn1 09/13/2010 16 8 - 28
Wedge issues fire up bases. Independents, No.
Skeery Mooslems want to build a Shrine to Osama bin Laden directly on the hallowed grounds of The World Trade Center where thousands of Americans and non-...
funluvn1 08/22/2010 11 15 - 59
Job loses not gains; Unemployment remains the same
The economy is still in flux as we continue to be told, but in the last two months it has spiraled back down quite a bit due in part to the jobs lost to the Census Bureau as they begin to let go of ...
funluvn1 08/06/2010 7 2 - 24
The Axis of Stoopid
The United States of America is being threatened by three outside the mainstream forces of nature bullshit that have decided that the best way to "take our country ...
funluvn1 06/28/2010 20 19 - 34
Unemployed? Some insightful information that may help
In a diary yesterday, we were discussing the new meme of the right wing that describes the unemployed as the "funemployed." I found this idea downright offensive at best and completely infuriating ...
funluvn1 06/27/2010 83 30 - 49
They call it "fun-employment!" Republican heartlessness
I was at work yesterday. I am a Senior IS Business Analyst at a good privately owned company in a small town in Central North Carolina. The employees there are mostly local, and are mostly small ...
funluvn1 06/26/2010 374 445 4 118
Who Cares Who's to Blame
Some loser from Texas has a brother that doesn't understand basic human needs, wants or cares. Since he has never had a need, want or care that wasn't immediately satisfied, his world has never ...
funluvn1 06/23/2010 11 7 - 15
Arizona Republic Gets It; Why don't Arizona Republicans?
Dennis Wagner from the Arizona Republic has an article in today's paper that simply states the facts about securing the border with Mexico and immigration reform. If it is so easy for anyone that ...
funluvn1 06/20/2010 96 16 - 56
BP's main partner in Gulf: BP Reckless! Eating their own
The CEO of Andarko Petroleum seems to have a bit of a disagreement with BP's Tony Hayward regarding whether it is too soon to know what caused the failure and destruction of the Macando oil well ...
funluvn1 06/19/2010 16 7 - 33
Afghan War not going well? Blame it on bogeyman Iran
More US troops have been killed in Afghanistan already in the month of May than in any other month this year. In a horrible reminder of the price that war exacts on flesh and blood American soldiers,
funluvn1 05/30/2010 24 20 - 41
Bubbling Brew of Destruction.
Just a few days ago, the often brilliant John Cole said that the wingnuts were getting so predictable in their response to ANYTHING, that in any situation we could pre-mock them before they ever ...
funluvn1 05/02/2010 17 5 - 31
Happy May Day Daily Kos!  The History of this Day
I would like to wish a very Happy May Day to all my friends here at Daily Kos. No, I'm not particularly discussing the May Day that any interloping right wing types would equate to Communism. (...
funluvn1 05/01/2010 29 23 - 207
RedState can't stop Crist from not bleeding
It seems that Governor Crist's move to running for Florida Senator is dripping blood all over the Teabag elite. Take our non-friends at Red Hate. They are standing guard over their previous ...
funluvn1 04/29/2010 7 5 - 26
The Apostates Creed
Much has been written and discussed of the Republican Party. God's Own Party. The Party of Greed. The Party of Family Values (minus the values). You all understand the rank hypocrisy that ...
funluvn1 04/04/2010 14 10 - 21
Republicans can't Lead, but they sure can Lie!
The Republican Congressional child-men were back in action on Sunday night. Like a schoolyard bully calling names, these poor schmucks simply cannot keep themselves from lying about their lying and ...
funluvn1 03/23/2010 17 4 - 12
Tuesday Loseday
Well, by now it's become obvious to my fellow progressives here that all of those Republican Konservative piggy banks that were broken into in order to send $$$$ to Scott Brown's campaign ...
funluvn1 02/23/2010 4 2 - 14
Obama to Republicans: Either you are with America....
or you are obstructionists bent on returning to power by saying no to any important legislation that is in dire need to be implemented in order to help the American people. President Obama and his ...
funluvn1 02/21/2010 22 22 - 24
What do Republicans really want?
In an article that was collaborated upon in Newsweek by Katie Connolly, Michael Hirsh and Weston Kosova entitled "How the GOP Sees It. What Republicans would do if given carte blanche to run the ...
funluvn1 02/20/2010 42 14 - 97
Tim Pawlenty goes full Teabag
Yep. You knew it was coming and you knew at some point that the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty would join the Sarah Palin contingent and go Full Teabag . Well, just today ...
funluvn1 02/19/2010 69 31 - 34
Without remorse
We are TRUE progressives here. Without remorse. We have the ability to give of ourselves to others. Without a need for pay back. We care because it is the correct thing to do. Without ...
funluvn1 01/17/2010 9 7 - 3
Terrah, Terrah, Terrah!
An islamofacist-meanguy-osamaobamaloving-forkliftdriving-terrahrist attacked the Port of Morehead, NC today!!!!!1 The islamofacist-meanguy-osamaobamaloving-forkliftdriving-terrahrist punctured some ...
funluvn1 01/12/2010 16 7 - 12
Dick Cheney:  I'm scared and I'm a coward.
A commenter in an article by Mark Mardell at BBC stated the following, regarding the withering fire that President Obama has been taking from former VP Dick Cheney concerning the President's ...
funluvn1 01/09/2010 33 32 - 156
Republicans and The Year They Didn't Shoot Straight
Could 2010 be known as the turning point where the Republican Party and their warring factions (Teabaggers vs. Paulites vs. LaRouchies vs. John Birchers vs. Palinettes) finally takes teh ...
funluvn1 01/05/2010 8 3 - 9
Media notices GOP Hypocrisy in Health Care Debate
Good morning from the land of Reality! I'm not sure what they put in the Holiday Punch over at AP and USA Today, but someone had their sense of Oh! Snap ! heightened just recently because ...
funluvn1 12/26/2009 296 607 14 243
Slip-sliding Away
You know the nearer your destination, the more you're slip-sliding away . That is the case with the the health care bill being touted by the US Senate. A week ago, progressives saw the ...
funluvn1 12/20/2009 14 7 - 43
Gitmo Prisoners to be transferred to USA
According to the Washington Post, many of the alleged terrorist prisoners that are currently held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will be transfered to a state prison in Illinois that the US Government ...
funluvn1 12/15/2009 22 8 - 24
Don't Compare Obama to Bush - Some words of truth & sanity
From the Albany Times-Union, Charles Headley has put together a concise and what should be obvious to everyone article that smacks down the lie's upon lie's and the insane rhetoric-of-the-day ...
funluvn1 12/13/2009 77 29 - 188
Hey Neo-Cons? Didn't win hearts or minds or Oil fields either.
Well, the incompetence and ignorance of the previous administration and their WARS against Terror for Profit has finally come to fruition, because it sure didn't come home to roost. ...
funluvn1 12/12/2009 37 15 - 140
Call President Obama! Still time to Make a Difference!
President Obama is going to meet TODAY at 2:00 PM EST with Democratic Senators to hold their feet to the fire over the healthcare debate that is taking place within the US Senate as I type. We ...
funluvn1 12/06/2009 9 10 - 97
UK opens Inquiry Into Iraq War (Thank you UK)
Well, it's about damned time. I would have hoped it would happen here in the USA prior to this very day, however the cards were dealt and that Ace-in-the-Hole never showed up, unfortunately. The ...
funluvn1 11/24/2009 43 17 - 142
Kos? Want to poll something game changing? Do it!
The entire House of Cards in the world of Republicanland is built upon a foundation of WAR . WAR is what pays the bills in the World of Billionaires.
funluvn1 11/23/2009 21 18 - 39
Contract with America II ? Delusion - Interactive Discussion
There is nothing that sets my teeth on ...
funluvn1 11/17/2009 30 6 - 39
"SOME" Fear Bush could be target of NY trial
That infamous "SOME" has crept back into the Faux News studio with a vengence! Their headline? Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial I'm sure "SOME" ...
funluvn1 11/15/2009 284 299 2 228
Ex-Louisiana Congressman Jefferson gets 13 years
as a sentence for corruption by way of taking bribes and being a greedy SOB in a position of power. Yes, William Jefferson, recently Congressman of New Orleans, LA. and he of the cold, hard cash ...
funluvn1 11/14/2009 20 10 - 89
This is how low the RNC has decided to go.
You see, Former (thank FSM) President George W. Bush and wife, Laura, according to Fixed Newz visited Fort Hood "secretly" yesterday. No really. They did it with no fanfare, no cameras, and of ...
funluvn1 11/08/2009 36 14 - 61
Why is this still happening in America?
The United States of America. A left leaning ? populace of former and recent immigrants from countries and cultures that originated beyond the borders of their current homeland have one ...
funluvn1 10/27/2009 28 15 - 59
The Public Option is IN! Maybe. (Nothing new under the Beltway)
The political winds blow. The breezes ebb and flow around rumor, hyperbole, partial stories, the unnamed sources and the actual statements from Senators, Representatives, Advisers, The President, so-
funluvn1 10/25/2009 9 8 - 13
Former Rat Terrier VP Pokes Head out of Cave
Like a growling blind dog that thinks he has a rat cornered, the Right Wing's former VP poked his head out of his undisclosed cave bunker again yesterday to make animal-like sounds about his ...
funluvn1 10/22/2009 60 29 - 33
Talking instead of bombing works! Who knew?
So, after three days of talks between the Iranian government and delegations from Iran, France, Russia and the United States, Iran has agreed in draft to ship their low enriched uranium to Russia ...
funluvn1 10/21/2009 24 15 - 19
NYT wrong! 'Obama takes on Fox News' is a winner.
Seriously. When David Carr of the New York Times decides to write a piece about the Obama Administration taking on the lies and general right-wing bullshit being pumped out on a daily basis by non-...
funluvn1 10/18/2009 310 272 2 93
President Obama smacks Health Insurance Industry
President Obama in no uncertain terms called out the insurance industry for the deceptive and dishonest hacks that they are today. It is a thing of beauty. [
funluvn1 10/17/2009 310 325 4 255
ThorsDay Republican News - SuperHero Edition
The Norse God of Thunder ...
funluvn1 10/08/2009 10 3 1 48
What would it take to bring Americans back together?
While it's good to think that bringing us all together here in America would be a great and wonderful enterprise, it wouldn't make any sense to bring us together in an undifferentiated horde. By ...
funluvn1 09/23/2009 46 6 - 8
Sec/Def Gates Under Right Wing Fire
Oh, but what a difference a few months make. Does anyone remember when Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was the most bad-assed hombre ever to send men and women off to War against the forces of ...
funluvn1 09/20/2009 9 4 - 27
YOU are the Sh!T in the middle of the Sandwich
If you think differently, then you need to check history for a look at what has gone before. We are the people of the United States of America. We are the voters who put into office those that ...
funluvn1 09/16/2009 13 6 - 3
Republican response to Obama Healthcare Speech
While channeling Nostradumbass this morning, I clearly saw the future and what I saw was the Republican response to President Obama's prime time Health Care speech that he will deliver to a rare ...
funluvn1 09/09/2009 26 10 - 18
Tell Senator Burr to Give Up his G'vmt Healthcare!
I have heard a lot of mumbo jumbo from the Reich Wing politicians regarding the Public Option, but Senator Richard Burr (R - NC), hearafter referred to as Useless S. Burr , is becoming one ...
funluvn1 08/31/2009 20 15 - 41
Richard Burr has Gov. Healthcare. He says you shouldn't Please go sign this petition for all the reasons I will lay out below. Senator Richard Burr (Useless R - NC) has him some really nice USofA ...
funluvn1 08/30/2009 15 10 - 7
Badgers without Teeth
We have a group of people currently in the majority in the US Congress and we even have a Democrat in the White House for that matter. They aren't very ferocious in their attempts to take back this ...
funluvn1 08/25/2009 15 15 - 43
No Social Security Increase this year. Right wing agrees.
You have to hand it to the right wing conservatives here in America regarding their consistancy regarding this issue. They don't give a damn who you are, as long as you aren't personally ...
funluvn1 08/24/2009 46 12 - 24
If you want it, you are going to have to force them to slam it through
Do you want healthcare reform that really matters for your family, yourself, your friends and your fellow American citizens? If so, you are going to have to force the Democratic majority in ...
funluvn1 08/22/2009 13 8 - 5
Blackwater tied to Bush CIA assassination plot
Remember not too long ago when incoming Director of the CIA, Leon Panetta called a special meeting of Congress to brief them on more of the underhanded B.S. that he had found was going on under the ...
funluvn1 08/20/2009 16 28 2 25
RNC targets Kissell, Schuler, McIntyre on Healthcare
The RNC is going full steam ahead, hoping beyond hope that their radio ad buys in North Carolina containing their usual misinformation and outright lies regarding the not-even-yet-fully-proposed ...
funluvn1 08/04/2009 16 11 - 23
NC Senator Useless Burr - Insurance Lobbyist?
Fear. Do you remember the fear and smear tactics of the Bush Administration and their loyal followers in Congress? Do you remember a useless U.S. Senator by the ...
funluvn1 08/01/2009 10 6 - 17
Rep. Weiner (D-NY) to Repubs. Put up or Shut up!
Congressman Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York's 9th district introduced an amendment to the America's Affordable Health Choices Act that would completely scrub the Medicare program. ...
funluvn1 07/31/2009 19 13 - 20
USA near bottom of Social Mobility societies
In The United States of America, where by working hard and taking advantage of the capitalist society in which we live is supposed to allow anyone from any social status to climb the ladder of ...
funluvn1 07/26/2009 64 21 - 29
Iran G'vmt:Death to America /Iran People:Death to Russia
One could speculate that the Iranian Government led by Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad must be feeling a sort of kinship with the Republican Party here in the United States just about ...
funluvn1 07/18/2009 22 10 - 52
House Healthcare Bill - All Americans covered
The BBC has a write up this morning regarding the U.S. House of Representatives plan to overhaul healthcare in America. I think they did a pretty good job of capturing the main points as well as ...
funluvn1 07/15/2009 18 8 - 11
Do the Monkey dance, it'll cheer up the Snowbillybird
OMG, you bloggers are mean and nasty and cause heartburn in the land of ice and hockeymoms! The little Snowbillybird is perched on her Cross and has a hammer in one talon and nails in the ...
funluvn1 07/05/2009 10 6 - 2
The government showed more fear than the People.
This is a story of two countries. They are intertwined by the incredible differences they portray as well as the deeply shared mannerisms and likeness in certain policies that both have employed ...
funluvn1 06/30/2009 10 6 - 1
Iran arrests UK embassy staff? Update. Confirmed!
According to the BBC, in a so far unconfirmed report from the Fars News Agency, eight members of the British Embassy in Tehran, Iran have been arrested for playing a part in the demonstrations that ...
funluvn1 06/28/2009 202 179 1 37
The Family Values Party strikes Again! With..
..BONUS RedHate commentary! Gay people getting married is KILLING hetro marriage! No, really! I saw it on FauxNewz and read it at RedState so it MUST be true! Then again, ...
funluvn1 06/24/2009 7 7 - 12
In Iran... Now
[ Iran's Mousavi urges defiance] Mir Hossein Mousavi, the politician at the centre of Iran's opposition ...
funluvn1 06/21/2009 12 28 - 27
Iran: The People are Marching. Gov't Crackdown! Updatex2
From Al Jezeera: [] Iran police 'use gas' on protesters Al Jazeera's Alireza Ronaghi,
funluvn1 06/20/2009 20 13 - 34
Ayatollah Khamenei finally speaks to Iranian People - Updated x 2
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has given a sermon at Friday prayers today, after the State Media of Iran has constantly begged and pleaded for people from around the country to come to the University of ...
funluvn1 06/19/2009 502 314 3 97
People are just People. The world around.
Isn't it funny. OK, maybe more odd than funny in our usual sense of the word funny, or maybe both? OH! What is funny, you ask?
funluvn1 06/15/2009 27 16 - 44
Right wing spews the usual drivel on Iran
Our right wing pals are up to their usual war mongering and sticking-our-nose-into-other-countries-business brand of idiocracy regarding the recent questionable elections in Iran. In a ...
funluvn1 06/14/2009 28 13 - 29
Healthcare: A movement is still needed
During the Democratic Party primaries last year, there were a number of healthcare plans put forward by the candidates, as well as a lot of reaction to those plans. The one thing to note here? ...
funluvn1 06/07/2009 15 12 - 15
Torture has consequences
Torture. Known the world around as something civilized people would not be a party to, considered to be something only evil and desperate people would employ and an elephant in the room so large ...
funluvn1 06/05/2009 3 9 - 201
RedState: Barack Obama's naiveté will get us all killed.
In one of the most laughable and insane posts I have ever read (and that is saying A LOT) at RedHate, in a diary titled "How is this not a conflict," Erick the Stupid Erickson has come to ...
funluvn1 06/04/2009 28 11 - 31
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