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Mo Elleithee epitomizes DNC failure in one tweet
You can learn a lot from how people to respond to failure. Do you humbly say that you will work to fix the problem or do you pretend that nothing is wrong and move on to the next? DNC's ...
fwdprogress 11/07/2014 7 7 - -
Why I went to CPAC: To Learn not Mock
There's been lots of talk lately about the GOP's $10 million outreach plan and 100-page "Growth and Opportunity Project" report and what the party needs to do to rebrand or reorganize itself in the ...
fwdprogress 03/20/2013 10 7 1 -
10 Reasons why “Obama 2012″ was a step backward for "Grassroots Out" Social Organizing
Obama web site disables “social” features on Election Day as part of trend toward “Small Ball” that weakens 50-State Strategy necessary to win back House Narrow Victory of Obama’s Data-...
fwdprogress 11/08/2012 8 7 2 -
Obama campaign needs to focus more on Closing Argument #1: It's the economy stupid!
As we approach the final week of the campaign I am still hearing "47%" ads on the radio and am only seeing Obama's Closing Argument videos on YouTube despite the fact that some of the most ...
fwdprogress 10/30/2012 6 - - -
Obama won BATTLE but not MESSAGE WAR on JOBS & DEBT
This is going to be a 2-part and evolving dialogue about the outreach strategy of Obama 2012. Although this campaign has been highly effective at rapid response and opposition research on women's ...
fwdprogress 10/17/2012 9 8 2 -
We need to get rid of our POLITICAL bullies too (open letter to our VA Delegate Alfonso Lopez)
I have struggled with how to get across the need for more focus on grassroots community-building in the Democratic Party in recent years after the "enthusiasm gap" killed Yes We Can, but I came up ...
fwdprogress 05/21/2012 9 1 - 78
"Most Boring Election Ever?" (Matt Taibbi combines OWS ignorance with E! superficial punditry)
Matt Taibbi, a "respected" blogger for Rolling Stone, has drunk the wrong Kool Aid in his analysis this week that 2012's presidential campaign is the "most boring election ever" and it was picked up ...
fwdprogress 05/10/2012 40 2 - 196
SOPA blackouts accidentally shine light on misguided OWS obstruction politics & Silicon Valley's 1%
The massive coordination of Internet titans to block millions of Americans from web content they rely on in modern America as part of today's anti-SOPA blackout should remind us of two things: 1)
fwdprogress 01/18/2012 67 1 - 378
Mitt's hack spins "I like firing people" gaffe into CNN-condoned "Obamacare is single-payer" lie
Claiming you created 100,000 jobs when there is no clear evidence of it or calling President Obama a "Socialist" who apologizes for America is pretty slimy, but telling an outright lie about ...
fwdprogress 01/11/2012 8 7 - 109
"Obama Hating" might be hip but sabotages The 99%
Cenk Uygur, Adam Green and several "progressive influencers" think it is hip to hate on Obama (like the "Occupy" Movement is now perfecting) but are helping send the "Progressive" brand into the ...
fwdprogress 12/29/2011 100 28 3 311
OPEN LETTER to PresObama from a Hope Monger RE:Attack on US Democracy by MultiNatl Corporate Commies
Dear President Obama, Millions of Americans still believe in you and your vision of Hope and Change that led to the "Yes We Can" Movement that elected you as President in 2008 to reform a system ...
fwdprogress 11/15/2011 3 5 - 40
We need to support a "Yes We Can" candidate vs "No You Can't" in VA Dem Primary tomorrow!
by Jim McBride (aka “Forward Progressive”) Volunteer & Database Coordinator, Virginia For Obama (2008 Primary) Founder & President, ...
fwdprogress 08/22/2011 3 2 - 64
Tell Washington Post To Cancel Trump Invitation To White House Correspondents Dinner!
HELP STOP “MAINSTREAMED” RACISM! Tell the Washington Post to cancel their invitation for purveyor or ignorant propaganda Donald Trump to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday @
fwdprogress 04/28/2011 17 17 - 137
Attend a SOTU Watch Party in DC or where ever you live! OR WATCH @ 9PM TONIGHT: Enhanced State of the ...
fwdprogress 01/25/2011 4 1 - 62
Host a SOTU "Together We Thrive" PROGRESS PARTY! It's time to Network For Progress!
We need to put the "working" into NETroots! Join us in DC and/or reach your local Obama/OFA, Progressive, Democratic and other Cause or Civic-minded groups and activists to host a State of the ...
fwdprogress 01/14/2011 7 - - 57
URGENT REMINDER: VOTE ONLINE for Jennifer Grey OVER Bristol by 11am EST (not closed as of 11:29)
“Because NOBODY puts Baby (or Sane People) in the corner... they may make our news and elections into a JOKE but we need to draw a line at our reality competitions!”
fwdprogress 11/23/2010 93 11 1 123
It's National Tell Everyone To Vote Sanity Day!
VIDEO: Entire Rally To Restore Sanity! Be inspired to be reasonable! (officially starts @ 1-hr mark) It’s because....Election Day is TOMORROW!
fwdprogress 11/01/2010 1 3 - 60
INVITE: Rally To Restore Sanity Meetup & After Party/Volunteer Events!!!!
10/30 “Vote Sanity” Visibility Meetup @ “Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear” w/After-Party & Volunteer Events (hosted by Generation Obama-Washington, DC & Network For ...
fwdprogress 10/29/2010 5 4 - 99
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