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What are the '16 Presidential odds? (May 2015)
Warning! Use of statistics and pie(and other charts) ahead! Hillary PACman still eating them all Last month in my first odds diary I explained a little about how odds work, and why it's just ...
gakke 05/10/2015 9 3 - -
What are the odds? (101)
Hillary PACman eats the others. Warning! Use of statistics and pie(charts) ahead! I like statistics and graphs. During Obama's election campaigns I had a blast. I'd start here at DKos, then on to ...
gakke 04/13/2015 2 3 - -
History, Hilbots, and Hilhaters
I'll begin with the conclusion to save the Hilhaters some time. and Dkos is a reality based website dedicated to electing Democratic candidates. When reality deals a Webb or Testor, we don't get ...
gakke 07/15/2014 21 1 - -
In 2024 there will be at least 7.5 million more jobs due to the ACA
Let's play the numbers and predicting the future game. According to my exhaustive non-calculations that I learned from Republican Repetitive Syndrome School, I predict that in 2024 many American ...
gakke 02/06/2014 4 3 - -
Are Oslo's bombing and shootings right wing terrorism?
Police arrested a Norwegian man for the killing of at least 10 people attending the Labor Party's summer camp, a yearly event attended by about 600. An Oslo paper VG has a story reporting that this ...
gakke 07/22/2011 25 7 - 168
Republicans are Deatheaters
We need more humor and intelligence in the health care reform debate. To people that don't read blogs, the debate is controlled by the Mighty Republican Wurlitzer. Not only is the information full ...
gakke 08/31/2009 8 5 - 1
Attack the Republican brand - removing the lipstik from the elephant
Sitting here and waiting for what ever the new Swift Boaters come up with has got me thinking, - what would be an easy way to counter attack? I read how the GOP is desperately trying to re-brand ...
gakke 06/28/2008 16 4 1 -
Not ’a’ civil war in Iraq, but many civil wars
and the county is heading towards a collapse. That is just two of the many depressing conclusions of a [ briefing paper (pdf)] by ...
gakke 05/17/2007 8 - - -
An ID Rove would hate - a Real Voter ID
I had been thinking about a sort of voter ID card the last couple of weeks. The idea sprang out of a thought: what would Karl Rove hate the most? The answer for me was easy – voter turnout ...
gakke 05/07/2007 13 4 - -
Who's going to write the Georgia l. Thompson docudrama?
Destroying the life of an innocent government employee to further the evil plan of high level Whitehouse official, or, Activist judges subvert justice to cover up Democratic corruption. Where ...
gakke 04/06/2007 4 1 1 7
Why the Dems (not you Joe) should boycott the Traditional Media.
gakke 11/18/2006 14 2 - -
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