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A Reverse October Surprise?
Will the Jeep Ad and the NASCAR rally net out to some kind of reverse October Surprise in Ohio? I don't have a twitter account, but I wanted to tweet...
galaxy quest 10/30/2012 27 2 - -
How Romney Won the Last Debate, How Obama Wins the Next One
A couple of days ago Josh Romney, one of Governor Romney's sons said, "So as a father, he learned how to debate an obstinate child. We had a lot of fun, we had a lot of fun watching the debate." ...
galaxy quest 10/11/2012 8 3 - -
comes around goes around
At the presidential debates a year and a half from now, the Republican candidate will go on a strong attack noting that his/her party and his/her's alone protects the American public from another ...
galaxy quest 05/13/2011 3 - - 34
It Takes Two, Baby
Three New York Times Columnists gave the Shirley Sherrod incident their full attention this week. Frank Rich and Bob Herbert put a pox on everyone involved - the press, the administration and the ...
galaxy quest 07/25/2010 2 3 - 28
from Nazi Tourette's to Nazi Checkpoints - and murder
Many of us had a good chuckle a week ago when comedian Lewis Black went on Comedy Central and did a brilliant monologue on Glenn Beck and his bad case of Nazi Tourette's. My favorite line was, "...
galaxy quest 05/22/2010 13 6 - 94
The Bubba Bomber
Wished I'd published this diary before I saw a picture of the lead suspect in the New York City bomb attempt. Go below the fold for the top 7 reasons I assumed the bombing suspect would turn out ...
galaxy quest 05/03/2010 24 7 - 28
So What's The Real Story on Arizona?
Today's New York Times carried a really interesting fact-filled background story on Arizona's newly earned reputation for intolerance. Hispanics make up 30 percent of the state's population and in ...
galaxy quest 04/29/2010 4 1 - 83
Why The Clinton North Korean Visit is Brilliant
Former President Bill Clinton showed up in North Korea today on a private good will mission to get the North Koreans to release two jailed American journalists. The trip is risky at many levels, ...
galaxy quest 08/04/2009 15 5 - 3
Obama's Game Changing Foreign Policy
We saw this during the Democratic Primary last year when Obama gave the now famous Race Speech in Philadelphia. The now forgotten Rev. Wright episode was in full development and Sean Hannity on ...
galaxy quest 06/15/2009 12 12 - 18
More from the Southeast PA frontlines
Quite a day here in Delaware County, just outside of Philadelphia. First McCain came by in the morning to a nearby high school. Then the Obama forces came to the neighborhood with those cool door ...
galaxy quest 11/02/2008 8 9 1 2
Chance to See McCain's Ground Game in Southeast PA
Just a short post on coming events MCain is coming to Southeastern PA - Delaware County - tomorrow, Sunday morning. Go below the fold for why this may be a leading indicator of his strength in Pa.
galaxy quest 11/01/2008 28 10 1 5
Why McCain has Avoided Rev. Wright - So Far - Maybe
For weeks now Kossacks tell and re-tell the story of the Kenyan preacher who came to Sarah Palin's church and prayed to the the lord to expel any witches from Sarah. Some Kossacks have even seen ...
galaxy quest 10/25/2008 45 14 1 3
Wile E. Coyote (McCain) Gets hit by the Road Runner in Pennsylvania
I heard today that McCain decided to put all his chips into Pennsylvania and over at the fivethirtyeight site Nate or Sean is trying to figure out how this makes sense. I live in Pennsylvania and ...
galaxy quest 10/21/2008 21 6 1 4
A Most Brilliant Campaign
On the nightly talking head TV shows words like genius, brilliant, fantastic and so on are over-used and have become a kind of currency hosts use to pay tribute to their guests. But the Obama ...
galaxy quest 10/19/2008 5 5 - 2
The Bradley Effect for Dummies
Okay, this post is for those of you out there who thought they had this Bradley Effect figured out, only to see or read something each day that throws you back into uncertainty about what it really ...
galaxy quest 10/18/2008 9 3 - 1
The Albino Lizard
I watched the debate at a local gym in Philadelphia so I could monitor the Phils v. Dodgers baseball game while watching the debate. Usually I watch the debates at home alone, so I was curious to ...
galaxy quest 10/16/2008 5 - - 4
Anybody think the Obama leaked memo is a trap for McCain
Earlier today the Obama campaign leaked its post-debate talking points. Whether the leak was accidental or on purpose, I want to know whether it is a trap for McCain. The talking points included ...
galaxy quest 10/15/2008 76 14 - 22
Bill Kristol finally does the Right Thing - Calls on McCain to Fire His Campaign
Bill Kristol, the staff conservative on the New York Times' Op-Ed page finally atoned for his many editorial sins and called upon McCain to fire his campaign. Not just his staffers - his campaign, ...
galaxy quest 10/12/2008 124 36 2 19
Brave New World - The Day after 11/5
As an event-filled two-year political season comes to an incredible finish, it is easy to forget that this thrill ride is only a prelude to a Presidency that has all the hallmarks of a big one. ...
galaxy quest 10/08/2008 6 - - 2
Help Me Figure Out the Clintons w/ Poll
Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton have been on the front pages lately. I'm guessing that they are out quietly supporting the Democratic ticket in critical battleground states. When they do surface ...
galaxy quest 10/04/2008 30 - 1 4
24 hours later
Last night about this time I wrote a blog and asked 20 questions about what today would bring. Now that the debates are over and much of the drama associated with McCain yon Thursday has ended, go ...
galaxy quest 09/26/2008 - 1 - 1
These 24 hours
It's just after midnight here on the east coast. It's strange to say this, but I have absolutely no idea what the next 24 hours will bring in this already strange political season. But I am not ...
galaxy quest 09/25/2008 8 2 - 2
Fans of the NPR radio show This American Life may remember their classic audio essay - Fiasco. The host, Ira Glass, chats with an amateur actor on the difference between a real fiasco and a bad ...
galaxy quest 09/25/2008 7 5 - 130
Biden's Debate with Palin - What He Should Do
Although Sarah Palin's ratings are tanking, Senator Biden still has to survive an anything can happen debate with her in a few weeks. Given his ability to trip over himself and given that we've ...
galaxy quest 09/20/2008 31 2 1 1
The Real Problem(s) with Palin
On the day John McCain introduced Governor Palin to the public, Governor Palin insisted on treating her private life as a political matter. She wanted the nation's voters to know that her son was ...
galaxy quest 09/03/2008 7 5 - 3
McCain's Sharpness
Lots of talk here and elsewhere on whether McCain knew Rev. Warren's questions ahead of time at the Saddleback confab. Whether McCain looked sharp and positive because there was no 'cone of ...
galaxy quest 08/18/2008 6 4 - 4
High School Again: the Quarterback vs the Whiz Kid [updated]
Over at MSNBC Chuck Todd has this running theory that any day Obama has to talk about race, it's a bad day for him. I'd like to update that theory and suggest that any day he gets to talk about ...
galaxy quest 08/17/2008 3 - - 1
Closely Watched Ads, Closely Watched Polls
The conventional wisdom on national polling trends has been: (1) the race is tightening up; (2)once the ups and downs are taken into the race has been flat and unchanging; or (3) it is too soon to ...
galaxy quest 08/11/2008 5 6 1 1
The Sturgis Diasaster
I just got back from the Talking Points Memo page ( and what they've got there could take the McCain campaign into uncharted waters of campaign goofs. As others ...
galaxy quest 08/05/2008 49 10 - 28
The McCain Campaign's Last Good Day
McCain's two ads today will end the momentum he's built up over the past few days. They may do permanent damage and here is why - below the fold.
galaxy quest 08/01/2008 6 - 1 5
Can't make this stuff up
I was wandering around the internet tonight and came across this gem over on Mark Halperin's The Page. The headline read: McCain to Court Women In Wisconsin Friday The tag read: The ...
galaxy quest 07/10/2008 10 7 1 2
Bob Herbert's Column today
I'm not sure what to make of Bob Herbert's column today in the NYTs. He's clearly been monitoring the blog world, particularly, the Daily Kos, and he uncritically accepts the view that Obama is ...
galaxy quest 07/07/2008 20 8 2 -
west virginia turnout
Anybody watching for new voters enrolled in West Virginia or turnout forecasts? This will be an uncontested election and HRC is expected to win in a walk. But the question to me is whether HRC ...
galaxy quest 05/10/2008 46 2 1 4
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