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Nuclear options on taxes: where are all the lawyers out there?
Just wanna brainstorm some ballsy nuclear options on taxes, if we go "over the cliff." Post your ideas in the comments, and, any lawyers out there, let us know about the feasibility of the proposals.
gallivant 12/11/2012 30 1 - -
Pelosi Should Pick All Women
Has this been diary-ed? I didn't find in search.
gallivant 08/10/2011 12 3 - 123
Chris Christie for Supreme Court
Its 2014, President Obama is comfortably in his 2nd term, and a supreme court vacancy opens up. I think Chris Christie is the perfect choice. Throw some meat to the conservatives, don't get ...
gallivant 12/26/2010 83 2 - 43
Why didn't Harry Reid vote yes anyway and make them eat it?
I know the reason, bla bla bla, but I'm betting it really couldn't be worse. They were joined by Democrats Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, both of Arkansas, as well as Majority Leader ...
gallivant 09/21/2010 39 2 - 57
Let The Israeli Settlements Continue
Yet state unequivocally that all settlers will become Israeli citizens of Palestine, with full freedom of religion and protection from the state, just as there are Palestinian and Arab Israeli ...
gallivant 09/06/2010 194 - 1 45
The Tea Party Message (i.e. Get Out The Vote)
"There are more of us whites[racists] than you, no matter how many brown peoples you cobble together. Know your place. It's not 2008 and we're not sleeping anymore and will prove it at the polls. ...
gallivant 08/11/2010 11 11 - 26
Goldman: Could the Taxpayers Lose By Winning?
Could Goldman's be insured against legal judgments against it by AIG? ...therefore be yet another government-backed handout (Through AIG, paying them commissions and what-not, to hand taxpayer ...
gallivant 04/16/2010 10 3 - 34
Stating the Unsaid Obvious: What = R Victories
The biggest lesson from the Obama victory was that a multi-cultural campaign equals an overwhelming, crushing victory in American elections. What i saw during this entire Massachusetts general ...
gallivant 01/19/2010 19 5 - 8
Health Care: Where is Organizing For America??
I am a bit surprised by not only the health care debate happening here on dkos and in congress, but by the left's horror at our failings. Yes, our failings. 2 years ago, when President Obama's ...
gallivant 06/18/2009 63 15 1 17
Are We ALL Cowards?
Step back and try to look at our overall war strategy and not specifically at al-qaeda as the enemy. If what Cheney is saying is what he and the GOP believe, and if preventative detention is a re-...
gallivant 05/24/2009 8 3 1 12
UPDATED:Obama Digs Palin Subtly Yet Directly During HHS Swearing-In
It was hilarious to see him having so much fun delivering a line, then pausing for a perfect comedic beat, giving an ever-so-sly look of pwnage in front of everyone -- and making sure we caught it! ...
gallivant 05/01/2009 78 22 1 29
updated: watch white house press room live unsupervised has amazing 'back room' conversations happening right now. The cameras and mics are rolling, but the room has just reporters talking between themselves. I don't know if this is ...
gallivant 03/27/2009 11 4 - -
CALL TO ACTION: Redstate SF Supporting Blue Dogs on Budget
I haven't a lot to add to this, but it looks like the Redstate Strike Farce is giving blue dogs false confidence in their perceived support levels. I don't get their emails, but balloon juice has:
gallivant 03/25/2009 44 4 - -
Money: AIG, Mr. Liddy
Why is this news now and not months ago when it was news? It seems ridiculously obvious there was a "moderate" calculation by the administration to placate the pro-business class and avoid future ...
gallivant 03/19/2009 5 1 - -
AIG Bonees UK Citizens? Tax is an impossible Farce?
...If the financial products division was located in London--probably for this very reason--how could/would any 60%+ tax have any way to touch a foreigner's income? I mean, if Japan imposes a large ...
gallivant 03/18/2009 13 3 - 3
Piyush "Bobby Commie Kennedy" Jindal was raised a turban-wearing terrorist! He is forced to admit it because there is too much proof to deny it, email naysayers his wikipedia page as proof!! His ...
gallivant 02/25/2009 70 7 - 41
Do Detainees In Guantanamo Know About Today's Executive Orders? Do They Know Obama Is President?
Not much of a diary, but, can anyone find any definitive information on what contact and information our detainees and enemy combatants have with the outside world? Unless guards are gossiping in ...
gallivant 01/22/2009 13 2 - -
Lieberman: New Best Republican Ally, Opposition Hero
Sooooooooooo............... hating Lieberman, feeling conflicted about his senate position. And I was thinking, if Lieberman represents his "constituents" in Conn, he vote's with Democratic ...
gallivant 11/07/2008 7 - - 12
Geraldine Ferraro Endorses Obama!  PUMA-wha? PUMA-who?
From an interview with PBS via "blogger" Ben Smith, Geraldine Ferraro endorses Obama, albeit a bit bitterly. Behold, the benevolent sound of a ringing endorsement: [on Obama] I don't ...
gallivant 11/01/2008 63 13 - 73
Joe Klein Baits McCain Big Time: Plane Snub Payback?
Pre-P.S. ::Let me know if this was diaried already, I couldn't find it!:: ---- Wow, of all the people in the this United States of ours, I must admit Joe Klein is probably the last person I expected ...
gallivant 10/22/2008 28 26 1 17
McCain/Bin-Ladin Debate Gaffe: "I Don't Care About an Old Washed-Up Terrorist"
I found myself stunned beyond all belief at McCain's response to Mr. Ayers attacks. I instantly thought for sure this line would be this decade's "I Knew Jack Kennedy" moment. As I ...
gallivant 10/16/2008 8 1 - -
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