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MI Gov:Schauer 46% Snyder 48%;SEN Peters up 13%!
WOW, Out spent at least 3 to 1 and the race is statistically tied here in Michigan. Basically the exact same race that I wrote about in July. Only 2% separate the incumbent Rick Snyder and the ...
gaspare 10/21/2014 15 47 1 -
MI GOV:Snyder(REP)46%-Schaue​r(DEM)44%
An extremely tight race is brewing in here in Michigan. Only 2% separate the incumbent Rick Snyder and the challenger Mark Schauer. A new NBC/Marist poll shows the race neck and neck NBC poll ...
gaspare 07/15/2014 7 17 1 -
McDaniels leads Cochran in Miss.
With 88% reporting, the extremist hard right radio host candidate is leading against 76 year old and 28 year incumbent Thad Cochran U.S. Senate - GOP Primary 1605 of 1832 Precincts Reporting - 88% ...
gaspare 06/03/2014 19 20 - -
MI GOV:DEM Schauer leads by 7pts 47%-40%
Well, hidey-ho, some good news out of the frozen(political as well as environmental) wasteland of Michigan. Former Congressman, Mark Schauer is leading Rick Snyder by 7 points when counting all ...
gaspare 02/28/2014 26 43 1 -
Oct +171,000 jobs created;7.9% rate
More people got jobs and more people are encouraged enough to get back out there and look for work and I think they will find it. "Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 171,000 in October, ...
gaspare 11/02/2012 9 5 - -
EFM in MI weapon to enforce draconian Budget
It is becoming abundantly clear that this Emergency Financial Manager law with it's sweeping changes is intended to be the tip of the spear to complement and enforce the true bulldozer at work, the ...
gaspare 03/16/2011 6 9 - 60
Dr. Keeling, a registered Republican, Pioneered breakthrough carbon measurements
Charles David Keeling is the pioneering scientist who discovered how to meticulously measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Dr. Keeling's techiniques have been key in the ...
gaspare 12/23/2010 15 22 - 60
Vacuum-Up economics, WH close to caving and millionaires rejoice
We can all lament about the poor negotiating prowess of the White House but we have to give credit to the millionaires that are winning hands down and fists pumped. Data from the Bureau of Labor ...
gaspare 12/01/2010 9 4 - 231
An Open Letter to help win a vote for HCR in the house
Dear Mr. Kucinich , You have been a loyal advocate for working people, the poor, the disadvantaged and the under privileged for your entire public career. ...
gaspare 03/02/2010 21 4 - 16
What torture begot...
A short diary agreed, but I wanted to throw it up here none the less...
gaspare 04/24/2009 4 2 - -
MN-SEN Franken ahead by 22 votes according to internal numbers
Of course this information needs to be taken with a big grain of salt. But the positive news from yesterday continues to add up. The recount is slowly but surely inching towards Al Franken. ...
gaspare 12/03/2008 18 7 2 3
GA-SEN Martin 46%, Chambliss 48%
According to a poll taken by the Mellman group this weekend, Chambliss is in a dead heat with Martin 48% to 46%. The election is next Tuesday, Dec 2. I think this is excellant positioning for ...
gaspare 11/24/2008 17 15 - 30
US Economy contracted 0.3% in 3rd quarter
Although I've personally believed America has been in recession since at least March, GDP data now confirms that the American economy is indeed contracting. I will update this post frequently.
gaspare 10/30/2008 25 8 - -
MI-08 Push back against MI GOP smear on Alexander & Health care reform
The Michigan GOP just sent out a mailer smearing congressional candidate Bob Alexander(MI-08). The mailer even cites a michigan liberal diary as the source of the smear. With the GOP certain to ...
gaspare 10/25/2008 10 73 - 27
Bush and GOP promoted goal of 5.5Mill. NEW minority homeowners by 2010
While the GOP and thier conservative allies try to back track from the damage they have done by blaming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack and minorities for thier failures, they need to remember, the ...
gaspare 10/08/2008 2 6 1 1
Progressive Caucus to present Rescue package at 3pm
Exciting news folks. It looks as look the progressive caucus in the house burned the midnight oil and came up with a far superior plan than the one being pushed by Bush, Paulson and tinkered with ...
gaspare 09/30/2008 707 958 31 60
Oil up only $25 to $130 due to Conservative financial diaster
Oil is up only $25 on the news that conservative economic ideology has wrecked the economy. In a brave effort to ...
gaspare 09/22/2008 15 9 - 4
MN-Sen: Al Franken's new ad is ballbusting hilarious
Okay, enough with the VP diary's already. It's Biden, we got it. Our great progressive buddy, Al Franken released his new ad and it's ballbusting funny. He ties Coleman to Ted Stevens and to ...
gaspare 08/23/2008 12 18 - 16
Big secret exposed, the government prints your money
I know this comes as a shock to everyone reading this diary. But sometimes it becomes important that even the choir needs to be reminded of the obvious. The US government prints the money in your ...
gaspare 06/11/2008 15 29 - 224
Hillary offers pledged delegates to Obama
In an unprecedented move, Hillary is offering her pledged delegates to vote for Barak Obama. Hillary: Pledged Delegates "Just Like" Supers — They Can Switch By Eric Kleefeld - ...
gaspare 03/25/2008 29 6 - -
Bush's approval drops to a tingling 19%
The Republican party has an anvil around it's neck and it's named George W. Bush. February 20, 2008 Concerns over Economy Push George W. Bush's Overall Job Approval to New ...
gaspare 02/20/2008 341 312 3 44
GDP grew whopping 0.6% in 4th quarter
From Real gross domestic product -- the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States -- increased at an annual rate of 0.6 ...
gaspare 01/30/2008 8 3 - -
Edwards up sharply in SC; help w/ phone bank
A new poll by John Zogby is showing a sharp and dramatic uptick in support for John Edwards in South Carolina. Pollster ...
gaspare 01/24/2008 341 344 6 39
Romney overtakes McCain in Florida
A new public policy poll shows that Romney has overtaken McCain in Floria. The poll gives Romney 28%, McCain 25% and ...
gaspare 01/23/2008 90 14 - 48
Iowa live results E-37%,C-31,O-27% 38p reports
The first precints are reporting a tight race between Clinton and Edwards, Obama trails at 23% This is coming from the caucus results page I suspect this ...
gaspare 01/03/2008 25 8 1 -
My Christmas Wish
This holiday season I wish that the politicians, leaders and activists from both sides of the political spectrum will come together in peace and love to unify the country and solve the pressing ...
gaspare 12/21/2007 3 1 - 5
we can lose is everything, and what we gain is nothing
So the local area magazine, the Metro Times, of Detroit has written a great interview with Scott Ritter. I don't mean to make this sound like an alarmist diary. I do believe that the Bush ...
gaspare 11/29/2007 3 6 1 -
Homosexuality dominates Conservapedia most viewed pages
You reeeealllly have to wonder about conservatives these days. I still think a vast majority are hyper focused on taxes but holy cow are the users of this site hyper focused about gay sex or what?
gaspare 11/21/2007 56 15 1 89
Cheney wanted to keep Rumsfeld ON
ugh, where to start. Well, in the comfortable confines of Fox News of course.,2933,300548,00.html Cheney said despite Rumsfeld's controversial ...
gaspare 10/11/2007 4 4 - -
Coulter boinking a Liberal(maybe)
From the authoratative NYPOST: October 10, 2007 -- ODDEST couple of the decade: lifelong Democrat Andrew ...
gaspare 10/10/2007 137 12 - 6
Conservative 'Judicial Watch' sues pro-war 'Freedom Watch'
To quote kos ha ha ha ha [deep breath] ha ha ha ha ha Apparently the shallow, hopeless pro-war group has drawn fire from Larry Klayman, the head of the conservative Judicial Watch. In ...
gaspare 09/18/2007 10 5 - 2
$50 Billion in Protection $$, F@#$ U, Pay Me
Well it's looks like the goons over at the White House are going to howl for another $50 ...
gaspare 08/30/2007 5 6 - 22
Poverty rate declined significantly LAST YEAR
A story about the poverty rate declining significantly was just posted over at yahoo news.;_ylt=AmzoGpiQ0TGjQ0Lylh8.e_SyBhIF At ...
gaspare 08/28/2007 11 13 - 9
Ebert: 4 STARS for No end in Sight
I know some people are skeptical about No End in Sight. Some think that it will push the war was a good idea just implemented badly meme. But after reading Roger Ebert's critique, it sounds like ...
gaspare 08/10/2007 23 17 1 18
China threatens US economy over dollar dispute
Or what happens when you run a country on a credit card, damn the taxes!! Good thing our friends over in Britain are looking out for our best interests. God forbid that a major American paper, ...
gaspare 08/08/2007 16 18 1 15
Tony Snowjob and the Toxic impeachment
Tony Snow declared the other day that impeachment proceedings against Attorney general Alberto Gonzales were toxic.
gaspare 08/01/2007 5 4 - -
Gonzales has till Noon to 'repair' testimony
Well, well, well... Impeachment resolution hanging over his head... Conyers probing into the leaked story to the NYTimes favorable to Gonzales... and Republican Arlen Specter up his ass about ...
gaspare 07/31/2007 73 17 1 15
Let the Republicans Filibuster
Let the Republicans Filibuster. There has been some press about the inability for Senate Democrats to have enough votes for cloture to end debate on the latest Iraq war related amendments. I'll ...
gaspare 07/12/2007 11 15 1 27
Jerome on Hartman(AAR) NOW-Live Blog
our ENERGIZE AMERICA HERO, Jerome a Paris is being interviewed by Thom Hartman at this moment!!!! He is talking extensively about his health care for his son and France's universal health care ...
gaspare 04/30/2007 16 14 - 14
GOP Attacks Iglesias in New Mexico Radio ad-It's "obvious" why he got fired
Wow, and some were foolish to think the Right Wing Noise machine was in it's last throes. Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo has two more excellent posts about the new radio ad being run by ...
gaspare 03/29/2007 7 5 - -
Los Angeles Progressive talk gets back-stabbed: KTLK
This isn't an original diary on my part but a post of an e-mail I just received from THE PEN highlighting the recent shake-up in KTLK's progressive line-up. How a radio host that calls us left wing ...
gaspare 03/06/2007 4 2 - 59
Glenn Beck Must be taken OFF THE AIR
Yeah, I know, what has the idiot done or said now. But his recent comments while interviewing US Weekly Editor for Racy Pics regarding Antonelle Barbe take the cake. He said to her, "I got some ...
gaspare 03/03/2007 42 10 - 5
Bush tries to run over the Press, literally
Bush the joker at it again... Does President Bush have it in for the press corps? Touring a Caterpillar factory in Peoria, Ill., the Commander in Chief got behind the wheel of a giant ...
gaspare 01/31/2007 47 31 - 8
History Interrupted
History Interrupted The world is on the precipice of massive change. Whether it's the rapid changes occurring to Earth's climate, or the disastrous course in the middle east that America has ...
gaspare 01/23/2007 3 4 - 2
Markos up now on AAR with Seder
very quick he's up ...
gaspare 01/16/2007 2 1 - 4
Amazing House graphic by District from NYT
gaspare 11/15/2006 7 11 - -
gaspare 11/14/2006 25 4 - -
MI-9:SKINNER endorsed by Obama; GOP on the ropes
gaspare 10/20/2006 - 7 1 2
Ct-Sen:Lieb 45%...Lamont 43%..Rasmussen
gaspare 09/19/2006 39 17 - 6
GA-GOV:Perdue writes himself $100k tax break
gaspare 09/13/2006 4 5 - 13
MI-08: Marcinkowski airs powerful new ad
gaspare 09/08/2006 5 5 1 -
MI-Gov: Granholm leads by 7
gaspare 08/24/2006 40 15 - 22
MI Gov, Granholm takes back lead!!!!!!!!!!!!
gaspare 07/27/2006 25 8 - 12
GOP Senators support Amnesty to murderous Insurgents
gaspare 06/15/2006 24 4 - -
Lieberman allies planning independent bid
gaspare 06/13/2006 3 4 - -
DEM Ldrship, stop fiddling with Jefferson in LA
gaspare 05/23/2006 4 - - -
Jason and Will, I BELIEVE
gaspare 05/18/2006 6 5 1 -
DEM Ldrship, stop fiddling with Jefferson in LA
gaspare 05/09/2006 10 2 - -
Rove explains the size of Penis
gaspare 05/02/2006 2 5 1 -
Trapped, US dollar dependence on oil trade & bombing Iran
gaspare 04/13/2006 4 4 1 -
If Nukes, then stop mortgage payments
gaspare 04/11/2006 31 8 - -
Bush Admin. hiding behind "A time of War"
gaspare 03/15/2006 5 3 - -
K Harris sold house 3x price(6 years)
gaspare 03/13/2006 20 1 - -
Guarding the Gate, winning back the national security debate
gaspare 03/09/2006 3 1 - -
Secret Service ASLEEP when Wittington shot
gaspare 02/14/2006 10 2 - -
December 13th, 1000th day of Iraq War
gaspare 11/30/2005 3 4 - -
VA race is DEAD HEAT
gaspare 09/16/2005 4 - - -
Evolution mocked on Coral Ridge Hour this morning
gaspare 08/07/2005 19 4 - -
Rove says SS overhaul must have private accounts
gaspare 04/05/2005 10 3 - -
Delay wants to help Terri Schiavo
gaspare 03/16/2005 11 2 - -
Hacking the vote
gaspare 03/11/2005 3 2 - -
Big 2 pt pop to Kerry in today's Rasmussen Poll
gaspare 10/25/2004 4 1 - -
Vote Stuffing in Florida...
gaspare 10/22/2004 1 3 - -
Bush aide admits strategy to stoke public fears about terrorism
gaspare 10/07/2004 1 1 - -
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