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Another Republican Official Racist Email - this Time in Florida
The St. Petersburg Times is reporting on an email forwarded by Hillsborough County Republican Party chairman David ...
gatordem 10/30/2008 23 27 - 13
Bloom Off the Palin Rose in Pinellas
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made her debut in Florida's all important I-4 Corridor today. Her morning rally was held in Clearwater's Coachman Park. The park is best known as home of ...
gatordem 10/06/2008 25 28 - 17
All Aboard
The Democratic National Convention has started. Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden as his running mate. The Republican National Convention follows next week. It would seem that these events ...
gatordem 08/25/2008 9 2 - 5
Good News for Barack Obama in WaPo ABC News Poll
There is some really great news for the Obama campaign in today's Washington Post / ...
gatordem 06/17/2008 19 16 - 1
Rail Road Job in Tallahassee - Forces of Ego Fight Commuter Rail
It's the middle of March here in Florida. That means three things are going on: Spring Break, Spring Training Baseball and the Florida Legislature is in session. Spring Training Baseball has a long ...
gatordem 03/17/2008 11 5 - 147
FDP Floating Vote by Mail Plan
The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Florida Democratic Party: proposed a new vote-by-mail ...
gatordem 03/12/2008 36 6 - 1
Truth Nipped in the Bud
There is a diary by nailbender up on DailyKos right now purporting ...
gatordem 02/10/2008 31 10 - 22
Ted Deutch Campaigning to Get Dem Candidates to Florida
Yesterday, I reported on State Senator Ted Deutch's letter to the four early state Democratic Party ...
gatordem 01/22/2008 8 6 - 7
Will the Florida No Campaign Pledge Be Lifted (or Broken)?
cn1044 has a diary up on DailyKos titled Florida might be getting interesting ...
gatordem 01/21/2008 91 13 - 8
I'm Voting Today - In Florida
Early voting for the Florida Presidential Primary started yesterday. I am going to do what has become my tradition. I am going to vote today, on the second day of early voting. I know my ...
gatordem 01/15/2008 59 20 - 12
The Answer to Partisan Gridlock
We've been seeing a lot of crap about bipartisanship lately. There's going to be a meeting ...
gatordem 12/31/2007 21 8 - -
Looking Forward to 2008
Since I did my look back at 2007 at Thanksgiving, as we enter this long New Year's weekend, I am ...
gatordem 12/29/2007 6 4 - -
Small Biz Likes Hillary, But
Last Friday, masslib posted this diary titled " Hillary Favored by Small Business ...
gatordem 11/28/2007 8 4 - -
How to Run a Primary Campaign Without the Candidates?
OK, it's Thanksgiving and football games haven't started yet, so I've got a couple minutes on my hands. Let me pose this question: How do we run presidential primary campaigns here in Florida ...
gatordem 11/22/2007 10 3 - 2
One Year Out
This week marked the date that put us one year out from the November 2008 elections.
gatordem 11/12/2007 5 4 1 -
What a Week in the Florida Blogosphere
Wow! What a week it has been in the Florida Blogosphere! Well, if you want to start a week on Friday and end it on Thursday, that is. This week in the Florida Blogoshpere ...
gatordem 11/02/2007 13 10 - 1
We're Official!: Florida Democratic Party Netroots Coalition
On Sunday, October 28, 2007, the Florida Democratic Party Central Committee approved the recommendation of the Committee on Clubs, Caucuses and ...
gatordem 10/31/2007 18 15 - 10
Down on the Hustings - More Local Politics
I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post here on DKos. But what a month it has been in local politics in the City of St. Petersburg. ...
gatordem 10/21/2007 2 2 - 2
Working on the Basics
I have not been on these pages hardly at all lately. There are two main reasons for that. The first is because I have been working at the basic building block level of elected politics - City ...
gatordem 09/24/2007 10 5 - 11
Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory
For a long time now, I have been saying that the stars are aligned for the Democrats to win the White House in 2008. All we have to do is to avoid shooting ourselves in the foot. Right about now, I ...
gatordem 09/03/2007 58 16 1 24
Fl-Primary: Let's All Take a Deep Breath
The recent decision by the Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee to possibly strip Florida of all its delegates to the Democratic National Convention has certainly created a stir. ...
gatordem 08/28/2007 44 21 - 34
The Face(s) of the Democratic Party
I purposely did not embed this as a YouTube link. That's because I just want you to focus on this picture.
gatordem 08/13/2007 28 10 - 8
The Day Conservatism Died
I was reading this comment in Vyan 's excellent ...
gatordem 08/11/2007 20 15 - 8
Majority of the Majority
Progressives have been mightily unhappy with the performance of the newly elected Democratic Congress. While there have been some successes such as the minimum wage increase, ethics reform and the ...
gatordem 08/08/2007 19 9 - 6
Hillarys Achilles Heel
Hillary Clinton leads all her rivals in the preseason polls for the Democratic Presidential nomination. She has been holding a double digit ...
gatordem 07/25/2007 95 3 - -
YouTube Debate Impressions
Somethings happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear. That's the big thing I took away from the You Tube debate last night on CNN. Have we witnessed ...
gatordem 07/24/2007 16 5 - 3
George Bush: Democrats + Politics = Bad
You really have to hand it to these guys sometimes. After all this is the administration that has politicized everything from ...
gatordem 07/23/2007 16 8 1 1
Blog Florida Blue Logo Contest Winner
We have a winner in the Blog Florida Blue Logo Contest. And here it is: Many thanks ...
gatordem 07/22/2007 9 19 - 17
Vote for the Blog Florida Blue Logo - UPDATED
Last week, I sent out a Last Call - Logos for Blog Florida Blue .
gatordem 07/09/2007 69 12 1 30
Amnesty and Obstruction of Justice
There is some good news to come out of the Scooter Libby sentence commutation. We may have finally gotten the criminal act we need to impeach George W Bush! There is some bad news too. To find ...
gatordem 07/06/2007 6 5 - -
Resolve . . . that this nation, . . .
231 years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created ...
gatordem 07/04/2007 7 6 1 2
Last Call - Logos for Blog Florida Blue - Updated
Okay, this is it! Last call for logo submissions for the Blog Florida Blue logo. You can check out some of the designs submitted ...
gatordem 07/02/2007 58 6 - 10
Have A Laugh - Read the Memo
Who says Democratic operatives don't have a sense of humor? The Florida Democratic Party just released an" Urgent Memo to Florida Political Reporters Covering ...
gatordem 06/26/2007 11 12 1 1
Don't Get Too Attached to Your Candidates
A couple of things happened yesterday that moved me to write this diary. I had just finished my Candidate Review Series ...
gatordem 06/14/2007 77 22 2 17
Candidate Review Wednesday: Recap
Six weeks ago, I set out to try to work my way through what candidate I wanted to support this cycle for the presidential nomination. I had ...
gatordem 06/13/2007 21 14 - 9
JJ Bloggers Luncheon - Blue Plate Special
Saturday, June 8, 2007 was a blue letter day for the Florida Democratic Party and the Florida Progressive Blogosphere . On that day, the FDP hosted ...
gatordem 06/11/2007 8 15 - 3
Candidate Review Wednesday: The Final Four
I have previously laid out my plan to review our candidates . The stated goal of this exercise is to help me settle ...
gatordem 06/06/2007 9 7 - 9
Message From a Floridian in Afghanistan
Something really interesting and really moving has happened recently in the Florida Blogosphere. ...
gatordem 06/04/2007 23 23 1 6
Candidate Review Wednesday: Bill Richardson
A month ago, I laid out my plan to review our candidates for President to try to determine who I was going to ...
gatordem 05/30/2007 54 14 2 -
He shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed
The title of this diary is a clause from Article. II, Section. 3 of the ...
gatordem 05/28/2007 4 8 - 1
Time for a Progressive Congressional Campaign Committee?
While reading Bill in Portland Maine's diary The ...
gatordem 05/25/2007 27 22 1 2
Candidate Review Wednesday: Barack Obama
Three weeks ago, I outlined my plan to review the Democratic presidential hopefuls and come to some resolution on ...
gatordem 05/23/2007 21 18 - 16
Dr. Dean - Let Our Votes Count
Florida Governor Charlie Crist today signed an elections reform bill that ...
gatordem 05/21/2007 24 10 - 26
Conservative Worldview Breeds Incompetence
Over at Rockridge Nation , they have up a particularly important post on the framing of the incompetence of the Bush administration. ...
gatordem 05/17/2007 42 38 3 146
Candidate Review Wednesday: John Edwards
Last week, in the first diary of this series, I reviewed Hillary Clinton. I included a ...
gatordem 05/16/2007 23 30 2 17
Candidate Review Wednesday: Hillary Clinton
Last week, I outlined my plan to work my way out of my candidate selection funk. Today ...
gatordem 05/09/2007 106 17 - 13
Blog Florida Blue
Last week, representatives from the Florida Progessive Coalition , Florida Net ...
gatordem 05/07/2007 16 16 2 8
Bush's New Measure of Success in Iraq: A Timetable for Terrorists
In his post Iraq funding bill veto politicking (yes, Bush is playing politics with the troops), George Bush has come up with yet another measure for success in Iraq. There is something very ...
gatordem 05/06/2007 8 3 - -
Candidate Review Wednesday: Overview
This time 4 years ago, I was firmly committed to Florida's favorite son, my former boss, Senator and former Florida Governor Bob Graham. I had taken a look at Howard Dean and liked what I saw. I was ...
gatordem 05/02/2007 16 4 - 8
Bush Plays Politics With Troops Lives
George W Bush vetoed the bill that provided the money to being our troops home safely from Iraq. He did this before the ink was even dry on the bill. There is no way he could have actually read this ...
gatordem 05/01/2007 17 9 1 125
The Value of Art Education
In Florida, my home state, the combination of rising property insurance premiums and property tax increases is driving the state legislature towards draconian changes in the tax ...
gatordem 04/29/2007 47 19 - 17
Iraq Withdrawal - Post Veto Frame
Our Fearless Leader, Georgie W, today reiterated his plan to veto the Iraq Supplemental Appropriations bill passed by Congress this ...
gatordem 04/27/2007 10 3 1 7
OK - this has been done at least once already today. But we are trying to keep this in front of you so we can elicit all the help we can get. If you care at all about election integrity, ...
gatordem 04/26/2007 17 12 1 2
Charlie Crist: a Wolf in Progressive Clothing
Over at RockridgeNation there is a posting up about Florida's new and so far hugely popular Governor, Charlie Crist, ...
gatordem 04/20/2007 20 7 - 79
Leaving Iraq: An Argument We've Already Won
This week the House and the Senate will go into conference committee to reconcile the differences in their versions of the Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill. Both versions have provisions for a ...
gatordem 04/16/2007 12 6 - 2
A Conversation About the Homeless
This past Sunday, I attended a conversation about the homeless at a church in my hometown, St. Petersburg, Florida. We have been having quite the time with the homeless here in St. Petersburg lately,
gatordem 03/30/2007 23 31 - 136
Liberal Media Myth Exposed
Over at Rockridge Nation there is an ongoing discussion about ...
gatordem 03/26/2007 18 6 - 3
The Big Lie - Iraq - Again - Part II
So many lies, so little time. I was going to write next about the lie that all these horrible consequences would necessarily follow a withdrawal of US troops from combat duty in the Iraq Civil War. ...
gatordem 03/11/2007 14 14 1 128
Florida Legislature: What to Do, What to Do
The annual Florida Legislative session opens today in Tallahassee. The chambers of both Houses will be decked in flowers, a signal that hope springs eternal. But what do you hope the legislature ...
gatordem 03/06/2007 18 4 - -
The Big Lie - Iraq - Again
I have been writing a series of How to Talk diaries. The goal of these diaries is to enable us to have successful ...
gatordem 02/19/2007 5 4 1 -
What Every So Called Political Professional Needs to Know
I have been stewing about this diary ever since the November elections. For the first time since 1994, we did not have someone named Bush on the ballot here in Florida. We had a great chance to ...
gatordem 02/14/2007 53 19 1 146
How to Talk About Universal Health Care Insurance: Part 2
How to Talk About Universal Health Care Insurance: Part 1 , talked about how the main crisis ...
gatordem 02/11/2007 44 13 1 15
How to Talk About Universal Health Care Insurance: Part 1
A few weeks ago I posted a diary titled How to Talk to Small Business People . So many of ...
gatordem 01/22/2007 77 27 6 143
Democracy: A Very Messy Business
A tyrant is deposed and executed. The long suffering majority, oppressed by the tyrant and his band of cohorts begins a blood letting in retribution. "Dead Ender" supporters of the deposed regime ...
gatordem 01/14/2007 3 8 - -
All You Gotta Do is Act Locally
After the 2000 Presidential election debacle in Florida, I did what many of my fellow Floridians did. After I got done slamming my head up against the wall and puking at the sight of Katherine ...
gatordem 01/07/2007 16 7 - -
How to Talk to Small Business People
Today we are back on track. The last two weeks have been spent on How to Talk to the Main Stream ...
gatordem 01/03/2007 28 14 2 32
Values Based Foreign Policy
As the 110th Congress is getting ready to come into session, I have been thinking quite a bit about a Values Based Foreign Policy . The Democrats in Congress have been shut out of ...
gatordem 01/01/2007 18 9 - 1
Our Founding Fathers Gift to Us
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,
gatordem 12/31/2006 11 5 - -
2007 Que Sera Sera 2nd Quarter Picks
In the 1st Quarter of 2007, we looked ahead to the high (low?) lights coming up to start the New Year. Now for the 2nd Quarter... Cross Posted ...
gatordem 12/29/2006 7 1 - -
2007: Que Sera Sera  Ist Quarter Picks
Cheers to Bill in Portland Maine for taking a look back at 2006 in his Cheers ...
gatordem 12/27/2006 10 3 - -
My Christmas Blog Entry for December 25, 2006
The first item on the agenda is to wish y'all a very Merry Christmas. Here's hoping that Santa made it to your House OK last night and that if you've been naughty he didn't figure it out until he ...
gatordem 12/25/2006 2 4 - -
Iraq: What We Should Really Do
I have stayed away from diarying about Iraq. Lots of very bright people have been writing about it. I have been focused on the 2006 elections, nationally and here in Florida. I just didn't want to ...
gatordem 12/23/2006 60 13 - 40
How to Talk to the Main Stream Media - Part 2
Authors' Note: This is the fourth in a series of "How to Talk to..." diaries. Last week in "How to Talk to the Main Street Media" we laid out some general parameters about the media as a whole. ...
gatordem 12/19/2006 3 9 3 12
How to Talk to the Main Stream Media
Authors Note: This is the second in a weekly series of "How to talk to Diaries". Last week, in "
gatordem 12/12/2006 10 15 3 14
How to Talk to Fear Mongers
Authors Note: This is planned to be the first of a series of "How To Talk To" diaries. A lot has been written lately about Newt Gingrich . He has been making a lot of news with ...
gatordem 12/05/2006 27 15 2 13
How to Talk to the Other Side
I plan to begin a series of “How to Talk to Diaries” tomorrow. The goal of the “How to Talk to Diary” series is to give you a foundation for talking to people who probably ...
gatordem 12/04/2006 26 20 4 16
Florida Knows How to Fuck Up Elections
Aha, I bet you thought that this diary was going to be about the FL-13 undervote fiasco or maybe the 2000 Presidential election, um, er selection of the Chimp in Chief. Well, you might be right. ...
gatordem 11/30/2006 20 7 - 36
Florida Kossacks Unite
I have been trying to put together a list of Florida Kossacks (DailyKos users from Florida for the uninitiated.) We can blame this whole thing on Susan S . ...
gatordem 11/28/2006 23 4 - 2
My Rant to the Religious Right
I was just thrilled to read about Judge Roy Moore's flirting with running as a 3rd Party candidate for President of the United States. Fredirick ...
gatordem 11/27/2006 51 12 1 9
Dump Dump The South
Lately there has been a spate of diaries floating the idea that Progessives should dump the South (and / or Florida in particular) and go elesewhere to seek the Holy grail of a Progressive Majority.
gatordem 11/26/2006 35 7 1 13
How Florida Got Screwed in 2006
I've been holding off putting this diary together. It has been stewing around my teeny weeny brain since the night of November 7th. I thought I'd give it some time to mellow out and not write out ...
gatordem 11/21/2006 91 19 - 17
Catch the Next Big (Moderate) Wave (With Poll)
gatordem 11/12/2006 33 4 1 125
FL-Gov: Pinellas SOE Web Site Down ((Update 2)
gatordem 11/07/2006 26 7 - 11
Rainy Days - For Republicans
gatordem 11/06/2006 5 7 - 13
This is it - 72 Hours Until ? (With Poll)
gatordem 11/04/2006 17 8 - 27
FL-Gov - If Not Now, When?
gatordem 11/03/2006 16 14 - 13
FL-SEN: Screw Katherine Harris Big Time
gatordem 11/02/2006 36 17 1 31
Poll: The Most Important Race in the Country Is... (with Poll)
gatordem 11/01/2006 19 7 - 12
FL-Gov: Tweety Gets In "Marion Barry Moment"
gatordem 10/31/2006 41 22 1 16
Fl-Gov: Jim Davis has his Mo(jo) Back - With Poll (Updated)
gatordem 10/29/2006 19 16 - 13
FL-Gov: Forget the Gay Thing - We've Got a Race! (With Poll)
gatordem 10/25/2006 25 12 - 21
FL-GOV: Humor(s) of War (With Poll)
gatordem 10/21/2006 34 15 - 9
FL-09: Busansky Has Opponent, Staff, In "Meltdown Mode"
gatordem 10/14/2006 21 17 2 9
North Korea: The Democrats Response - With Poll
gatordem 10/08/2006 11 7 - 4
Fl-09: Bulldozer Busansky Gets Revved up
gatordem 10/07/2006 6 10 - 11
Fl-Gov: Perfect Storm Forming for Jim Davis
gatordem 10/04/2006 40 19 2 16
The Sorry Back Story of the Foley Affair - With Poll
gatordem 10/01/2006 7 4 - 1
Florida - The Rules Are Different Here
gatordem 09/30/2006 23 14 - 1
FL-09 Phyllis Busansky Plays Offense
gatordem 09/27/2006 5 12 - 9
Fl-Gov - A Shameless Appeal for Support - Updated
gatordem 09/25/2006 20 13 - 15
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