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The "Bible Belt" and Obamacare
The Bible Belt is allegedly a large portion of the Southeastern United States. In the "Deep South" which intersects largely with the "Bible Belt", only one Republican Governor has accepted the ...
gdunn 08/17/2013 3 6 - -
Right To Work in Michigan--A Call to Arms
This was sent to me in an email and I felt compelled to share it with the community here.... A Call to Arms Dear Union Members, It is serious, it is critical, and it is time. We must come ...
gdunn 12/07/2012 2 7 - -
Glenn Beck's play for Rightwing Christians
Frank and Francis Schaeffer brought Christianity into the Republican Party as a power base to get Republicans elected.
gdunn 11/25/2012 13 6 - -
Rightwing "Christians" smarter than God?
I remember when perhaps our worst President in history, George W. Bush, was running for President in 2000 how many alleged rightwing Christians were calling him the next "Moses". I kid you not. ...
gdunn 11/20/2012 6 3 - -
Kill Medicare
While I was driving to work one day, I saw a bumper sticker that said "Kill Medicare." I was in too much of a hurry to go back and read the sticker. I thought, man these conservatives are really ...
gdunn 10/28/2012 3 4 - -
Detroit News has a case of Romnesia
The Detroit News has an editorial out endorsing Mitt Romney for President. It is no secret that the News is extremely conservative ...
gdunn 10/25/2012 11 5 - -
Follow up on Con Artist Terry Jones visit to Dearborn, MI
The con artist, bully and grifter known as "Pastor Terry Jones" came to Dearborn, Michigan last week for his biannual hate fundraiser. All Jones did was make an ass out of himself, but it will be ...
gdunn 10/15/2012 4 3 - -
In Michigan, Vote No on Proposal 6
Proposal 6 is a constitutional amendment that would require a public vote before the State of Michigan could participate in the Next International Trade Crossing between Detroit and Windsor. Sounds ...
gdunn 10/11/2012 11 9 1 -
"Smart Idiots" or mental illness
I really like and enjoy reading Chris Mooney's material. If you don't know who he is he wrote "The Republican War on Science" and "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science--and ...
gdunn 07/09/2012 10 4 - 93
John McCain, Warrior
I think we have to give credit where credit is due. That true warrior, John McCain. "I'll get Osama Bin Laden, my friends. I know how to get him. I know how to do it."--John McCain.
gdunn 05/03/2011 6 4 - 94
Falling for the Right Wing Election Trap--Again!
I am tired of the lambasting of President Obama and the Democrats. Sure, the Senate Conservadems suck! But, just think how much worse America would suck for the overwhelming majority of us if ...
gdunn 07/28/2010 23 16 1 48
I got your back, Howard Dean
Ever since Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont, the man who brought the Democratic Party back to life as head of the DNC, came out against President Lieberman's wishes on the Senate Health Care ...
gdunn 12/17/2009 6 10 1 64
Hey Conservatives--Jesus healed sick people for Free!
Francis Schaefer is right, we need to take Christianity back from the "Christians". Today's "Christians"--at least most of the conservative and rightwing kind are the Pharisees and religious ...
gdunn 10/13/2009 44 13 - 129
Republicans Respond:  Don't Study and Drop Out
After the boisterous clamoring of a few idiots, which was perpetuated as a "national movement" by CNN, Fox and numerous news outlets, the Obama Administration relented and allowed a Republican ...
gdunn 09/04/2009 4 3 - 37
The Best Healthcare System in the World!!! Really?
The mantra from the anti-reformers we have been hearing (and reading) quite a bit, is that we have the "Best Healthcare System in the World." Well, I am going to disagree with examples from my ...
gdunn 09/03/2009 6 8 - 10
Insanity at Rep. John Dingell's Town Hall Meeting
I went to Representative, John Dingell's (D-MI), Town Hall meeting in Romulus, MI this evening. There was so many people that the emcee from the AARP (don't recall his name) said they will have two ...
gdunn 08/06/2009 551 486 6 875
Blogs and Commercials are not enough
We all see the blogs, now the DNC commercials about the rightwing nutjobs who are disrupting Town Hall meetings. We understand they are being manipulated by Dick Armey, Rick Scott, John Boehner and ...
gdunn 08/05/2009 8 - - 15
Pro-Life Family Research Council Pro-Death when it comes to Health Care
I was wondering where the alleged "Pro-Life" movement was on healthcare. They are against it. More below;
gdunn 07/30/2009 11 7 - 46
First they came....
Below is a take on the famous Pastor Martin Niemoller poem. It just came from the frustration of seeing the manufacturing base in this country destroyed. Anyway, there is at least something being ...
gdunn 05/14/2009 2 8 - 3
UAW & Ford deal, a national healthcare template?
We all have probably heard or read about the concessions from the latest UAW-Ford negotiations. But have we heard the change to healthcare? This change makes sense as a cost saver and as a ...
gdunn 02/27/2009 6 8 - 20
MLK Jr. was a Republican!!!
At least that's what some Republicans would have us believe. Yes, that is what the buttons say on "Facebook" and have been previously placed on billboards during election season in the USA-...
gdunn 01/19/2009 25 8 - 7
Right Wing American Theologists Persecution Complex
It is amazing that Right Wing American Theologists (they will tell you they are Christian) are some of the most "persecuted" people on the planet. Just by having alleged non-Christians breathing ...
gdunn 12/30/2008 44 17 - 28
Why the UAW is important and why Republicans want to destroy them
I've read and posted on some fascinating blogs here regarding organized labor. Some are right on and some are way off base on their ideas. Quite often what is missing in the discussion is the ...
gdunn 12/22/2008 14 14 1 27
Harry Reid--resign your Senate Majority Position
Is it me or is Harry Reid the worst, wimpiest Democratic Senate Majority Leader anyone can remember? The last straw was on the Auto Loan this past week. In November and last week, Reid was ...
gdunn 12/13/2008 41 13 - 33
Big 3 Double Standard
So, since the Republicans and Democrats in Congress threw away at least $350 billion of our tax dollars to Wall Street bankers and AIG under no questioning or oversight, the Big 3 CEO's have to get ...
gdunn 12/07/2008 67 9 - -
Corporate Jet Politics
The Big 3 CEO's fly to Washington DC on private corporate jets and what do they get-Congressional shame. What do the CEO's get? Well, at Ford they get to fire their whole Air Transportation group--...
gdunn 12/03/2008 16 2 - -
Another liberal promoted auto maker myth
I have read in the past few weeks myths about the US auto industry and the United Auto Workers union not only on Daily Kos but other "liberal" and/or "progressive" websites. Fortunately, after pro-
gdunn 12/02/2008 159 8 - 18
Holy Smokes, Karmanos hands Shelby his ass
I won't spend much time pontificating on this, just cut and paste Peter Karmanos, Jr., letter to Senator Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, regarding Shelby's hypocrisy on the auto industry loan. A taste ...
gdunn 11/26/2008 15 14 2 40
Class warfare double standard
The rich have always been at war with the rest of America to keep what they have and to accumulate more at any cost. It has been evident in numerous eras--the most famous being the Roaring 20's, ...
gdunn 11/25/2008 42 38 3 22
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