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The Real Problem With Conservatism
There are a bunch of disadvantages inherent in the capitalist market based system that America relies on. Human nature is a powerful phenomenon and it is almost impossible to guard against it. ...
georgiaed 03/26/2013 3 3 - -
Why did I have to be born white?
Imagine applying to college and not getting in. The college allows for all of the top ten percent of high school graduates to get in. You were not accepted. You did not meet the automatic ...
georgiaed 02/18/2013 36 5 - -
The utter wrongness of the Republican view of America right now.
Republicans have it all wrong.
georgiaed 02/06/2012 6 11 - 113
Pushback to Gingrich
We live in a country that is so galvanaized and polarized as to be laughable. Our side taking and insane cultural polarization allows for a seperation of goals that should be in the national ...
georgiaed 01/19/2012 2 1 - 34
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