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Hypocrisy, Mr. President
U.S. declares Venezuela a national security threat, sanctions top officials The White House said the order targeted people whose actions undermined democratic processes or institutions, had ...
gerrilea 03/10/2015 11 10 - -
So, do we get an apology???
No matter what side you fall on in the firearms debate it is clear that dirty tricks and zombie accounts have been created by formerly banned users. I call for Peterfallow, formerly known as ...
gerrilea 02/24/2015 157 6 - -
"Never let a serious crisis go to waste"
You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. ~Rahm Emanuel CISPA is back , thanks to "A senior Democrat ...
gerrilea 01/13/2015 5 9 - -
Supreme Court Says Employers Can Steal From You
In a unanimous 9-0 decision , the Supreme Court said employers can keep you on the job and not pay you for it. The court decided by a 9-0 vote that employees of Integrity Staffing Solutions ...
gerrilea 12/10/2014 314 148 - -
Snowden Wins!!!
Just a short diary to point out that Edward Snowden won the Swedish Human Rights Award for his daring and heroic revelations. Edward Snowden wins Swedish human rights award for NSA revelations ...
gerrilea 12/01/2014 615 207 4 -
Let It Snow,
Good Morning All: Thought you might enjoy some pictures of the snow at my house in Blasdell, NY. In case you missed the news: The Thruway Authority says white-out conditions have closed ...
gerrilea 11/18/2014 21 14 - -
Update: Gay Vet Dies in NC
I saw a diary on this yesterday and thought how absolutely horrible. A Greensboro City Employee went to a gay bar and ensnared a gay man and beat him and set him on fire in a hotel room to die.
gerrilea 11/15/2014 45 72 1 -
The Supreme Court says:
Adam B presented us with one of the most recent decisions by the Supreme Court on the reinterpretation of laws regarding "straw purchases" of firearms. Now many here are well aware of my support of ...
gerrilea 06/16/2014 79 - - -
Voter Apathy.
Just a quick placecard among all the election diaries. Nevada Democrats Chose 'None of These Candidates' in Primary Voters in the state's Democratic primary for governor were so unimpressed by the ...
gerrilea 06/11/2014 8 7 - -
The right of self-determination?
I ask this simple question because of the recent voting in Crimea to rejoin Russia and our government's response. John Kerry: Crimea Vote Will Not Be Recognized By U.S., International Community ...
gerrilea 03/16/2014 221 5 - -
Union Busting at the Post Office
I just saw this news on MSN and did a quick search to find out some background on the story. Unions angered by Postal Service's Staples outlets It seems the 4 Governors of the Post Office ...
gerrilea 01/20/2014 25 37 1 -
Another School shooting: Colorado shooter was said to be targeting his school debate coach CENTENNIAL, Colo.—An 18-year-old high school student reportedly frustrated when he was ejected from ...
gerrilea 12/14/2013 42 11 - -
Walmart's "non-violence" Policy, Updated***
Just saw this article about a man , Kristopher Oswald, helping a woman whom was being assaulted in a Walmart parking lot. He was fired from said location for violating "company policy". Follow ...
gerrilea 10/18/2013 126 15 - -
FFDO (Air Marshall) Relieved of CC Permit
Just a short diary about this news article I came upon yesterday. The unnamed pilot took some video of the dangerous security flaws he saw at the airport he works at and posted them on YouTube. ...
gerrilea 10/16/2013 33 22 - -
Reasonable Gun Control?
Many here know of my membership in the RKBA Group and the fact I've never felt the need to own a firearm. I'm also a transgendered woman that believes in Equity Under Law for all Americans, no ...
gerrilea 10/08/2013 65 16 - -
Meta Data Mining Explained
Just a short diary to highlight a couple videos I found that explains the issue we must finally face, the sweeping up of all of our information and how it can be used to build a dossier on every one ...
gerrilea 06/11/2013 19 4 - -
I Am Bradley Manning Video*
Just a short diary to bring attention to this most amazing video. I am Bradley has just released this:
gerrilea 06/06/2013 10 9 1 -
The Witch Hunt Is ON! Updated-2X**
Here's an interesting development, here in Buffalo. The State Police called the Erie County Clerk's Office and told them to immediately rescind a person's firearms permit and seize his weapons. ...
gerrilea 04/15/2013 79 22 - -
Their Crimes Continue
The Monsanto "Protection Act" was signed into law on Tuesday against the backdrop of the hundreds of thousands of petitioners against it. It was "hidden" in the 269 page "Spending Bill" that was ...
gerrilea 03/28/2013 29 21 1 -
Star Trek: Into the Darkness
The Trailers are out! Had to share this with everyone. Star Trek: Into the Darkness Updated with Embedded Trailer: Trailer #2: I'm at a ...
gerrilea 03/11/2013 32 11 - -
About that Conversation...
This is a diary response to this diary here. What is truly stunning, is the misdirection and failure to address the actual problems we all face instead, the issue is framed and presented to us as ...
gerrilea 01/27/2013 337 36 2 -
Unreal NYTimes Op-Ed the assertion by the Senate minority leader last week that the House could not take ...
gerrilea 01/01/2013 35 8 1 -
RKBA: Building Bridges
It was suggested that I present some thoughts on the whole gun debate and to build that bridge over the rivers & streams that divide us. Where we seem not to agree must be pointed out before I ...
gerrilea 12/26/2012 1050 38 3 -
RKBA: The UN Small Arms Treaty
This diary will explore questions raised by reviewing said passed UN Resolution.
gerrilea 11/15/2012 14 7 1 -
"Surgical Nurse Slain - another fatality in gun-easy Florida"
A surgical nurse and mother of 4 was stabbed to death while still wearing her pajamas. Her lifeless body ended up in the parking lot of a restaurant.
gerrilea 09/06/2011 148 24 2 446
Where The Guns Really Come From
This is a response to this ...
gerrilea 09/04/2011 73 16 - 171
RKBA: This Is How We Lose Elections
This past week, Wednesday, October 20, 2010 I got a political flyer in my mail box from the NYS Democratic Committee or DSDC, located at 111 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12210. Titled: "Jack ...
gerrilea 10/27/2010 662 31 - 89
The Ugly, Vuglar & Violent Social Services, Updated!
I thought I should give an update to my plight as one of the unemployed and how tragic and dysfunctional our Social Services System is today. I've truly had a busy week learning even more. Had I ...
gerrilea 07/11/2010 126 26 - 79
Unbelievable Horror at Social Services Today, Updated*
This is an update to my last diary and all the wonderful support, friendship and beauty granted me by everyone here at Daily Kos. As most know, I'm a long-term unemployed person that was within ...
gerrilea 07/02/2010 971 555 7 96
Beware, Social Services can't help the unemployed! Updated!
Tonight the Senate failed once again to pass an unemployment extension, 58 to 38. Senator's Snowe and Collins DID vote for it, thank you Senators! Senator's Nelson-NE and Brown-MA both voted ...
gerrilea 06/30/2010 372 484 8 226
Unemployment & Writing on the Wall
This might not be a great diary but I thought people should know what New York State Unemployment Compensation has listed on their front page where one certifies. This is as of today, Sunday June 27,
gerrilea 06/27/2010 181 213 1 177
RKBA: The States' Ratification Documents
Most Americans do not know of or have ever been taught what the majority of the original 13 States said and did when they actually ratified our current Constitution. Let me introduce you to these ...
gerrilea 06/22/2010 187 21 3 136
Peak Oil Myth or Mayhem?
After a heated “debate” this morning in a diary. I thought it prudent to create a new topic and discussion on this theory of Peak Oil, one that will not distract from the topic of the ...
gerrilea 04/27/2010 55 4 - 128
This Is Why Fluoride Is Bad, LOL
Okay, maybe it's not Fluoride, could be drugs, maybe a mild stroke. Representative Hank Johnson, Democrat of Georgia last week asked some really odd questions during an Armed Services Committee ...
gerrilea 04/02/2010 48 5 - 20
The Murder of Nancy Schaefer & CPS
Friday, March 26th,2010 Former State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, Bruce were found dead in their home. Investigators concluded that Bruce Schaefer, 74, shot her once in the back in the ...
gerrilea 03/30/2010 17 16 2 159
Just A Thought Experiment
While on my daily troll postings, I came across some posts in other diaries and I got to thinking, yes it is dangerous for me some days, I know...and being a natural blonde (or is it blond) it can ...
gerrilea 03/25/2010 18 2 - 9
Health Insurance Realities & Nightmares
I must state that I believe we need Universal Government Controlled, Regulated and Administered Health Care that ACTUALLY provides: as needed, Medical Treatment(s) or Preventative Care; as ...
gerrilea 12/20/2009 23 6 2 40
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