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That was quick: Steele apologizes to Rush!
The speculation was all over this site today. Michael Steele called Rush's rhetoric "ugly" and Rush ...
ghostlawns 03/02/2009 628 404 3 47
Tucker Carlson booed at CPAC
Our favorite formerly-bowtied (your turn George Will) conservative talking head, Tucker Carlson just lectured the fine upstanding folks at the Conservative Political Action Conference on the need ...
ghostlawns 02/27/2009 118 69 3 105
"Oh God!" Matthews forced to apologize...again
I have a love/hate relationship with watching Chris Matthews. I often find him ridiculous but he gets it right often enough that I can't stop watching. He has destroyed enough of his loony guests ...
ghostlawns 02/25/2009 222 39 1 17
Michael Steele is a GENIUS
I just read the most remarkable thing. Michael Steele, the newly "elected" chairman of the RNC has found a cure for what ails his party of old white men. wait for it.... HIP-HOP! ...
ghostlawns 02/19/2009 116 31 - 19
Chip The Magic Bigot drops out of RNC race!
I have to admit that I didn't see this coming. I was greatly anticipating tomorrow's vote for RNC Chairman. The cast of clowns in that race have proven to be highly entertaining. Unfortunately, one ...
ghostlawns 01/29/2009 56 17 - 43
Just When You Thought It Was Over: Kristol hired by Washington Post
Many of you may already be aware that some of the most wonderful words ever printed appeared in the New York Times today:
ghostlawns 01/26/2009 80 34 - 21
Where's the frickin puppy, Barack?
You can say all the good things about what Barack Obama has done since he became president. Many will say he is about to end the War in Iraq, that he opposed, which I applaud, his end of torture ...
ghostlawns 01/25/2009 245 159 3 124
Bush Pardon Scare Apparently Over
John Yang of MSNBC just came on said that the final wave of Bush pardons was just released and only included 2 names. Border Patrol agents Ramos and ...
ghostlawns 01/19/2009 92 23 - 22
RIP: Patrick McGoohan creator/star of The Prisoner
A weird coincidence just happened to me. I was making a comment about the term The Village in another diary :
ghostlawns 01/14/2009 110 41 - 17
The Sailor's Creed and The Eleven General Orders
Before I get to Boot Camp, I need to learn and memorize a few things. In order to help me, I'm trying to write them down once a day. On a whim, I decided to post them here since people in this ...
ghostlawns 01/10/2009 16 6 - 25
Friday Night Odds & Ends: Music List Edition
I don't have anything on the Odds & Ends front since I've been preoccupied with enlisting in ...
ghostlawns 01/09/2009 140 8 1 -
I'm In The Navy Now
As many of you know, on Monday I signed up to be enlisted in the Navy . Today, it's a done deal.
ghostlawns 01/08/2009 158 114 2 19
Daily Kos Pet Peeves
I admit it: I'm a Daily Kos addict. I spend more time on this site than I should, but probably not as much as some of you. I constantly await replies to my comments and keep refreshing the home page,
ghostlawns 01/06/2009 238 14 1 16
I Joined The Navy Today
Well, it's not official yet. But I'm almost there. I spent 5 hours at the recruiter's office today working out the details. If all goes well, I'll be sworn in on Friday.
ghostlawns 01/05/2009 299 167 1 17
Friday Night Odds & Ends: Woe Is Me Edition
Sorry for not posting last week. I can't remember what I was doing that prevented me from posting. Unfortunately, this week's edition probably won't make up for the lack of a post last week. Oh well.
ghostlawns 01/02/2009 11 13 - 7
Update On My Experience With An Internet Scam
On Saturday, I posted a diary asking advice about what to do when dealing with a weird internet scam. If you didn't read ...
ghostlawns 12/23/2008 28 7 - -
I Need Advice In Dealing With a Weird Internet Scam
A week ago, I replied to a job posting on Craigslist that was offering a vague cleaning position. I replied inquiring about the work in terms of what needed to be done and what was required.
ghostlawns 12/20/2008 95 7 - 21
Friday Odds & Ends: Snowed In Early Edition
Usually, I post this series on Friday evenings but since I'm worried I may not be able to post later today, I decided to jump the gun. Hopefully, many people who don't tend to hang out on Daily Kos ...
ghostlawns 12/19/2008 25 4 - 23
Meet Elaine Chao - Current Secretary of Labor
Sure, I knew her name. She being the only member of George W. Bush's cabinet still serving in the position originally appointed since 2001. What I don't know is what the hell she's been doing all ...
ghostlawns 12/13/2008 22 8 - 43
Friday Night Odds & Ends: I'm Sick, Have an Open Thread Edition
I've been sick for the past few days so I don't have too many topics tonight. Also, this is another week without a new episode of Get Your War On which is unfortunate. I'm too sick to even get my ...
ghostlawns 12/12/2008 31 6 - 66
MSNBC Drops the Ball: Jay Leno More Important Than Blagojevich
What in tarnation is going on? Here I am watching MSNBC going over the day's hot news about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's arrest. After showing Patrick Fitzgerald's news conferance, they began ...
ghostlawns 12/09/2008 76 11 - 17
General Eric Shinseki to be VA Secretary. UPDATEDx2 w/ video
Hallelujah! I think everyone here will be satisfied that the AP is reporting that 4 star General Eric Shinseki will be named Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the Obama administration.
ghostlawns 12/06/2008 419 365 3 38
Friday Night Odds & Ends: Party Like It's 1932 Edition
I didn't get around to posting an entry last Friday so I'll try to make this one extra special. I've got a bunch of items I would have used last week as well as stuff from this week. Think of this ...
ghostlawns 12/05/2008 12 3 1 -
I Just Helped Bankrupt the Mormon Church
A few days ago, our favorite gay sex-advice columnist, Dan Savage presented a great idea. You can order a free copy of The Book Of Mormon and it will be hand-delivered to your door by actual Mormons.
ghostlawns 12/03/2008 147 31 - 32
Friday Night Odds & Ends: Yoga and Heroin Edition
Last week, I premiered my new Friday Night Odds & Ends series. I will use this forum to round up some news items that you may have missed this week as well as some pop culture tidbits for your ...
ghostlawns 11/21/2008 7 4 - 6
Friday Night Odds & Ends
I've decided to start a new weekly series in the spirit of many others who post on Daily Kos. Every Friday evening, I intend to start a good-natured and laid back stroll through some news and ...
ghostlawns 11/14/2008 27 5 2 3
Hilarious: Obama roasts Emanuel in 2005
Today, while bippity bopping on the net tonight, I came across a video of brand-new senator Barack Obama roasting Rahm Emanuel at a charity fundraiser for epilepsy in 2005.
ghostlawns 11/07/2008 267 511 35 117
Goodbye to All That!
Finally. After two long years of banging our heads against the wall and threatening to break our televisions, we can finally look past some of the most irritating people, ideas and memes that we've ...
ghostlawns 11/05/2008 7 - - -
Socialism in America?
We've all heard the accusations from the wingnuts that Obama is a socialist. What are they basing this on? Why does socialism scare them? Do they even understand what socialism is and why they ...
ghostlawns 10/19/2008 34 6 - 10
It's all Newt Gingrich's fault...really. (Updated x 2)
Last night, Rachel Maddow had a segment about the lack of real leadership in the Republican party. Bush couldn't sway enough votes, neither could McCain or Boehner. She made the claim that Eric ...
ghostlawns 09/30/2008 21 7 - -
Palin proposes Obama's Transparency Bill (UPDATED x2)
Sarah Palin is at it again. She makes the claim that Barack Obama hasn't "lifted his finger to help." She and John McCain have also repeatedly spoken of Obama's inability to work in a bi-partisan ...
ghostlawns 09/18/2008 58 64 1 18
The Ballad of John McCain
Let's hold our heads high tonight folks. My friends, they say every cloud has a silver lining. Well, the economy is in shambles and is likely to get worse very soon but we may all rest a little ...
ghostlawns 09/16/2008 6 3 - 7
Obama is using my talking point!
A little while ago, I posted a comment on another ...
ghostlawns 09/12/2008 18 16 - -
History repeats itself: Bush & Dukakis debate Quayle (video)
I was perusing Youtube this evening looking for clips of previous Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. Most everyone here knows about the infamous putdown of Dan Quayle by Lloyd Bentsen. ...
ghostlawns 09/05/2008 6 4 - -
Are we seeing a call for a new Culture War?
Last night we watched Mitt Romney attack Washington as liberal! Bush/Cheney? Liberal! Giuliani, former mayor of New Yawk City, attacked Obama as "cosmopolitan." Did we watch a -repeat- update of ...
ghostlawns 09/04/2008 40 7 - -
Rush Limbaugh was right.
During the early weeks of the Republican primaries, Rush Limbaugh made some prominent statements that if McCain won the nomination, he would destroy the Republican primary. Let's ...
ghostlawns 09/02/2008 28 10 2 -
Sarah Palin is McCain's gift to all of us. (UPDATED)
Let's all give John McCain a round of applause. He may have just delivered the election to Obama with his VP selection.
ghostlawns 09/01/2008 37 10 1 -
What exactly is Wasilla's population? (UPDATED)
Like most of you, I've been reading many articles on Sarah Palin. One thing I've noticed is that the population of the town she's from seems to fluctuate. Has anyone else noticed this? Not that ...
ghostlawns 08/30/2008 80 1 - 21
Clinton & Spitzer: What it means to be a "fighter" w/Poll
It has occurred to me that Hillary Clinton and Eliot Spitzer share a certain quality that I haven't heard expressed. Both of them positioned themselves as fighters. What led Spitzer to his downfall, ...
ghostlawns 03/14/2008 8 1 - 3
"Optimism is America" - Chris Matthews
Today, I have been noticing new promo spots on MSNBC featuring some of their notable anchors. Brian Williams, Tim Russert and Chris Matthews have all made short segments promoting their network's ...
ghostlawns 02/26/2008 29 7 - -
The Politics of Personal Destruction
On February 9th, I stood up at my caucus and made my case for Barack Obama. One of the things I said was that it's about time we had a president with the honesty and integrity the office demands. ...
ghostlawns 02/25/2008 17 5 1 -
Fallout from Hillary's Angry Tirade w/Poll
Yesterday, I flipped on CNN to find Hillary Clinton ranting and raving about some direct mail pieces that Obama had sent to Ohio voters and I was stunned at what I saw. I watched it again and again ...
ghostlawns 02/24/2008 110 14 1 4
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