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An update on the Patriot Act debate
The debate in the Senate about extending the Patriot Act has gotten so bizarre that I suspect it is all kabuki. Mitch McConnell's inability to muster a fillibuster-proof 60 votes for a straight ...
gjohnsit 05/23/2015 37 68 - -
So what is the GOP strategy for Iraq?
Republican candidates have decided to use the recent setbacks against ISIS as a winning issue in the 2016 election, and it seems to be working. A poll from October shows a majority of ...
gjohnsit 05/22/2015 7 10 - -
Kansas finds new way to punish the poor
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback promised to be able to balance the state budget by cutting taxes for the wealthy. That didn't work out. So to help cover the budget gap he has decided to punish the ...
gjohnsit 05/21/2015 50 81 1 -
Right-Wing Mythology: How Obummer Lost Iraq
Right-wing articles are very entertaining. Did you know that we won the Iraq War? I didn't. At least Bush won Iraq before Obama lost Iraq. I've discovered from reading right-wing sources ...
gjohnsit 05/20/2015 10 27 2 -
GOP candidates running for Dubya's Third Term
Even before the Fall of Ramadi the GOP presidential candidates were foaming-at-the-mouth war hawks. It'll only get worse . The message itself is coming through clearly—at the “summit” of ...
gjohnsit 05/20/2015 12 15 - -
Our Approaching Tet Moment
Leading up to the 1968 Tet Offensive , the Pentagon tried to convince the American public that it was winning the war. General Bruce Palmer, Jr., one of Westmoreland's three Field Force ...
gjohnsit 05/17/2015 183 170 8 -
A Breathtakingly Immoral Plan
One of the largest humanitarian dramas on the planet is playing out in the waters off the coast of Libya. Thousands upon thousands of desperate refugees are risking their lives trying to cross the ...
gjohnsit 05/10/2015 111 119 1 -
Court rules NSA spying is illegal
This is HUGE ! (CNN)A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the National Security Agency's controversial collection of Americans' phone records, the subject of documents leaked by Edward ...
gjohnsit 05/07/2015 119 163 3 -
Coming false GOP meme: Obama lost Syria
The American news media is waking up to the fact that the tide of war has turned against President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. The instrument of this change has been the Nusra Front -- al Qaeda'...
gjohnsit 05/04/2015 35 18 - -
Why Syria needs an earthquake
The earthquake that struck Nepal killed around 6,000 people and displaced nearly half a million. It was a horrible humanitarian crisis that justifiably got the world's attention. If only ...
gjohnsit 05/01/2015 29 13 - -
House GOP foriegn policy backlash
Three days ago the House Armed Services Committee inserted a controversial provision into an Iraqi aid bill. Republican war-policy writers are demanding that the United States recognize Kurdish ...
gjohnsit 04/30/2015 3 15 - -
Baltimore: Baseball with no fans
They should just cancel this series and make it up later!! Playing in front of a empty house makes no sense!! - Frank Thomas, HOF For the first time in Major League Baseball history, fans were ...
gjohnsit 04/29/2015 27 19 - -
Al-Qaeda now stronger than ever thanks to our allies
Remember al-Qaeda? With all the hype about ISIS it's easy to forget that it was al-Qaeda that attacked us, while Daesh never did. If you've forgotten that, you wouldn't be alone. It seems that ...
gjohnsit 04/27/2015 34 48 2 -
Negative interest rates blowback
The insanity of negative interest rates is one of the most under-reported, under-appreciated developments in recent days. For instance, consider this . JPMorgan Chase recently sent a letter to ...
gjohnsit 04/27/2015 133 161 10 -
The most popular candidate in the swing states is...marijuana
Hillary leads all Republican candidates in the important swing states of Ohio, Nevada, Florida, and Pennsylvania. However, there will be one candidate on the ballot in those states that is far more ...
gjohnsit 04/25/2015 121 143 2 -
Overcoming the Culture of Fears
Franklin D. Roosevelt at his first inaugural address encouraged Americans to stand up to that “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into ...
gjohnsit 04/25/2015 20 29 2 -
Behold! The Flash Crash Mastermind
On May 6, 2010, at 2:45pm the stock market plunged almost 1,000 points in a matter of seconds. It became known as the Flash Crash , and it spooked a lot of retail investors. Well, fear no more!
gjohnsit 04/24/2015 39 27 - -
Half of all Frackers will be dead this year
The Democrats in the House celebrated Earth Day by proposing a ban fracking on federal land . Texas Republicans celebrated the day by passing a bill to deny communities the ability to restrict ...
gjohnsit 04/23/2015 10 26 1 -
Overcoming the Culture of Fear
Franklin D. Roosevelt at his first inaugural address encouraged Americans to stand up to that “nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into ...
gjohnsit 04/22/2015 21 24 1 -
U.S. Navy sent into military standoff with Iranian Navy
So this happened today. The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is moving toward the waters off the coast of Yemen to prepare to intercept any potential Iranian shipments of weapons to the ...
gjohnsit 04/20/2015 208 84 2 -
"the worst massacre ever seen in the Mediterranean"
To the desperate people fleeing war and famine in Africa, the quickest way to a better life is across the Mediterranean to Italy from the chaos of Libya. This typically is done in a flimsy, ...
gjohnsit 04/19/2015 56 108 1 -
Russian sanctions are not working
The time has come to face facts: Putin's Russia is going to weather the economic sanctions.
gjohnsit 04/18/2015 73 24 - -
ISIS on verge of huge victory in Iraq
Kurdish and Iraqi forces have managed to retake around 25% of Iraqi territory that Daesh once controlled, including Tikrit, but many of those gains are being threatened today. Most notably is ...
gjohnsit 04/17/2015 129 70 - -
Saudi War Crimes
It is with less than surprise that a nation living by 7th Century criminal laws also uses 7th Century military tactics. In this particular case, Saudi Arabia is trying to win the war against ...
gjohnsit 04/15/2015 58 101 1 -
Cops run over suspect at 50MPH
Granted, the guy needed to be arrested. He had earlier robbed a 7-11 while dressed only in his underwear. He then set fire to a church. He had threatened suicide several times. Clearly he was ...
gjohnsit 04/15/2015 53 35 - -
Slaying the Sacred Cows: Identity Politics, Outrage Porn, and Lifestyle Branding
Here's a quick question: What was the progressive community outraged about last week? How about last month? I'm not talking about real issues, like inequality or the Forever War we are engaged ...
gjohnsit 04/13/2015 151 59 4 -
A Frenemy of our Frenemy
US Secretary of State John Kerry gave a clear warning today. Speaking to PBS Newshour on Wednesday, Mr Kerry said it was clear Iran was aiding the Houthis: "There are obviously supplies that ...
gjohnsit 04/09/2015 27 24 - -
Latest on Snowden and Domestic Spying
On April Fool's Day, President Obama signed an executive order that got largely overlooked by the news media. The order is titled "Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in ...
gjohnsit 04/08/2015 109 135 2 -
White House releases military aid to Egypt's military junta
Washington is normalizing diplomatic relations with Egypt's military dictatorship, and to prove it President Obama is giving them lots of lethal weapons . President Barack Obama on Tuesday ...
gjohnsit 04/01/2015 53 31 - -
Guess what Blackwater has been up to recently?
Blackwater's name is mud these days. That's why they've been known as Academi since 2011. The name may have changed, but the practice of getting rich on Pentagon contracts hasn't. Statistics ...
gjohnsit 03/31/2015 130 228 2 -
Wall Street banks throw a fit because Elizabeth Warren is mean to them
Four Too-Big-To-Fail banks have a sad. It seems Senator Warren is a big bully, so the banks are considering withholding donations to the entire Democratic Party . Big Wall Street banks are so ...
gjohnsit 03/31/2015 16 25 2 -
Shocker: World's Most Corrupt Bank not "cleaning up operations"
You better sit down for this. It seems that HSBC, the world's second largest bank, that made its fortune in the Chinese opium trade and that recently got caught laundering money for Mexican ...
gjohnsit 03/30/2015 75 156 4 -
Wait, who's side are we on again?
I love Jon Stewart, but he's guilty of being both six months late to realizing the contradictions of our foreign policy, and for dramatically oversimplifying it. Yes, I said oversimplify. You ...
gjohnsit 03/29/2015 63 57 1 -
Coalition against Yemen to hurt Coalition against ISIS?
Sometimes all you need to do is look at a map to see a problem.
gjohnsit 03/27/2015 59 20 - -
The housing affordability crisis
Recently there was a news article explaining how "buying a home is now twice as affordable as renting". Which sounds great until you dig into the data. You see, home prices are increasing at ...
gjohnsit 03/27/2015 12 19 - -
Iraqi militia threatens "to target American forces"
The leader of a major Shiite militia Harakat al-Nujaba, working for the Baghdad government, threatened to kill Americans soldiers today , while several larger militia groups quit the battlefield ...
gjohnsit 03/26/2015 34 21 - -
The new regional war of Yemen explained in three maps
Last September President Obama explained that our War against Daesh/ISIL would be conducted like our current successful strategy in Yemen. This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, ...
gjohnsit 03/26/2015 43 37 - -
Bipartisan bill to repeal the Patriot Act
Reps. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) and Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) have introduced a bill to repeal the horrific Patriot Act mistake of 2001. And that's just one feature. “This isn’t just tinkering around ...
gjohnsit 03/26/2015 119 238 2 -
Yemen: the new Proxy-War between Iran and Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has moved heavy military equipment to the border of Yemen in what it calls a "defensive deployment", but some have speculated otherwise. One U.S. government source described the ...
gjohnsit 03/25/2015 52 35 1 -
Ukraine's Battle Of The Oligarchs
Ukraine occupies 142nd place out of 175 countries in Transparency International’s Corruptions Perception Index, the worst in Europe. It's corruption rating has gotten even worse since the Maiden ...
gjohnsit 03/24/2015 130 28 - -
We are losing the war
"war 'ought' to be instrumental, in the sense that it ought to be waged in order to achieve some goal, never for its own sake; and also in the sense that strategy and tactics ought to be directed ...
gjohnsit 03/22/2015 222 108 1 -
This was not a good week in the Forever War on Some Terror
There were signs of hope that maybe, just maybe, we could be gaining the upper-hand against global terrorism when this week started. Things went all downhill after that.
gjohnsit 03/20/2015 88 37 - -
The Global Deflationary Tsunami
Every few years an economic event will happen that can be easily seen by everyone except mainstream economists. Today that economic event is a global tidalwave of deflation that is sweeping the ...
gjohnsit 03/20/2015 23 36 - -
Dozens hurt in anti-austerity protest
The European Central Bank has been the primary leaders in the austerity push in Europe. So when the ECB opens a brand-new, state-of-the-art $1.4 Billion office tower in this environment of ...
gjohnsit 03/18/2015 47 23 - -
When cops are the enemy of innocent people
The vast majority of cops are good people that want to be a positive influence on society. The problem is that they are in positions of enormous power over individuals, so when one of them ...
gjohnsit 03/18/2015 20 30 1 -
Marking the March 19th Dual Anniversary
March 19th marks the 12th Anniversary of the ground invasion of Iraq . Coincidentally the date also marks the 5th Anniversary of the military intervention in Libya . The two American ...
gjohnsit 03/17/2015 6 9 - -
iPhone Zombies, the CIA, the NSA, and what we don't know
I've never understood the fascination with the iPhone, and neither does the NSA . Here are a couple of their powerpoint slides showing how little respect they have for iPhone fans.
gjohnsit 03/15/2015 121 48 2 -
Shale oil bust entering phase two
The number of oil rigs in production have tumbled 14 straight weeks , the biggest and longest drop since the mid-80's. Drillers idled 56 oil rigs (excluding gas rigs), dropping the total to 866,
gjohnsit 03/13/2015 166 144 1 -
Why is no one talking about the AUMF?
After criticizing Congress for not voting on the current war, DKos has been almost completely quiet about the on-going AUMF debate in Congress. Could the reason no one here is discussing it ...
gjohnsit 03/12/2015 35 38 - -
ISIS collapsing in Iraq
For the first time since this war started we are seeing Daesh forces losing heart and fleeing the battlefield. For months now Daesh has grimly fought an organized, bitter retreat that promised ...
gjohnsit 03/11/2015 265 200 2 -
So this is Full Employment?
Economists at BNP Paribas declared that the US economy had reached full employment . Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, says the US has almost reached full ...
gjohnsit 03/11/2015 25 39 1 -
Germany's Hyperinflation-Phobia
The only thing worse than forgetting history is misremembering it. Getting your history wrong can cause important mistakes. For instance, people wonder why Germany is so insistent on austerity ...
gjohnsit 03/10/2015 25 22 - -
Partitioning Iraq
Eight months ago leaders of Iraq were calling the nation a failed state . A U.S. ambassador called the de facto partitioning of Iraq as "Shiastan," "Jihadistan" and Kurdistan. In the eight ...
gjohnsit 03/09/2015 22 18 - -
The David Petraeus double-standard
David Petraeus and mistress The one consistent argument from the anti-Snowden crowd is that he broke the law, so he has to pay. No exceptions. That also happens to be the attitude in Washington...
gjohnsit 03/07/2015 206 265 2 -
Privatizing Injustice
Two weeks ago there was a riot at the Willacy County Correctional Center in south Texas. The riot originally started as a protest against inadequate medical care. Willacy is operated by the ...
gjohnsit 03/06/2015 34 131 7 -
Baghdad considers ejecting U.S.-led coalition
Americans haven't been this ignorant of the reality of what is going on in Iraq since 2003. A new poll show that 62% of Americans support putting 'boots on the ground' in Iraq to fight ISIS ...
gjohnsit 03/04/2015 137 110 1 -
The impending Battle of Tikrit
Just over a week ago the U.S. announced the plan to take back Mosul from ISIS this spring using 25,000 Iraqi soldiers. The Iraqi Defense Minister was not happy about us "tipping our hands" to ...
gjohnsit 03/01/2015 47 36 - -
The Good Terrorists
The War on Some Terror has always been rather complicated, but lately its gotten downright confusing. The war already seemed duplicitous when Bush supported anti-Iran terrorists back in 2008. ...
gjohnsit 02/27/2015 8 14 - -
Ukraine enters hyperinflation
Ukraine's losses on the battlefield may be the least of its worries. Ukraine's economy, already a basketcase, may be about to completely collapse . Policy makers in Kiev banned banks from ...
gjohnsit 02/25/2015 120 30 1 -
Looking up health symptoms online? Hope you don't mind everyone knowing
Are you feeling a little sick? Got a weird rash? Maybe chronic pain? It's the internet age, so you look it up online to check if you need to see a doctor. Before you have a chance to make an ...
gjohnsit 02/24/2015 154 94 2 -
HSBC: The world's most corrupt bank
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) is the world's second largest bank. However, when it comes to corruption it is second to none.
gjohnsit 02/23/2015 15 57 - -
The basic insanity of the War against Daesh
It's been hard to summarize the illogical disconnect that Americans have in regards to our latest war in Iraq. Fortunately, the movie American Sniper does that for us. In the movie our ...
gjohnsit 02/22/2015 71 103 4 -
Staffers Resign from Tea Party News Network en mass
It might seem hard to believe, but things aren't going well for TPNN. Today, a chunk of staffers from the Tea Party News Network, a news site with nearly 12 million unique ...
gjohnsit 02/20/2015 87 135 - -
Will training Syrian rebels work any better this time?
Yesterday the U.S. and Turkey came to an agreement about training moderate Syrian rebels. Turkey and the United States signed an agreement Thursday to train and arm Syrian rebels fighting the ...
gjohnsit 02/20/2015 50 21 - -
There is a lesson to be learned here
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called to congratulate Kosovo on its "thriving, multiethnic democracy" as it celebrated its independence earlier this week. The Prime Minister of Kosovo had a ...
gjohnsit 02/18/2015 37 62 - -
Biggest bank robbery in history
When an ATM in Kiev started spitting out cash whether customer were in front of it or not, a Russian cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky Lab, was called to investigate. They discovered that the ATM ...
gjohnsit 02/16/2015 62 147 - -
Egypt launches war against ISIS in Libya; Obama's dilemma
The war against ISIS has now officially left the Levant (thus making the term ISIL obsolete). Egypt is leading this charge after ISIS militants cut the heads off of 21 Coptic Christians. (AP) —
gjohnsit 02/16/2015 79 28 1 -
Greeks rally to support Syriza
Syriza may have to bargain away too much in the coming days, but at least they are out there fighting for the Greek people, and it has been noticed . About 20,000 people gathered in central ...
gjohnsit 02/15/2015 20 57 - -
Sunnis boycott Iraqi government after Shia militia attack
The latest attack by Shia militias in Baghdad has threatened to expose the sectarian war in Iraq for all to see. Sunni politicians said they would boycott parliament after the killing of Sheik ...
gjohnsit 02/15/2015 37 64 - -
What happened to our allies?
Yesterday the United Nations Security Council joined the effort against ISIS. The United Nations Security Council on Thursday banned all trade in antiquities from war-torn Syria, threatened ...
gjohnsit 02/13/2015 45 21 - -
Global Drone Assassination Program on verge of collapse
Competition of good-paying jobs is fierce these days, but there is one job sector where they will train you, you can get paid six-figures, and you don't even have to work hard. No kidding, in ...
gjohnsit 02/13/2015 176 128 1 -
13-year old boy burned to death in Yemen
Mohammed Tuaiman and his younger brother Less than a week before Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh was burned to death by ISIS, 13-year old Mohammed Tuaiman al-Jahmi died a horrific death just ...
gjohnsit 02/12/2015 99 131 3 -
Sending weapons to Ukraine will soon be irrelevant
President Obama is considering sending lethal weapons to Kiev. So is Canadian PM Stephen Harper . Even ...
gjohnsit 02/10/2015 432 51 - -
Puerto Rico: America's very own Greek-style debt crisis
The news media can't say enough about the high-stakes political standoff between Greece and Germany, but for some reason the approaching economic collapse of Puerto Rico is barely even mentioned.
gjohnsit 02/10/2015 11 16 - -
Misremembering Iraq has become an epidemic
Brian Williams misremembering the Iraq War is confirmation of our worst fear - the Iraqi Misremember Virus is now airborne and is spreading. The Iraqi Misremember Virus was largely restricted ...
gjohnsit 02/09/2015 53 91 - -
"As soon as we get done helping them with ISIS, they will very likely turn on us.”
Last November Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told Congress how we could defeat ISIS in Iraq without deploying U.S. combat troops . He was surprisingly blunt about the ...
gjohnsit 02/08/2015 158 85 - -
What happens when a nation defaults: Lessons for Greece
Unless someone blinks, Greece may run out of money in a matter of weeks. The ECB is trying to force the new Greek government to kneel . Their crime is refusing more bailout money unless it ...
gjohnsit 02/07/2015 198 114 2 -
My, how things have changed in Greece
This is a picture of the Greek Parliament in July, 2011. And this is a picture of the Greek Parliament in 2012.
gjohnsit 02/05/2015 247 478 4 -
"a scandal on a level previously unseen"
Imagine for a moment that decades after a shocking terrorist attack that killed 85 people, the lead investigative prosecutor turns up with a gunshot wound to the head the day before he was about ...
gjohnsit 02/03/2015 81 227 3 -
3,300 year old city to be wiped off the map
The city of Rafah has survived the invading armies of Assyria, Greece, and Rome, among others. It has outlasted Napoleon's armies, the Mamluks, the British, and the Ottoman Empire, just to name ...
gjohnsit 02/03/2015 325 266 4 -
NYPD's answer to recent protests against police violence
Sometimes there is a news article that only a fan of Orwellian Newspeak can appreciate. The NY Times found that sweet-spot yesterday. The future of the New York Police Department will include ...
gjohnsit 02/01/2015 94 217 - -
Just how bad is it in Pakistan?
Pretty bad . Tens of thousands of Pakistanis have sought shelter at a sprawling refugee camp in a volatile region of Afghanistan after crossing the mountainous border to escape a military ...
gjohnsit 02/01/2015 106 95 1 -
A Real NFL Scandal: Speculators, derivatives and selling tickets you don't have
The price of a 2015 Super Bowl ticket between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots is somewhere between $7,000 and $14,000 , making it the most expensive sporting event in history. ...
gjohnsit 01/31/2015 42 29 - -
Negative interest rate mortgages have arrived. In Denmark
Negative interest rates aren't a new phenomenon in Europe, but they've been limited to inter-bank borrowing. Until now (Google Translated). For the first time a Danish mortgage bank, Nordea ...
gjohnsit 01/30/2015 83 125 2 -
Entering the next stage in the war in Iraq
The rapidly collapsing ISIS forces in northern Iraq are beginning to expose systemic faults in Iraqi society. The most obvious example is the situation around Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul.
gjohnsit 01/28/2015 28 24 1 -
The Slow Death of the Petrodollar
It's hard to figure out the state of the dollar these days. On one hand it is strengthening so quickly that it threatens to hurt exports, and there is even talk of a bubble . The market is so ...
gjohnsit 01/27/2015 34 44 - -
Why the Greek election is a BIG deal
With the leftist party Syriza headed toward victory in today's election, you may be asking yourself what does it mean. Depending on how this plays out, this is the biggest event in the global ...
gjohnsit 01/25/2015 296 304 3 -
Shale oil investors in denial
A new Bloomberg poll shows investors believe that OPEC will blink before shale oil drillers will. Not only does this show that shale investors aren't paying attention to the headline, it shows ...
gjohnsit 01/22/2015 57 81 1 -
It's time to understand Yemen
By now everyone in the world has heard of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Most know that one of the killers had weapons training with Ansar al-Sharia, al-Qaida in Yemen, and that the al-Qaida group ...
gjohnsit 01/22/2015 32 28 - -
The anti-Klan fighters of the 1920's
This was Washington D.C. in the summer of 1925. 40,000 Ku Klux Klan members showing their political power in sheer numbers. The picture makes one think that white society at the time was ...
gjohnsit 01/21/2015 12 37 2 -
ISIS expanding, growing in Syria
The Battle of Kobani is nearly over . The Kurdish rebels have nearly pushed the jihadists out of the city and have gained a strategic position that endangers ISIS supply lines. Around 1,100 ...
gjohnsit 01/19/2015 109 31 1 -
Manufacturing Terrorism
Recently the FBI arrested a Cincinnati-area man for a plot to kill government officials in Washington. The news media predictably reported it with scary headlines: CNN : “FBI says plot to ...
gjohnsit 01/18/2015 74 163 3 -
Israel and al-Qaeda are coordinating in Syria
Israel's role in the Syrian Civil War has been largely ignored by the news media. It's easy to see how Israel would take an active interest in a civil war in the only bordering country that it has ...
gjohnsit 01/16/2015 58 26 1 -
Republicans willing to overlook Wall Street involvement in illegal immigration
It's well known that Congressional Republicans are prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat Obama's efforts to reform immigration. Immigrants children might carry ebola fer chrissakes! Not ...
gjohnsit 01/16/2015 4 5 - -
Ukraine's Economy Going Critical
There's been a lot of ink spilled over Russia's economic troubles, and those troubles are indeed real . The country is now widely expected to fall into a recession this year, with the World Bank ...
gjohnsit 01/15/2015 72 30 - -
JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has a sad
Why oh why is everyone picking on Jamie these days? Poor little multi-billionaire Jamie Dimon is being picked on by the big, bad government. Jamie Dimon, grappling with multibillion-dollar ...
gjohnsit 01/14/2015 149 214 4 -
The Terrifying Prospect of Keynesianism Returning to Europe
It's interesting to hear the financial media report on the expected electoral triumph of "radical-left" Syriza party in Greece in a couple weeks. If you didn't know better these guys were out in ...
gjohnsit 01/14/2015 8 39 - -
It's not just oil that is crashing, and that's not good
Everyone is looking at oil and how it effects Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the shale oil producers in the midwest, but the story is a whole lot larger . Commodity prices are at their lowest since ...
gjohnsit 01/14/2015 496 299 8 -
Some tips on how to spend your Obscene Wealth
Few people understand the difficulties of having too much money, but I'm here to help those oppressed souls. It's always a good time to be wealthy, but rarely have those times ever been better ...
gjohnsit 01/12/2015 209 163 4 -
WMD's, Birthers and Echo Chambers: Facts are relative
This past week a poll came out revealing that 51% of Republicans believe that we found an active WMD program in Iraq. What wasn't in the headline is how widespread this belief in a falsehood was.
gjohnsit 01/12/2015 17 14 - -
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