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Bending the Buzz
This is the place to report your efforts in shaping the dialogue of some community in a progrssive direction. It is also a place for sharing insights as to how we could do it better. Letters to the Editor, posts on neutral blogs -- not dKos, but blogs run by newspapers, radio and TV stations or networks, etc. Even Facebook posts and conversations in beauty parlors or bars belong here. If you have a LTE published that would link your nym to your real name and you want to avoid that, you can send...
Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group
With the Electronic America group, you'll never miss another great episode of Jon Stewart, Colbert, Rachael Maddow, Tavis Smilely or Bill Maher ever again because our diarists will tell you about them on all progressive film makers. You'll get the latest in Michael Moore diaries, film music and Arts reviews. Our progressive diaries will tell you all this and much more. Our group also supports reviews from NPR radio, the PBS newsroom Dkos TV /Radio and progressives making a difference in virtual...
LGBT Kos Community
This is the group for the Daily Kos LGBT Community.
Weight Loss Kos
A support group for users trying to lose weight, and those who have successfully lost weight and are trying to keep it off. Diaries on diet/nutrition, exercise, or just stories of your weight loss experiences are welcome.

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