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Paradigm Shift for the New Year
There are several paradigm shifts we need to make in the following years in order to make this “a more perfect union”. (You might have your own list!) First paradigm shift needed imo, is that ...
glitterscale 01/05/2015 5 10 - -
Whence Came Ye?
Saw a comment thread and joined it talking about how long we had been here and I realized that it had been some time since anyone had asked us how long and why we came to this island of dKos. I ...
glitterscale 12/01/2014 80 25 - -
Update on My Grandson and the result of your prayers
So my grandson is home with his parents now (he was in No. Dakota before.) He has what they call an "incomplete spinal cord injury" meaning that he has some movement and feeling in his lower body. ...
glitterscale 02/20/2014 8 18 - -
My Turn to Ask for Your Prayers
My Grandson is turning 22 this month, but this birthday will mark a distinct change in his fortunes. He had a severe car wreck (just his car falling off a hill after hitting ice) and had emergency ...
glitterscale 12/14/2013 86 172 - -
Lyric Contest - Making Earworms
I was wandering along through the diaries and thought that what we need is a Sesame Street like effort at educating the voters. And somebody thought we might have some song writers in our midst. I ...
glitterscale 10/31/2013 14 2 1 -
NSA Under Obama's Watch
Tip of the hat to joanneleon for part of this story. First it came out that Obama KNEW all about the surveillance on Merkel . So some errant NSA person unnamed had piped up: a report in Bild am ...
glitterscale 10/27/2013 26 20 - -
So Here We Are
The "system" is totally broken. No matter where you look it is smashed to bits. And infrastructure is falling apart perhaps in physical sympathy with the governmental breakdowns we are experiencing.
glitterscale 10/17/2013 17 22 - -
Food Stamps Deeply Cut & Add Computer Glitch to the Mess
Some states are already embracing deep cuts to the food stamp program similar to those passed by House Republicans in Washington, ending the food subsidy for tens of thousands of low-income ...
glitterscale 10/13/2013 10 10 - -
For me it was a fluke; it was started as a thought, a glimmer of an idea. A few years ago, I was looking at the X-Prize page and they were talking about a 10 million dollar prize for an idea for ...
glitterscale 06/29/2013 7 9 - -
Voter Fraud - Romney Style?
Oh Lord its hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way! Or have too many houses perhaps? From the Guardian comes a delicious twist on the tax factor. Meanwhile, Romney appears to have ...
glitterscale 08/19/2012 7 7 1 67
Nastiness Forthcoming
glitterscale 07/17/2012 52 5 1 294
Impossible to Hold Onto
There are things so startling, so counter to what we have always believed of ourselves that they are impossible to hold in our heads. If others are like me. I will revert to the next things, the ...
glitterscale 07/09/2012 8 3 1 72
Tim Poole Handcuffed Apt Raided
I don't know the ultimate fate of Tim Poole of Timcast fame. Reports are that he was handcuffed and interrogated by the police. Why should we care about our live-streamers? A fascinating story ...
glitterscale 05/20/2012 38 30 1 288
Time to bear witness Live Blog
livestream of NATO March The marchers have been blocked from their march route for some reason by the police. I am sorry this is so short and also I am not embedding the livestream. Please watch ...
glitterscale 05/19/2012 3 3 1 52
Bloomberg's Prime
Bloomberg has navigated the perilous shores of politics possibly by changing his political affiliation not once but three times in the last decade. He has avoided any consequences from the Bush ...
glitterscale 03/23/2012 5 6 1 44
We knew in our hearts the the continual overreach of the rethuglicans would finally reach the tipping point. And now it has. (Sorry about the commercial)
glitterscale 03/22/2012 19 37 2 281
Did you know...
I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment so forgive the disjointed stuff I am dumping on you. Did you know that The UN special rapporteur on torture has formally accused the US government of cruel, ...
glitterscale 03/14/2012 19 22 1 153
Donald Rumsfeld Mic Check!
Donald Rumsfeld turned up at the Truman Library to be interviewed by Steve Kraske of our local NPR. Occupy Kansas City turned up as well. I am proud of them. It is time these folks face the music. ...
glitterscale 02/25/2012 25 41 1 248
When Cops Won't Obey the Law
Oakland Police Department has been a bad legend for many years. And has been under a court ordered monitor for many years (since 2003). We like to think that our police department is made up of ...
glitterscale 02/20/2012 20 18 1 113
Those Voices in Our Heads!
As a person who has delved into my psyche in order to try and understand myself better, I have found that we have other people stuck in our systems. As a mom and grandma I am somewhat happy about ...
glitterscale 02/19/2012 5 8 1 65
OO Battle of the Y + Changes
Update: Added Poll for all you poll lovers! OPD Hunts Occupy With Guns Drawn Through YMCA While Members Work Out. Video ...
glitterscale 02/07/2012 7 15 1 86
"Republican Party is Now in Trouble"
Perhaps not surprisingly, Greenberg was dismissive of the Republican Party’s prospects, noting it had failed to pick up a significant number of voters despite a landslide 2010 victory ...
glitterscale 02/06/2012 15 19 1 494
Occupiers Charged BOOO! Then Charges dropped!
Occupy has certainly made headlines of people being arrested. But then what happens? In recent headlines we see:
glitterscale 01/21/2012 36 48 1 335
Grieving A Loss Of Community
I was moved by the segment on Rachel Maddow's Show where she had Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hamshire She talks first in the segment about ...
glitterscale 11/08/2011 6 9 - 95
The Emperor Has No Clothes What is Underneath!
One of the Vedanta Societies concepts is that what we are seeing is truly illusion. That we must look underneath what we see for the true substance. And we have a few examples of this staring us in ...
glitterscale 11/05/2011 7 4 - 71
Best New Things - OWS and others
Sometimes we humans get ourselves all tied up in knots and cannot move. We paralyze ourselves with all kinds of fears and contradictions. But then, somehow and maybe because things look so bleak, we ...
glitterscale 11/01/2011 3 1 - 20
Duologue vs Diologue & Consensus
We've been talking at each other for a long long time. We been talking to our congresscritters for a long long time. And sometimes it feels as if a vital sense of connection is never there. ...
glitterscale 10/04/2011 9 7 - 38
Now Kansas City is a pretty laid back place so this occupation is pretty ...
glitterscale 10/01/2011 1 10 - 42
Roseanne Barr talks to #OccupyWallStreet
I have been wandering the web today in search of something to take my mind off my laziness. And I came across this great youtube video:
glitterscale 09/19/2011 10 23 1 123
The Wizengamote (Britain's Media Inquiry)
For those followers of FOTHOM, I offer this breakdown of the Leveson Inquiry, now to be known as the Wizengamote for our faithful followers. There will be two parts to ...
glitterscale 09/15/2011 2 - - 63
Voldemort (Murdoch) vs. Potter (JK Rowling)
Oh frabjous joy! Leveson phone-hacking inquiry: JK Rowling among 'core participants' Get your ...
glitterscale 09/15/2011 22 20 - 173
Behold our Lord and Master - Charlie Koch
Joan McCarter had a part of this story up ...
glitterscale 09/07/2011 3 4 - 54
Propaganda comes in many forms. The churches have traditionally used it (but not called it that) with the way their churches are built, with catechism, with music as well as the preaching they do. ...
glitterscale 09/05/2011 28 1 - 119
Fingers Crossed
I came across a Guardian article about David Hare. According to the Guardian, Hare is a successful playwright who writes about the political spectrum. Hare has written plays about the failure of ...
glitterscale 09/03/2011 7 5 - 55
What we're creating
We've got 2 wars "declared" and incursions into up to 120 countries. We've got Rummy and Dick talking all about how they did GOOOOOD! And they would do it again. We've got rethugs saying they won'...
glitterscale 08/29/2011 3 1 1 41
Consensus, Herding cats & Priority Poll
This is where we are broken as a country: From Wikipedia: Consensus decision-making is a group decision making process that seeks not only the agreement of most participants but also the ...
glitterscale 07/18/2011 5 1 - 29
Serious Budget
So we've had the People's Budget . And now I have seen the True Majority ...
glitterscale 04/27/2011 6 3 - 24
Tax Day Protest - KCMO
Move On's Tax Day protest at Kansas City was held on what used to be Volker Park, right across from the CH41 NBC affiliate. A LOT of our chanting had to do with GE and their failure to pay their ...
glitterscale 04/19/2011 3 2 - 20
It's Only A Game! - calling entrepreneurs and gamers
In my last diary: Let's Roll I gave my vision of what it will take to change the system in the immediate sense. But as ...
glitterscale 04/13/2011 2 - - 17
Let's Roll - Updated
Let's plan a convoy. I think that getting out and becoming a community is better than sitting and feeling powerless. I am not real big on being powerless. We've been able to see this train ...
glitterscale 04/09/2011 8 9 1 98
Pres. Obama & us w/action & poll
glitterscale 03/30/2011 3 - - 20
Update -Protests at Quantico for Bradley Manning
I want to add two links to this diary: Bradley ...
glitterscale 03/20/2011 20 22 2 185
So - we just sit here?
I've been watching the thing go on in Wisconsin and Michigan and Florida etc. I've come to some conclusions. While it is true that Scott Walker got what he wanted, at least for now, and the MI gov ...
glitterscale 03/10/2011 12 8 - 120
Something Remarkable is Happening
Something unexpected happened on Morning Joe. Pat Buchanan and the rest talked about McCain's and Lieberman's idea fixe (def: a usually delusional idea that dominates the whole mental life during a ...
glitterscale 01/20/2011 17 10 - 50
I saw this on Raw ...
glitterscale 01/12/2011 2 1 - 45
A Call to Senator Blunt
I have been promoting calling our rethug reps and telling them that now is the time to move away from the rhetoric. So I called my newly minted (although long time rethug part of the house ...
glitterscale 01/10/2011 2 2 - 45
Now What? KO clip & Poll
We've been able to see the train coming down that track towards us. We know that we are in a plutocracy now and not a democracy. We know that the fat cats are not getting even a hand slap for ...
glitterscale 01/05/2011 7 3 - 46
Don't Rock the Boat!
glitterscale 12/31/2010 17 2 - 45
Lessons Learned
If we don't learn something from adversity then we have certainly wasted the moment. My take away from the tax cut nonsense is this. We cannot keep doing the same things and expect a different ...
glitterscale 12/15/2010 3 1 - 32
What stage of Grief?
I've grieved over and over and over again about the state of America. I grieved when Bush II was "selected" and again when he won a second term after starting two wars. I've grieved over two dead ...
glitterscale 12/05/2010 20 2 - 47
Please help w/ this letter
I want to write my congress critters but I know that I am really too mad to do it justice. I have two dems and one outgoing rethug and one to come in rethug. So you can see already I am not well ...
glitterscale 12/01/2010 10 2 - 67
New Wine - Old Bottles?
The republicans have decided that they are "too busy" to meet with the President on Thursday and they are putting thin veil on it saying "he didn't really ask us"! But they are starting down the ...
glitterscale 11/17/2010 1 - - 35
Transforming Negative Emotions
In 2008, we as a nation knew we wanted a new direction. Years of endless war, deficit spending, and finally a devastating financial meltdown pushed our country into doing what was previously ...
glitterscale 10/05/2010 24 4 - 27
An Era of Truthiness
We've been asking our dem reps to come out against their opponents using logic and truth. But what we have seen is the American electorate cares not one jot about logic or facts. Instead they care ...
glitterscale 08/25/2010 4 3 - 23
In a Violence Cycle
When I focus on politics, when I scan through the political news, when I listen to KO and Rachel Maddow, when I see clips of O'Lielly and Sean Hannity and Palin, I begin to feel victimized and not ...
glitterscale 08/08/2010 1 1 - 37
Irritating Responsibility
It has been an axiom that people get the government they deserve. I don't know who came up with it, but, in truth, we get what we work for, what we focus on. Now I know that thousands of us have ...
glitterscale 08/02/2010 2 2 - 23
Debt/Deficit Town Hall Follow Up
Some of you asked for me to follow up when something came out of that town hall meeting I diaried about:
glitterscale 07/02/2010 3 3 - 36
Debt & Deficit National Town Hall Update
Update: people have questioned the raising of Social Security payroll taxes back to a 90% level. I have to confess I only have the quote they gave us: When Social Security was ...
glitterscale 06/27/2010 50 27 - 239
Destiny - Do we have what it takes?
Destiny is defined by Wiki: Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events.[1] It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. It is a concept ...
glitterscale 06/15/2010 3 1 - 28
Rick Perlstein mentions dKos, Netroots
I found a lecture by Rick Perlstein given at Vanderbilt:
glitterscale 03/27/2010 12 12 1 17
Vision, Strategy & Tactics in 8 months
The next big election happens in November when all the House of Reps come up for reelection and about a third of the Senate stand for election. And there is a worry about that election and our ...
glitterscale 01/24/2010 3 5 - 15
7 Days to Save the Internets! Updated
I received an email from Free Press Media Reform Daily ( Their newsletter was chocked full of news, but I thought one of the most important sections pertained to us:
glitterscale 01/08/2010 7 17 - 20
GrassRoots vs. ATM
Obama is one of the most complex public figures we have had in a very long time. He is not a one-dimensional character like Cheney or the flat two dimensional character of most of the Bushies ...
glitterscale 01/03/2010 17 - - 43
2009 Winners and Losers
A list is so much fun to make. And we all know how subjective it is to do so. So I am rushing in before the MSM does it own. You can join me and put in your lists as well. In fact, I think you ...
glitterscale 12/29/2009 18 5 - 86
Pets to Vets
MSNBC has a great story about a program to give returning vets with PTSD something to live for, something to care for. Pets to ...
glitterscale 12/23/2009 18 42 3 54
On being liberal
So Lieberman hates us, Obama ignores us, the rethugs want to shoot us and here we sit like ducks in a shooting gallery. We act as if we are abandoned children. Which is damn foolish since nobody ...
glitterscale 12/16/2009 7 4 - 34
Hello Lucy, where's the ball?
So you thought we were almost there? You thought we might get true HCR? Ha Ha. Lucy snatched it away almost before we got to the kicking part. First we had four committee lay down a very good ...
glitterscale 10/29/2009 5 1 - 10
Opposing Lieberman was Successful
A lot of backing and forthing has gone on about Lieberman's Primary opposition and how it was not successful since Lieberman went on to win in spite of the Dems kicking him out. But actually ...
glitterscale 09/25/2009 6 2 - 8
Chinese agents in Gitmo - Update
I am not the one to write this but I am not seeing it in the list and it must get out there. There is more to this than I first thought.
glitterscale 07/18/2009 9 9 - 11
Unintended Consequences
The most long term unintended consequence seems to me to be the Great Wall of China. It was built, I suspect, as a result of paranoia and xenophobia. And now it is populated with tourists from all ...
glitterscale 06/18/2009 5 3 - 6
Entitlements - updated
Guess SS and Medicare are the "entitlement" endangered species as far as repugs and blue dems go. But what about the other entitlements? I think we should cut congress's entitlement to pensions ...
glitterscale 05/08/2009 5 7 - 10
Hey Hey Senator
Hey there cossetted member of the beltway: What are you up to now? I can see that Health car reform is just going to be like Medicare part D and the bailout for wall street. Guess those fat cats ...
glitterscale 05/05/2009 4 1 - 2
Clink clink clink -campaign coffers filling
Campaign coffers are not just for getting elected and then re-elected. They also are a sort of "leadership" test. Those that raise the most money and give to their fellow party members get ...
glitterscale 03/26/2009 9 2 - 3
Party of Two Years Old
They're captivating, cunning, inspiring and exuberant, but they're also stubborn, selfish, pesky and exasperating. Perhaps that's why the year between two and three is considered both ...
glitterscale 03/13/2009 6 3 - 2
Return of the Grownups
Adult, grownup, as opposed to oppressive parent or cowed child is what we need as an antidote for the last 8 years. So many actions by the Bushco regime were abusive. An abusive parent is not ...
glitterscale 12/23/2008 4 2 - -
Reframing to Get What We Need
Wordsmiths, economic gurus, government wonks - Now is your time in the sun. We know what the problems are, we know what the hole looks like that the rethugs have been digging for decades. Now we ...
glitterscale 11/05/2008 3 1 - 2
Hope for Healing
Our country has been torn up since the civil war. We didn't get a Marshall Plan after the civil war and so hurt and guilt and PTSD and pride and fear ruled. States and counties and precincts and ...
glitterscale 10/22/2008 3 1 - -
Trust - How to Stop Digging!
As a mother, I told my children that trust was something that was given freely until it was abused and then it would take a long, long time to earn it back. So how can we get back to a trust basis ...
glitterscale 10/12/2008 5 1 - 1
Republicans Implode
The so-called leadership of the republican party came out an whined about Pelosi saying nasty things about the last 8 years of republican leadership. Rachel Maddow points this out eloquently:
glitterscale 09/30/2008 5 8 - 7
Resign VP Cheney, then Resign Pres. Bush
The failure of the bailout is a failure of leadership. In so many ways the Bushco has failed us and time after time they repeated their mistakes. There is no place left in the US that hasn't felt ...
glitterscale 09/29/2008 7 1 - -
Questions - Global Warming - Ice Age next?
My first question has to do with global warming. Apparently the sunspot activity has died down:
glitterscale 09/04/2008 7 2 - 12
Palin  claims exec privilege - 2nd Update
According to TPM : But that co-operation appears to have extended only so far. Her office has claimed executive privilege on ...
glitterscale 09/01/2008 50 32 1 22
Obama is teaching me to be a glass half (or even three quarters) full kind of gal. So I would like to share with you some reasons for my celebrating. Positive thinking: The war:
glitterscale 06/15/2008 4 2 - -
Rant against Bidness as Usual
Let's see now - most folks are looking at the long drawn out primary fight but in dc what do we see? We see Hoyer talking about a deal on FISA with Bush, the most disliked president in history. So ...
glitterscale 04/24/2008 3 1 - -
What have you done this week to save our country?
One quick thing you can do is to get a letter going to congress for an independent counsel to look into the torture issue. Go to:
glitterscale 04/13/2008 1 - - -
Torture came from the top
The news is stunning. Rice, Cheney and even Colin Powell (who of all people should have known better) choreographed the torture of "high value" detainees. And we will no doubt get push back of "...
glitterscale 04/10/2008 5 4 - -
Media Reform Conference - Early signup now
I got my notice about the National Conference for Media reform. 6/7-8 in Minneapolis this year. Check it out at NCMR Attendees and presenters: Bill Moyers Naomi Klein Dan Rather along with:
glitterscale 03/25/2008 - 1 - -
contractors & our essential data
One of the things I kept hearing regarding the spying into Obama's passport info, was that they fired the CONTRACTOR the first time and then they fired the CONTRACTOR the second time. The third ...
glitterscale 03/22/2008 5 - - 5
Finally a fulcrum
We've wanted to know how to derail Bushco, we've wanted to know how to slap Reid and Pelosi aside the head when they kowtow to Bush and we've wanted to know how to break the corporate ownership of ...
glitterscale 12/18/2007 17 1 - 10
Rendition - US says it has a right
At some point or other we got impatient with the process of getting countries to give up "wanted" suspects to us for trial. And, perhaps the CIA was not actively employed in overthrowing and ...
glitterscale 12/02/2007 16 11 - -
What to do to abort a coup? w/Poll
What we would do to stave off a coup? I have worried about this more than ever, especially after seeing the repub pres. contenders. All of them are lightweights. All of them would stand aside for ...
glitterscale 11/04/2007 67 9 - 15
Sprint Age Discrimination Suit Settled
I began having a great deal of spare time after being laid off at Sprint. I was over 55, widowed and not really expecting to find gainful employment at anywhere near my previous salary. I had ...
glitterscale 05/19/2007 8 4 1 11
From the Nut Roots
Sean Hannity made this point over and over: we are the "Nut Roots". I thought as an epithet that it really lacked the slicing and dicing these folks normally do. As a matter of fact, I thought "...
glitterscale 05/01/2007 3 2 - -
Doing it over there so we don't have it over here!
My daughter visited China this past week. Pollution was so bad, one woman told her that a day there took 3 months off of your LIFE! We assume somehow that things over there do not impact us over ...
glitterscale 04/21/2007 8 12 - 8
Changes in the wind - questions for you
What a week - the justice department laid an egg and boy did it smell rotten when it cracked open! Al Gore was on the hill telling them how the cow ate the cabbage (although he didn't say much ...
glitterscale 03/21/2007 2 1 - -
Big Life Changes Pt 3 w/poll
This is the third of a series of Diaries concerning life changes. I have enjoyed hearing about your changes. For some reason they have helped me deal with my changes. My first change is a new ...
glitterscale 12/03/2006 6 4 - 21
Big Life Changes Coming Your Way? W/ Poll
glitterscale 10/09/2006 18 1 - 10
Roll up your sleeves and go to work
glitterscale 06/13/2006 6 6 - -
Are you going through big life changes? w/ poll
glitterscale 06/10/2006 87 11 1 3
Watertown Wisconsin - voting on Bring back Troops
glitterscale 03/18/2006 2 1 - -
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