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We are proceeding nicely in our auction, and with the realization that combined bids make bigger bids I think we have our own Survivor experience going on, just without the bugs and backbiting. I ...
glorificus 03/29/2013 32 58 1 -
If Karma Really Works None of Us Will Ever Meet Jesus
I saw this on the crooksandliars website Friday night, and was sickened. The pictures are beyond disturbing, and I think the U.S. is damned for all eternity. And should be. Short synopsis - the ...
glorificus 03/24/2013 11 4 - -
This diary is not about quilts. It's about hunger, making a difference, recognizing and rewarding beauty. OK, maybe a little about A quilt. The reason for the creation of the Daily Kos Quilt Guild ...
glorificus 03/17/2013 18 22 - -
Today the mighty Team 26 rode into Baltimore, and met with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Baltimore is a city with a considerable history of gun violence, so this was an appropriate stop. I'm ...
glorificus 03/11/2013 29 54 - -
Beauty and Justice (and quilts! Oh my!)
This new group has been started as an adjunct to the Daily Kos Quilt Guild. Our purpose is to put the creativity and talents of the quilt makers to create works of beauty to be auctioned, with the ...
glorificus 02/21/2013 23 28 1 -
DK Quilt Guild: Laughter is Lighter than Feathers
Hi, everyone! First up, an update on the two quilts we are creating. Per Melanie in IA , the Okiciyap top is pieced, and she has all the elements for the NFTT top. She hopes to get them sent to ...
glorificus 01/27/2013 62 16 - -
How the NRA and Congress keep us shooting each other to Death
I frequently listen to NPR, and usually enjoy Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I only heard a snippet of this program, but was appalled. I was later pleased to see it mentioned in the comments to ...
glorificus 12/23/2012 27 13 - -
DK Quilt Guild: Do You Have a Bucket List for Quilts??
Greetings! I hope today finds you well, not too stressed about the holidays and ready to dream. I was recently going through a bunch of quilt magazines while I dog sat at my sisters and I was ...
glorificus 12/16/2012 43 16 - -
DK Quilt Guild: A New ADVENTURE!!
It's time to begin!! Since a couple of weeks ago, when the idea of doing 2 quilts was approved, thinking has happened. DK Quilt Guild: A place for quilters to gather, share ideas, projects, and ...
glorificus 09/02/2012 83 32 2 259
DK Quilt Guild: Now is YOUR Chance!!!
To be a part of History!!! To flaunt your skill and greatness!! To help create something that actually physically warms someone's body as well as their heart!! It's DK Quilt Guild Community Quilt ...
glorificus 08/12/2012 51 12 1 180
Monday Murder Mystery - Ghost Story
Ghost Story by Jim Butcher, 2011. ROC, 477 pages, hardcover Although you won't find the Dresden Files in the mystery section of the library or bookstore, this particular installment is all about ...
glorificus 07/30/2012 18 17 - 124
Monday Murder Mystery Lover's Puzzles
Mystery Lover's Puzzle Book by Linda K. Murdock, 2007. Bellwether Books, 128 pages, paperback This past week I finished re-reading the Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris and The Siege by Stephen ...
glorificus 04/09/2012 16 16 - 150
Monday Murder Mystery
Tonight's post will include much audience participation. Susan has been dealing with her very seriously ill husband, Ed. I'd like us to think of her. I have not had an update from her since very ...
glorificus 04/02/2012 52 11 - 148
ACTION ITEM - Susan from 29's husband UPDATED
Susan Kosmailed me at 2 a.m. this morning with this news: I just got to check my mail and found your post and then your diary. I am still in tears as I type this, tears of gratitude and comfort. ...
glorificus 03/31/2012 82 204 1 960
Monday Murder Mystery: Shakespeare's Landlord
Shakespeare's Landlord, by Charlaine Harris, 1996, A Dell Book, 245 pages, paperback Charlaine Harris is a Southerner, and proud of it. Before Sookie Stackhouse, Ms. Harris had amassed a ...
glorificus 03/26/2012 15 11 1 97
Monday Mystery Series: Carol O'Connell's Mallory
Just as San Francisco is essential to Armistead Maupin's Tales in the City books, New York City plays an integral part to the Mallory books. Detective Kathleen Mallory is one of New York's finest; ...
glorificus 03/12/2012 34 22 - 120
The Sky is Heavy; Good Thing We Have Strong Roots!
Recently I wrote a diary to highlight a trend I saw of women speaking out; the response to that was beyond my expectations, both in the comments made and the further writings I've seen since.
glorificus 03/02/2012 19 12 - 189
2012 = The Rise of the Kossack Women?
" I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore for I know too much to go back and pretend. " I believe I see a trend this year - women getting tired of the same old shit we have had to ...
glorificus 02/22/2012 128 159 2 862
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