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Big banks, payday lender fees scam
Of course the payday "banks" are villains in this story as usual but the vile too-big-to-fail banks show their depravity once again. Why the FUCK did they get saved? Ivy Brodsky, 37, thought she ...
gnostradamus 02/24/2013 10 4 - -
Democrats losing me with Lew for Treasury
This sickens me.... and reminds me that Democrats are part of the same scam crony system. It reminds me that very few if any wall street crooks have gone to jail after they crashed the world economy.
gnostradamus 02/23/2013 44 11 1 -
Reuters: "likely" nuclear test in North Korea 2 hours ago
Seismic activity has been detected in North Korea with an earthquake measuring 4.9 magnitude registered by the U.S. Geological Survey, in a move that South Korea said indicated that Pyongyang had ...
gnostradamus 02/11/2013 48 19 - -
NYT takedown of AKC details their depravity
The New York Times has an article up which sums up the depravity of puppy mill operators and their greedy organizational protector, the American Kennel Club. The abuses detailed in this article and ...
gnostradamus 02/11/2013 27 27 - -
Alex Jones needs to be challenged
Alex Jones is a provocateur of the most depraved variety, making money off the death of murdered babies, and needs to be called out. Relatively reasonable conservatives actually believe his crap so ...
gnostradamus 01/07/2013 9 1 - -
PPP: Colorado "set to legalize marijuana tomorrow"
With just hours before polling places open for Election Day, advocates for the legalization of marijuana in Colorado got some good news from Public Policy Polling about the popularity of Amendment 64,
gnostradamus 11/05/2012 24 20 - -
The Boy Wonder speaks! Ryan defends Florida preacher
It appears that Romney, via the boy wonder Ryan, are tripling down on their despicable political attacks after Americans were murdered in Libya, ostensibly by Al Qaeda according to news reports . ...
gnostradamus 09/12/2012 44 30 - 517
Whole foods bans unsustainable seafood
Whole foods rightly suffered boycotts and consumer bans on their business when their CEO opened his mouth and stuck his Randian-soiled foot in it. But now, credit where credit is due. Maybe Whole ...
gnostradamus 04/22/2012 13 29 1 175
How close it too close to live near airport?
Short diary. I apologize in advance. Many folks, especially those near major cities, are going to think I'm crazy for worrying about this.... We don't know who to ask, maybe EPA? We are thinking ...
gnostradamus 02/01/2012 16 - - 98
Hey Mr President: marijuana use increases lung function
I very infrequently partake anymore but I will always work against the forces of tyranny and oppression. There is no reason a free people can't use a God-given plant as harmless as marijuana, and ...
gnostradamus 01/10/2012 24 24 1 226
Mini Ice Age? No solar maximum in 2020?
I've been obsessively reading articles for weeks on this topic and I just don't know what to think. I 100% believe mankind contributes to global warming. I despise the deniers for being crass knee-...
gnostradamus 12/12/2011 34 8 - 220
Texas judge suspended over beating video
The right wing family law judge caught brutally beating his daughter (in wingnutistan, this is called "spanking") got thrown off the bench by the Texas Supreme Court, albeit temporarily, pending the ...
gnostradamus 11/23/2011 9 17 - 88
House of Reps to flank WH on China trade?
It seems that Republicans might be trying a flanking maneuver on Obama regarding China currency manipulation. As cynical a ploy this is, it might work since they think Obama will veto the bill, ...
gnostradamus 10/18/2011 5 2 - 74
Vile evangelical "christians" spank child to death
Please let me vent a bit here. If you must criticize my verbage below, feel free. I probably deserve it. I always remember the words of yoda at times like this (thanks Star Wars writers!) but I ...
gnostradamus 08/16/2011 48 39 1 488
Economists: Teabaggers have already sabotaged economy
We'll see in coming days the teabagger Republican Party declare victory for the "best deal" they could get from the democrats after democrats sign off on 1.5 trillion in cuts. This after democrats ...
gnostradamus 07/18/2011 5 14 - 166
Dem senators want bitcoin crackdown
What is bitcoin? An ingenious new electronic currency. I haven't used it before so consider me naive. My eyes started glazing over, just like in economics classes in college, when reading up on ...
gnostradamus 06/09/2011 49 8 - 227
Autism researchers: Chemicals can trigger autism (not vaccines)
**Vaccines do not cause autism** Let's get that out of the way. Here's hoping I don't get the hyperventilating in the comments but I am mentally prepared for it on this topic. This is just ...
gnostradamus 06/08/2011 90 4 - 231
Drug-resistant staph in 1/4 of US meat
Yes even the most die-hard meateater will take notice at that headline. It's no joke. If you're a meat-eater, bad karma was on your plate tonight. If you don't clean your kitchen right after ...
gnostradamus 04/15/2011 77 23 1 254
Bam! Federal agency recognizes pot for medical use
The National Cancer Institute has proclaimed marijuana to have medical uses. Why is this significant? Because for the government mules to be able to carry on the Holy Drug Inquisition, Schedule I ...
gnostradamus 03/27/2011 113 185 5 796
Noam Chomsky: "Democracy Uprising" beginning
Whatever you may think about Noam Chomsky, he is absolutely right in this interview with Democracy Now: America is no longer a democracy, not when corporations can simply buy politicians, buy most ...
gnostradamus 02/18/2011 48 47 1 344
Send Obama a (small) message: unsubscribe to email lists
Yes it might be petty and insignificant but Obama and the DC establishment cherishes their email list that got built up on their false promises of "hope." I can't remember how many times I heard ...
gnostradamus 12/07/2010 23 22 1 59
Most Gulf seafood near BP spill tainted, headed to market
Multiple independent scientists interviewed by Raw Story say that seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, in particular in the areas affected by the BP oil spill, is tainted and will cause health issues ...
gnostradamus 11/10/2010 29 33 1 77
yeson19 Cali pot legalization on the air with SJ police chief
The polls are back and forth on prop 19. The entrenched groups against basic civil liberties rights such as the for-profit prison industry have been gaining the upper hand per recent polls but this ...
gnostradamus 10/26/2010 13 6 - 62
Real-world Orwellian 1984: 11yo in NC turns in parents for pot
'You're a traitor!' yelled the boy. 'You're a thought-criminal! You're a Eurasian spy! I'll shoot you, I'll vaporize you, I'll send you to the salt mines!' Suddenly they were both ...
gnostradamus 10/18/2010 135 22 1 145
Study: Decriminalization of drugs lowered usage in Portugal
To all the anti-constitutional, status quo-loving politicians from both parties who cower from police state brutes, your arguments stink ...
gnostradamus 09/27/2010 29 22 - 46
Blatant oil industry bribery in California over plastic bag law
Americans are disgusted with incumbents from both political parties because any basic principle of fairness is violated by corporate behemoths who can buy whatever decision they want in America.
gnostradamus 08/26/2010 7 6 - 39
Legalize narcotics: Former Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox
"There are powerful interests in Mexico who benefit from the drug trade and the $40 billion, or whatever it is, that is pumped into the Mexican economy," Stewart said. "You're talking ...
gnostradamus 08/12/2010 36 20 1 73
Blue Dog health care lies exposed
The Blue Dog health care mandate has been exposed for what it is, a tax on the middle class, by none other than the Obama administration as it defends the law in court, see below fold evidence. ...
gnostradamus 07/18/2010 21 5 - 14
US troops abandoning GOP
Sorry for the quick diary but I have to put Jr. to bed. It appears that the traitorous rhetoric coming from the GOP and their activist teabaggers is alienating a large percentage of military members.
gnostradamus 04/12/2010 58 35 - 139
My message to Barack Obama: It's the freedom, stupid.
There is a movement in the left blogosphere that has gotten stepped on by the Obama administration and Washington DC Democrats: the liberal civil libertarians and people in general who support the ...
gnostradamus 04/09/2010 84 5 - 16
BCBS relents and covers newborn w/ "pre-existing condition"
The scumbag executives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas have relented but only because of the new health care law: The Tracys said insurance agents assured them they could buy health ...
gnostradamus 04/02/2010 9 25 - 107
Texas newborn denied coverage for "pre-existing condition"
The monsters that are the American health insurance industry have hit a new low: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas has denied coverage to a newborn child citing pre-existing condition. If you're ...
gnostradamus 03/26/2010 95 104 1 171
Dick Cheney: Torture domestic terrorists, send to Guantanamo
Dick Cheney, the noted terrorist hunter, has decided that the US government can no longer be utter hypocrites about domestic terrorism and needs to pre-emptively capture, torture, and imprison ...
gnostradamus 02/24/2010 14 4 - 10
DEA ignores Obama, busts med. pot grower, DOJ complaint filed
The DEA in Colorado has gone rogue. The leader of the rogue DEA division, Denver DEA Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey Sweetin, ordered a home ...
gnostradamus 02/15/2010 19 31 - 371
DEA arrests legitimate medical marijuana grower, ignores Obama
Maybe the DEA is doing this because they can't stand that medical marijuana laws are spreading to other states besides California or maybe it's because they just can't stand that their power is ...
gnostradamus 02/14/2010 32 4 - 26
China to sell off US municipal and corporate bonds
This is disturbing news. A Communist Party directive leaked to the Chinese-language edition of the Asia Times said dollar reserves should be limited to US Treasuries or agency ...
gnostradamus 02/11/2010 174 13 - 29
How ironic. Scared Vatican criticizes Avatar movie.
(Partial spoiler alert. I was careful not to reveal too much though.) When will the Vatican and conservatives in general learn that their criticism of movies only adds to their appeal? They'...
gnostradamus 01/13/2010 130 8 - 98
Evangelical civil war re-ignites over Uganda
Despite what anyone thinks about Christianity or religion in general, progressives everywhere can and should support the message of the growing "progressive evangelism" movement. While I may not ...
gnostradamus 01/10/2010 35 8 - 94
Scientists use bacteria to turn CO2 into fuel
Here's a scientific layman's interpretation of some very promising-sounding biotechnology: we can soon hook up biotech devices to power plants that will convert CO2 into liquid fuel that can be ...
gnostradamus 12/14/2009 40 26 - 31
Insurance report: $28 trillion of global warming damage by 2050
The World Wildlife Foundation is again reporting that "the world's diverse regions and ecosystems are close to temperature thresholds -- or "tipping points." The Associated Press is reporting that ...
gnostradamus 11/23/2009 77 18 - 65
Lay ministers charged with sex crimes against children
It's getting harder and harder for religious extremists in America to point fingers about pedophilia. They try to point fingers to deflect attention from the real cause of such criminals. The ...
gnostradamus 11/11/2009 54 10 - 48
Rogue GWB USattorney: continue raids on California pot clinics
George W. Bush appointee Joseph Russionello is ignoring Attorney General Eric Holder's memorandum on raiding marijuana dispensaries and continuing the harassment and raids. Polls show that older,
gnostradamus 11/03/2009 55 36 - 66
Nobel economist says economy "nowhere near" recovery
Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz supports realists who argue for more stimulus. His argument gets an able assist from most other economists. Nobel Prize-winning ...
gnostradamus 11/01/2009 74 22 - 22
Repubs secede from themselves: Newt v. Armey smackdown!
The war for the heart of the Republican Party has been waging for years, decades even, but particularly now as they implode in a racist orgy that pits southern fundamentalists against shocked ...
gnostradamus 10/19/2009 15 13 - 50
It appears that I have to disagree with most progressives on Afghanistan. I support Obama's objective to deny a safe haven to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Doing so will impede their ability to fund ...
gnostradamus 10/13/2009 42 1 1 19
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