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Advanced Training Institute International
Heart and soul of the Duggars and their ilk. Centered around the last verse in the malevolent book of Malachi: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/28/2015 1
The Thundering Failure of the Democrats
I'm a Tom Joad democrat, a prison reform democrat, an anti-poverty democrat and a pro-justice democrat - so the party left me a long time ago...and they never looked back as they went chasing after ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 05/28/2015 17
Why Can't I Be Free of the Kochs?
Back last year, 2 April 2014 to be exact, Charlie Koch, because of his billions of dollars, got to run a big long editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which also launched Koch Industries never-...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/27/2015 10
HELP!! My Computer Is Bleating Koch Propaganda at Me!
OK. It's not a bleat. It's an authoritatively deep male voice. And, it scared the crap out of me because I hadn't had any coffee yet and I was not ready for THE KOCHS . It happened on Salon's site ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/27/2015 13
Raiding Medicare to Pay for TPP
Medicare means many things to many people. To seniors, it's a program providing good, low-cost healthcare at a stage in life when it's most needed. To Congress, it's beginning to look more like a ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/25/2015 12
The Hysterical Shootings of Two Black INNOCENTS
INNOCENTS! Not "suspects" . I'm getting tired of the meaningless use of the word "suspects" in national media. Suspects get arrested and tried in a court by a jury of their peers. "Suspects" get ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/24/2015 8
When Hippies Roamed the Earth
Tears well as a tsunami of emotion rises in me threatening to break through my skin and fill the world. All it takes is a song, a word, a memory - and I rumble like an earthquake down where the deep ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 05/24/2015 275
Stalking Songs
Jaysus Kerist! Sting! Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I'll be watching you Every single day And every word you say Every game you play Every ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/21/2015 34
Legalized Rape in Chechnya
MOSCOW — Ramzan A. Kadyrov, the pugnacious president of the southern Republic of Chechnya and a close ally of President Vladimir V. Putin, finally had enough Wednesday of social media users’ ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/21/2015 14
Free Trade Is Not the Enemy
So says William M. Daley (one of the Chicago Daleys). Daley starts out by saying: IN 1993, President Bill Clinton tapped me as special counsel to lead the fight to pass the North American Free Trade ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/19/2015 15
Knowing what we've known all along...
Would you lie the country into war? Order people tortured to death? Start wars while cutting taxes to the shamefully rich? Continue to trash the planet and fuck over its people? Push policies based ...
One Pissed Off Liberal 05/19/2015 112
Beauteous Maidens
The mainstay of fairy tales and most romances, feminine beauty in this sort of literature is usually raised to incredible (and incredulous) heights as synonymous with virtue, goodness and truth. In,
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/18/2015 3

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