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Good sign for Dems...Barone predicts Repub Wave
Though many Republican pundits got the 2012 results wrong, it's possible that the winner of the "Most Wrong" award was Michael Barone. His prediction that Romney would win 315 electoral votes may ...
gpk3 10/02/2014 7 3 - -
Will be in Brazil on Election Day
Not really a diary...sorry. I have known about an upcoming business trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil for many months and I knew that it would cover "election week", but I think it is only hitting me now ...
gpk3 11/02/2012 10 - - -
Just got a Romney Chicago!
This is more astonished venting than diary, but I just received a breathless Romney robocall from a (202) area code to my home outside Chicago. This is as blue an area as you can find, and we are a ...
gpk3 10/01/2012 14 3 - 139
Attack Ad That Is Killing Mitt Romney In Ohio
This is the headline of a story in BusinessInsider that caught my eye. I hadn't seen this ad before but I agree that it's one of the best I've seen from Priorities USA Action. I think it's also ...
gpk3 10/01/2012 20 36 1 495
Is Mitt Romney becoming George Costanza?
In today's New York Times , there is an article comparing the debate prep being done by Romney and Obama. Below is the paragraph that reminds me of the Seinfeld episode (called "The Comeback") where ...
gpk3 09/29/2012 24 17 1 289
Idea for an ad
Romney is doubling down on his Bain experience. It feels an awful lot like 2000 when we heard nothing but how much "real world" experience Dubya had in the oil industry. We all know how that went. ...
gpk3 08/31/2012 4 - - 22
RNC's Self-Inflicted Wound
The RNC continues to make the argument that President Obama will do and say anything to get elected. They have chosen to highlight Stephanie Cutter's (accurate) comments about Romney's time at Bain ...
gpk3 08/21/2012 4 2 - 52
Is "Wonk" the new "Maverick"?
In the week since Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate, the word "wonk" has been liberally used to describe both Ryan and, to a lesser extent, Romney. Ryan is favorably described as "...
gpk3 08/19/2012 8 3 - 48
Swifter Boater -> Birther
It's not terribly surprising, but Larry Bailey, the power and money behind the OPSEC "Swift Boating" of Obama, has come out as a birther. An article in Foreign Policy lays it all out: "I have to ...
gpk3 08/17/2012 17 12 - 133
Palin's elite spending habits
Politico is reporting on Sarah's fine taste in clothes. Let's get this out there especially when she decides to take on the elites ...
gpk3 10/21/2008 13 4 - -
Revoked by FreeRepublic
A brief note to say that I signed on to FreeRepublic in order to respond to the ridiculous claims being made by their "FReepers". I was given a login and was allowed to respond. Rather than go after ...
gpk3 10/19/2008 46 3 - 2
Highway to the Danger Zone
I was listening to NPR this morning and they were reporting on the McSame rally in Ohio yesterday. The music that was playing at the rally was Kenny Loggins' Highway to the Danger Zone . ...
gpk3 10/09/2008 4 1 - -
Playing the Expectations Game with POLL
I know that this has been said before and maybe I'm just worried more than I should be, but it seems to me that we are all falling into the trap of lowering the expectations so much for Sarah Palin ...
gpk3 09/28/2008 2 1 1 -
Even the AP is snarking
I know it's just a small thing, but listen to the tone of this first paragraph from an AP story:
gpk3 09/23/2008 27 15 - -
19% Approval Rating?
The ARG has released a poll indicating that George W. Bush's overall job approval has matched its low in American Research Group ...
gpk3 09/22/2008 15 14 - 16
McCain's Plan for Healthcare...Make it like Banking (updated)
New York Times is reporting on John McCain's ideas about what should be done with the health care system:
gpk3 09/19/2008 23 21 1 -
Character and Honor
Andrew Sullivan nails it on the head with this amazing rebuke of John McCain. This should be sent to ...
gpk3 09/10/2008 9 4 - 5
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