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Obamacare: How To Sign Up Today
Sign up for Obamacare the simple way and get health insurance today by avoiding the Healthcare.Gov website. Three Easy Steps. Step One Calculate your subsidy here:
grahamlester 11/13/2013 10 3 2 -
You Might Be a Romney Voter . . .
If you consider yourself a people person, and almost all of those people are corporations, then you might be a Romney voter. If you think we need better science education, but you do not want it to ...
grahamlester 10/04/2012 4 11 - 70
How will Obama pay for it all?
Barack Obama is pretty much bound to win the Democratic nomination at this point. There is nothing that Hillary can do about that. Her only chance is to win the popular vote and then appeal to the ...
grahamlester 03/08/2008 20 2 - 13
Obama campaign goes negative - but why now?
I find it both dumb and inexplicable that the Obama campaign continues to circulate the blatantly inaccurate anti-Hillary healthcare flier. Obama has three main things going for him: he gives great ...
grahamlester 03/01/2008 103 2 - 7
John Kerry for Vice President: 10 Reasons
If Obama wins the nomination, which seems probable at this point, I think that John Kerry would be the perfect running mate.
grahamlester 02/23/2008 59 4 - 5
Good news from Super Tuesday: torture will be outlawed
In all the excitement over Super Tuesday, one crucial development should not be overlooked: the crushing defeat of Mitt Romney in California, coupled with the withdrawal of Rudy Guliani from the ...
grahamlester 02/06/2008 4 3 - -
Hillary’s 35 Years: Truth or Lie?
Nick Kristof of the New York Times recently described Hillary Clinton’s claim to 35 years of experience as “ spurious .
grahamlester 01/26/2008 12 1 - -
The Clinton-Obama ticket: she’d be a fool not to offer and he’d be a fool to refuse
Barack Obama will probably win South Carolina, but it won’t give him enough momentum to defeat Hillary on Super Duper Tuesday. Hillary can win the election no matter whom she picks as her ...
grahamlester 01/22/2008 138 3 - 41
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