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Oh, Oklahoma you noticed!
I don't write very many diaries on here. I can count them on one hand. Oklahoma is not the liberal belt buckle of this nation to say the least. I had to write this one. I was sent this little PDF ...
grandma blue 09/22/2013 7 17 - -
Oklahoma is a Culture of Death State
I sit here at this computer wishing I had the right words to tell the rest of America what it is like to live in a Republican state. What comes to mind is right to work for low wages, federal, state,
grandma blue 11/20/2012 25 35 - -
OWS, marching today,please remember Jeremy
Jeremy was the father to three girls. He was 36 at the time of his death. He had a heart problem and needed a valve replacement. As with all care for those who are unemployed, without health ...
grandma blue 10/26/2011 3 4 - 42
So how depressed are you?/Update x 2
It is to the point where, I do not want to watch the news or read the paper. I think I may be joining the ranks of the whining babies, I have seen mentioned on here. I am close to that point. I care ...
grandma blue 08/15/2011 156 240 4 1364
What the hay? OK, Tea Party, John Birch and Oath Keepers?
Living the rural life in Oklahoma and being a liberal has it's hardships. It has just gone from a little crazy, to full blown insane. I have for a few years worked on a animal use and ownership ...
grandma blue 07/03/2011 39 24 - 137
Oklahoma moves to stop proper nutrition for infants!
This morning while checking my e-mail I noticed one from a list I belong to in Oklahoma where we at times have heated political discussions. Seeing this post was from a republican of course I opened ...
grandma blue 04/27/2011 8 15 - 77
The fear that grips, mind control
In a past diary I wrote about Oklahoma state question 755. Well it passed and I am expecting deportation off all Muslims in Oklahoma soon. Just kidding about that, however I wonder what is behind ...
grandma blue 11/04/2010 4 5 - 87
Sharia law in Oklahoma
Sitting on my small farm in Oklahoma, the realization Oklahoma must defend it's self from sharia law has come to my attention. Yes, that is what I said, seems state question 755 up for a vote is ...
grandma blue 10/06/2010 204 300 1 116
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