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donate to Michael Brown Seniors church
If you haven't heard it has just been burnt down. The story is here And the website for the ...
grazorblade 11/25/2014 11 2 - -
Raise the minimum wage in lexington Ky
My wife is trying to start a campaign to raise the minimum wage in Lexington Ky. The mayor is a democrat and since it won't happen for at least 2 years at the national level we need to move at the ...
grazorblade 11/06/2014 1 1 - -
RIP Gough Whitlam
I don't normally get emotional about the death of public figures. I admire people who feel enough empathy for people they have never met other than through a television screen to grieve their passing.
grazorblade 10/21/2014 7 12 - -
Handbook on what the Bible says about the poor and inequality
Ben Carson's recent comments have gotten a lot of press recently. If you missed them he basically claimed that God told him that America should have a flat tax and that poor people are not being ...
grazorblade 05/30/2014 17 20 2 -
Time for a new goodwins law: confronting the myth of the welfare warewolf
You've heard it before right? If we keep on "feeding the beast" (as Reagan would put it) and helping poor people, the Government will suddenly transform like a warewolf into a socialist dictatorship.
grazorblade 11/20/2012 15 6 1 -
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