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End poverty in the US--$100 billion gap
Poverty in the US is a continuing problem. In 2013 45.3 million Americans were living in poverty, 14.5% of the total population. It turns out that the scope of the problem is roughly $100 billion ...
greenkrete 01/18/2015 5 2 - -
Antidote for Walmart-itis. The Vertically-Integrated Community
A vertically-integrated community can meld community businesses, infrastructure, education, care, and other resources to provide decent wages and benefits. Can this serve as antidote to Walmart-itis?
greenkrete 05/25/2014 24 28 2 -
Kos scoops Google News--Congrats!
Congrats DailyKos! Once again, you've scooped all the major internet outlets!
greenkrete 04/19/2013 28 29 - -
Know Your 10 Commandments--Memory Aids
gf120581 's hilarious diary recounted how 'Defender of the 10 Commandments' Georgia Senator Lynn Westmoreland (R) was stumped when Colbert asked what they were. Stumped! "What are all of them? You ...
greenkrete 02/13/2013 10 7 - -
Breaking: States with Democratic Govs had 15% better unemployment numbers than states with GOP Govs
Virginia Governor McDonnell's claims that GOP Governors are driving the improving economy are wrong. Check it yourself! States with Democratic Governors for the week ending January 28th had 15% ...
greenkrete 02/15/2012 68 161 9 1092
Building Better Trucks
Today trucks carry 70% of US commercial freight. [1] The future of trucks and trucking matters to all of us. [4] Many existing technologies could benefit both the US trucking industry and the ...
greenkrete 09/26/2011 12 5 - 50
300,000 New Jobs; Save $2 Trillion; Total Cost to Gov $0
The Opportunity A well-crafted rescue program could save US homeowners $2 trillion dollars over a decade. This proposed program averts a growing housing crisis, creates 300,000 ...
greenkrete 08/29/2011 28 32 1 307
A Perfect Military Intervention for the Aghanistan war
A proven and humane technology could end violence in the Afghanistan conflict within a few months.
greenkrete 12/11/2009 31 2 - 57
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