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Senator McCain Makes Secret Visit to the Monroe Republic
At an impromptu news conference today, Senator John McCain revealed that he had just returned from the Monroe Republic where he met with a prominent rebel leader. I had several fruitful discussions ...
greggp 06/01/2013 10 6 - -
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Official Photo 2013
So, a rather right-wing friend and bassist shared this photo with me on Facebook. I don't think he realized how dangerous that was. I immediately recognized it as Joe Arpaio's official 2013 photo.
greggp 04/02/2013 11 26 - -
Vatican Adopts Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy
I think it's pretty clear now that the Vatican has studied the marketing strategies of the Coca-Cola company in order to accomplish the Pope changeover. I think the Vatican has learned from the Coca-
greggp 03/27/2013 7 3 - -
BBC's "Top Gear" Endorses Mitt Romney
I know it's a little late, but it appears to me that on its latest program, the BBC's "Top Gear," and specifically Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, have given their endorsement to Mitt Romney's ...
greggp 02/25/2013 24 3 - -
School shooting in Taft, CA isn't news
I was just watching msnbc on justin, and the streamer switched over to Fox News, which was reporting a school shooting at a high school in Taft, CA. Then the stream switched back to msnbc, and I ...
greggp 01/10/2013 8 3 - -
I hate it when they whisper.
This is a diary for me to complain about something that's bothered me for a long time. I really hate it when white people think I'm "one of them" and they begin to whisper about whatever racist ...
greggp 12/31/2012 13 11 - -
I just realized I starred in a racist school program 50 years ago
I'm writing this on the anniversary of my mother's birth. She would have been 88 today. She was an elementary school teacher, and that connection prompted me to write this story. I've been going ...
greggp 12/08/2012 103 192 2 -
Moving on: first attempt at Medicare4All bumpersticker
Tuesday was great, especially the part when the right wing world began to turn inside out. I think that's an opportunity to get started on moving forward while they're still in shock.
greggp 11/08/2012 2 2 - -
Binders? Does Mitt Own a Strip Club?
I'm asking because I've seen "binders full of women" on two occasions. The first time was about 25 years ago, when I was playing in a band (I still do). We booked a gig in a new club in town, ...
greggp 10/16/2012 17 2 - -
DKOS Diaries for Dummies
I'm sure that this has been posted in a similar manner in the past, but I think it might bear repeating now that the election silly season is passing and everyone is getting "serious" (national ...
greggp 08/27/2012 5 6 2 93
Roger Hedgecock's Disciplinary Action by the California Bar
I was just cleaning out my files, and I came across my hard copy of the disciplinary action by the California Bar against right-wing radio personality and former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock by ...
greggp 08/26/2012 3 7 - 92
How many times can Paul Ryan be Eviscerated in One Day?
I'm just asking, because I notice that at last count on the Rec List, it must be three.
greggp 08/11/2012 136 135 - 1559
JP Morgan buys NYPD for $4.6 million
This just in from the New York City Police Foundation website: JPMorgan Chase recently donated an ...
greggp 10/02/2011 10 23 - 126
CA-Sen Carly Fiorina Hospitalized
I was just listening to KNX Radio as I drove home today, and the top story concerns Carly Fiorina ...
greggp 10/26/2010 68 16 - 59
I bet on President Pelosi
It has been enjoyable to read these "what if" fantasies, but let's get serious. I bet on President Pelosi.
greggp 10/14/2009 12 6 - 32
Happy Birthday BUDDY RICH!
The day is finally here. I've been doing this series for some time now, and I've featured some of the most influential drummers of the 20th century. This is the day that I know the drummers have ...
greggp 09/30/2009 17 12 1 73
The Weirdest Night of My Life
People I know who’ve heard this story have told me that I should write about it. Lately, I came to think that maybe I should, since this is the 27th anniversary of the day it happened. This ...
greggp 09/29/2009 31 33 1 383
Fred Phelps Wins One for the First Amendment
Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit struck a blow for Free Speech in deciding that Fred Phelps, some members of his family, and the Westboro Baptist Church are not liable for $5 ...
greggp 09/24/2009 56 14 - 59
The GOP Has Become the Silly Party
I would say that my favorite Monty Python sketch of all time would have to be "Election Night Special," and I have always felt that it captured the essence of vapid "up to the minute" election ...
greggp 09/19/2009 5 6 - 109
Hello Neocon Pot, Meet Kettle
At my office in San Diego, we have a print subscription to the local business/legal newspaper, The Daily Transcript . I usually scan the classifieds for the Notices of ...
greggp 09/17/2009 2 2 - 62
Happy Birthday Elvin Jones
I can't believe that I almost missed this day, because it's ELVIN'S birthday. Elvin Jones would have been 82 today. I mention that I can't believe it, because Elvin is probably my first real brush ...
greggp 09/09/2009 16 16 - 5
Happy Birthday Ginger Baker
Today we celebrate one of the most influential rock drummers who never wanted to be a rock drummer and doesn't think he is rock drummer, Ginger Baker, who turns 70 today.
greggp 08/19/2009 19 14 - 42
Happy Birthday Joe Morello
I’ve been waiting for this day for some time, because today we get to celebrate the birthday of a big drumming influence for a lot of drummers who grew up in the 1960s, Joe Morello, born on ...
greggp 07/17/2009 13 5 - 119
Happy Birthday Jim Gordon
Today's entry in the series on influential drummers is a rather tragic one, and it definitely features a drummer that many of you will not know by name. But I assure you that you have heard Jim ...
greggp 07/14/2009 28 24 3 314
Happy Birthday Bob Crane
This is the latest in the series on influential drummers, and today's entry may seem a little odd. But, Bob Crane was a drummer, and I think he had an influence on a lot of impressionable Baby ...
greggp 07/13/2009 54 8 - 67
Happy Birthday RINGO
Yesterday I said that there’d be another entry, and it would be BIG. Don't anyone say "Ringo who?" Ringo Starr is 69 today. I will state for the record right now, that I am one of those ...
greggp 07/07/2009 33 16 - 113
Happy Birthday Louie Bellson
Today in the famous and influential drummers’ birthdays series we salute Louis (Louie) Bellson, born on this day in 1924. In my experience, when it comes to famous jazz drummers, most non-...
greggp 07/06/2009 30 20 1 46
RIP Jim Chapin
This really sucks, that is, having to break my rule about drummer birthdays rather than deaths, but I had to do it this time. Jim Chapin was on my list, and I was going to do a diary about him on ...
greggp 07/05/2009 24 25 - 1603
Happy Birthday Ian Paice
This is the latest in my series on some of the influential drummers in modern western music. Today it's Ian Paice, the original drummer for Deep Purple. Now I'm sure some of you would say "who"? ...
greggp 06/29/2009 11 5 - 36
R.I.P. Chick Webb - 6/16/39
I know I said I wasn't going to do this as part of my drummer series, but there is some controversy as to the exact date of Chick Webb's birth. Also, it was some time in February, and I just don't ...
greggp 06/16/2009 40 45 3 257
6/5/1956: The beginning of the end of Western Civilization
Yes, 53 years ago today, civilization as we knew it embarked on an immutable downward slide. What, you may ask, could it have been? Did it rain frogs? Did cats lie down with dogs? Did some girl ...
greggp 06/05/2009 34 18 - 37
Happy Birthday Charlie Watts (Chawlie)!
This is the second in my series of diaries about some of the influential drummers of the modern jazz and rock 'n' roll era, which will appear on the anniversary of their births. You may have seen ...
greggp 06/02/2009 31 24 1 277
Happy Birthday John Bonham
John Bonham, drummer for Led Zeppelin, would have been 61 today. Unfortunately he had an untimely death on September 25, 1980. It is said that his death precipitated the end of the band. I tend ...
greggp 05/31/2009 12 6 3 229
Please Join the Democrat Socialist Party
I invite you to join the Democrat Socialist Party (DSP). It is particularly important that you join today, so that your voice can be lent to our struggle to confront the impending defamation of our ...
greggp 05/20/2009 20 5 - 1
My Stem-Cell Miracle Woozle Has a Hit Record!
This is a diary I've been wanting to post for quite a while. I think it's time, now that Bebe's record has rocketed up the charts.
greggp 05/19/2009 16 18 - 69
Is anyone else creeped out by "Kings"?
This is a short diary, but I just have to say something about this new TV show on NBC about some mythical king of the United States. I haven't watched it, but each time I tune in NBC on my over-the-...
greggp 03/20/2009 165 9 - 89
Florida GOP refuses to seat elected delegate.
If the GOP thinks it's going to be reviving itself, I don't see how it can afford to turn away those who want to participate. Yet, Derek Black,
greggp 12/03/2008 39 10 3 42
BREAKING: Treasury To Buy 8-Track Tape Players.
Last night, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) will purchase all of the unredeemed 8-track tape players on the shelves of the nation's pawn shops, in ...
greggp 12/02/2008 45 33 - 32
Bush WILL Pardon Them.
Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that President Bush does not plan to issue sweeping pardons to those people in the ...
greggp 11/30/2008 50 7 - 33
BREAKING: Al Qaeda To Apply For Bailout.
Citing the recent drop in the price of crude oil, its resulting impact on revenue to the Bin Laden family, and the general reversal of fortunes of the organization relative to the United States ...
greggp 11/24/2008 213 411 16 82
Maybe Chairman Lieberman Is Not A Disaster
In the last couple of days, the Daily Kos seems to have gone through at least 4 stages of grief over Joe Lieberman being allowed to keep his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental ...
greggp 11/19/2008 16 5 - 23
BREAKING: Oil Below $60; Exxon-Mobil Seeks Bailout
Oil fell to below $60 a barrel today and below $59 in after hours trading, sending shockwaves throughout an industry that has seen its returns ...
greggp 11/11/2008 50 31 - 31
Did San Diego County Turn Blue in 2008?
There have been stories lately in the local press about the increase in Democratic registrations this year. Around October 10, the talk was that the Republican majority was "in danger," with over 40,
greggp 11/03/2008 14 7 - 9
Nailin' Palin Part II: Sarah and Joe the Plumber
Do I really have to say much more? Well, for one thing, perhaps Larry Flynt "jumped the gun" (tee hee). But of course, just when you think things can't get weirder over in McCain-Palin Land they do,
greggp 10/16/2008 10 2 - 15
9/25/80 RIP John Henry Bonham
I am frankly surprised that no one else has diaried this today. I think that after today, I need a little diversion, sad as it may be. On September 25, 1980, John Henry Bonham, drummer for the ...
greggp 09/25/2008 22 8 - 33
No Flipping Over the Monopoly Board.
I'm pretty upset about this talk of bailout for a very selfish reason. I have been planning for, and waiting for a financial meltdown, and I expected to benefit greatly by it. That's the nature of ...
greggp 09/24/2008 17 - - 8
Read it if you vote for it!
It's easy to be overwhelmed by the financial mess and simply shut down, but of course, that's what "they" want, isn't it? Yet it's also hard to go forward and support or oppose any particular plan ...
greggp 09/23/2008 2 - - 2
Happy Birthday Rudy Giuliani
It's September 11, Rudy Giuliani's birthday. He's 7 today. I know what you're thinking; you're sure this can't be true. He ran for President, and he'd have to be 35 to do that. Also, all the "...
greggp 09/11/2008 15 2 - -
What does a McCain yard sign look like?
I'm serious. I have a general idea of the McCain logo on websites and on the video I've seen, but I really have not seen a McCain yard sign in a yard. I think it's pretty weird, because I'm in San ...
greggp 09/06/2008 62 14 - 24
Where does John McCain go for spending money?
Yesterday, I posed this riddle as a comment, and the response was quite positive. It was suggested that it get greater exposure, and so I am making it a diary. This was going to be a short diary, ...
greggp 08/28/2008 3 1 - -
I've been following the Democratic convention as much as I can, and I think I have a different perspective on the speeches I've heard, because I listened to them on the radio. Michelle Obama, Ted ...
greggp 08/26/2008 2 3 1 -
Karl Rove = Benedict Arnold
Congress must act now. Think Progress reports that Karl Rove has left the country just before he was scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.
greggp 07/10/2008 8 4 - 4
Help John McCain: Send him an SF-180
So, even though the press has said that John McCain has "released his military records" it is pretty clear that 19 pages of dog and pony show material probably does not comprise the actual records ...
greggp 07/02/2008 3 4 - 7
My latest FISA letter to Senator Feinstein
Cross posted at Calitics . Here is the text of my latest letter to Senator Feinstein on FISA and telecom immunity. It appears that we ...
greggp 06/29/2008 16 7 2 -
Blackwater argues in favor of Shari'a law
This is one of those stories that just seem to get weirder and weirder as you get into them. Basically, it goes like this: a Blackwater subsidiary, Presidential Airways is being sued by the ...
greggp 06/19/2008 5 5 - 9
The Newt & Whomever show
I have been thinking about this for some time regarding a Meet the Press appearance by Newt Gingrich from December 17, 2006. At the time, I was paying only mild attention, as I was busy grading ...
greggp 06/16/2008 2 - - -
CA-37 Laura Richardson's Troubles Continue
Cross-Posted at So the Daily Breeze (covering the Torrance-LAX-Long Beach area) has an update on the Laura Richardson foreclosure ...
greggp 06/10/2008 11 5 - 18
San Diego Channel 10 (and 7/39) Bias is Showing Tonight
This is a short diary. I tuned in to see the results of the local races here in San Diego. In case you didn't know, today was California's SECOND primary election (even though we could have gotten ...
greggp 06/03/2008 11 3 - 2
CA-37: Richardson's troubles going national
Today TPM Muckraker ...
greggp 05/28/2008 21 5 - 5
CA Clinton Superdelagate facing foreclosures.
This is a very interesting story. One of Hillary Clinton's Congressional superdelagates has had one house foreclosed, and is facing foreclosure on two more.
greggp 05/24/2008 22 6 - 1
San Diego mayoral candidate runs against GWB
Crossposted at So today, I received the latest volley of Steve Francis mailers (it's been an average of two a day for ...
greggp 05/21/2008 8 1 - 1
Ann Coulter in Hustler Magazine - With Me
Yes, and now, all of those questions you've had about her will finally be answered. No, not that. The current issue of Hustler Magazine has an article entitled "Is Ann Coulter a Felon?" ...
greggp 02/24/2008 16 11 - 3
Ray Hunt - No Border Fence on HIS Property
So we're going ahead and building a giant steel and concrete monstrosity on the Texas border. So what if it's ugly, imposing, and would remind anyone with half a brain of the Berlin Wall. It'll ...
greggp 02/19/2008 7 12 - 31
An Unpleasant, Uneasy Comparison.
I try to stay from the horse-race stuff, but when I heard about Senator Clinton on the Today show, I felt as if I had heard the same words before, almost verbatim. Here’s President Bush ...
greggp 01/25/2008 6 3 - -
Sen. Feinstein Responds re Telco Immunity.
If you're like me, you were upset about the thought that the Congress would give telecom companies immunity for participating in a warrantless wiretapping program set up by the Bush Administration. ...
greggp 01/22/2008 42 39 2 16
Telecoms cut off FBI for unpaid wiretap bill
This just in from Bloomberg: Phone companies disconnected some of the FBI's eavesdropping operations because the government failed to pay bills on time, a Justice Department audit ...
greggp 01/10/2008 20 14 - 7
Progressive radio back in San Diego, sort of.
I was busy yesterday morning enjoying the sunny day before the rainstorms hit (they're here now - so the hillsides that burned last October will now wash away), so I didn't check my email. This ...
greggp 01/05/2008 8 2 - 9
I think I've had enough of the Huffing Post
As long as it features blather from the likes of Laurie David. This is the third crazy ...
greggp 12/27/2007 70 23 - 12
An 8-year investment plan
I've been pretty lucky the past couple of years. We're completely out of unsecured hig-interest debt, and we've got some decent safe investments. However, I've been thinking that it would be nice ...
greggp 12/19/2007 9 2 - -
Negligent Torture: a new cause of action?
I’m not going to link you to an endless series of clips from various Administration apparatchiks, toadies, and water carriers, about how waterboarding is not torture if it’s done ...
greggp 12/13/2007 12 13 - 152
The ultimate attack ad
It's getting pretty rough out there. ((youtube 7M-cmNdiFuI)) I have had my doubts about Kant myself, and wonder if he will play that well on Super Dooper Tuesday.
greggp 12/12/2007 5 5 - 28
What Really Happened to Coranth Gryphon
I know that this topic may be a little esoteric, but I have a feeling that some people on Kos are both tech-savvy, and somewhat interested in role-playing games. If so, this may be of interest to ...
greggp 12/09/2007 1 2 - 33
Ann Coulter may finally have gotten off scot-free
From the Brad Blog. The Florida Election Commission has decided that the statute of limitations has run on Ann Coulter's alleged perjury and ...
greggp 12/08/2007 24 5 - 5
San Diego Migrant Fire Victim Potest Ignored
Hello everyone, On Sunday, as planned, there was a protest held in front of the Federal Building in San Diego to bring to light the indifference the local "relief" agencies had shown to the ...
greggp 10/30/2007 5 14 1 1
Invisible Fire Victims Update and Call to Action
Hi everyone, I'm sorry I couldn't post sooner, but I've been taking care of some business. This will have to be brief, because I have a gig tonight. First, let me tell you that there is a ...
greggp 10/27/2007 3 14 - 11
Helping The Invisible San Diego Fire Victims
I feel very lucky. I live in the older part of San Diego. Except for the smoke, we have been largely unaffected by the fires. I've had a little time to donate my time, and in doing so, I came ...
greggp 10/25/2007 18 25 - 204
Larry Craig: Could It Be The Money?
Like a lot of people, I’ve been wondering why Larry Craig would be staying on in the Senate. I have to think that once his arrest came out, his chances of landing a cushy lobbying job with ...
greggp 10/18/2007 14 11 1 1
KLSD Going to Sports Format
I woke up this morning and turned on my radio to its regular setting, KLSD, the Air America and NOVA affiliate in San Diego. Today the mood was a bit somber on the Stacy Taylor Show. It appears ...
greggp 10/15/2007 8 7 - -
Before we beatify Mayor Jerry Sanders please read
I have been reading a few of the diaries about the change of heart that Mayor Jerry Sanders has had about gay marriage. I want to say that I appreciate the gesture he has made. However, lest ...
greggp 09/20/2007 12 6 1 161
Drug Kingpin Arellano-Felix Pleads Guilty
This is big news around San Diego, and it may have national implications. Francisco Arellano-Felix pleaded guilty in federal court just a little while ago. In exchange (so far as is known), ...
greggp 09/17/2007 8 4 - 2
What will Larry Craig do now? Simple - testimonials!
What does a former U.S. Senator do when he's no longer a Senator, and a lobbying career is probably out of the question? He can sell drugs: "Hello friends. I'm former Senator, and Restless Leg ...
greggp 08/30/2007 10 4 - -
KLSD: $10,000 more per day needed.
So I went to the save KLSD rally this morning. It was gratifying to see so many committed people trying to let Clear Channel know how they felt. It was good to hear Bree Walker and my friend ...
greggp 08/27/2007 21 7 - 21
BREAKING: NH announces 2012 Primary Date
The State of New Hampshire announced today that its 2012 Presidential Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, February 9, 2009.
greggp 08/22/2007 10 9 - 6
The Valerie and Joseph Wilson Compensation Act of 2007
It may have come a little sooner than many people thought it would, but Judge Bates' ruling in the Wilson's civil suit against Libby, Cheney, et al., should not have come as a huge surprise. Theirs ...
greggp 07/20/2007 2 3 - -
Ann Coulter (and ABC) violate USA PATRIOT Act?
Yes there have been many diaries posted about Ann Coulter's remark about John Edwards on GMA, and this will be another of them. This diary will examine whether Ann Coulter has violated the USA ...
greggp 06/27/2007 43 16 3 31
A new reason to hate Diebold
If you've at all been following the election woes of San Diego County, you've undoubtedly heard of Mikal Haas. He oversaw the anointment of Brian Bilbray to the Congressional seat previously held ...
greggp 06/22/2007 8 9 - -
"I Didn't Mean To"
It has been a very busy couple of weeks. I just finished grading final Professional Responsibility exams (we call it “PR”) and in just over a week, I will be starting a summer class in ...
greggp 05/24/2007 9 6 - -
San Diego Board of Supervisors and Touch Screens
Today, I went to the San Diego Board of Supervisors meeting in order to witness the discussion of the purchase of more Diebold touch-screen voting machines. It was a well-attended meeting, because ...
greggp 05/22/2007 6 6 - -
Ann Coulter beats the voter fraud rap.
According to the Palm Beach Post, Ann Coulter has been cleared of voter fraud charges. ...
greggp 05/11/2007 16 5 1 2
CA-46 Dana Rohrbacher wants your family to die!
So, on April 17, Dana Rohrbacher, speaking at a meeting of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, said he hopes that if you are against indiscriminately torturing people, he wants your family to ...
greggp 04/24/2007 6 1 - 75
Coulter Vote Fraud No Federal Crime, but . . .
In case you haven't followed it, the BradBlog has an excellent rundown of events and documents that tend to show that Ann Coulter committed voter fraud and perjury in Florida last year. You can ...
greggp 04/19/2007 7 21 - 31
Hate Rape Nation
Monday a week ago, my wife alerted me to tagging in the parking lot near our house. She was really upset. I saw it, and I was upset too. I do not want to make anyone see this unwillingly, so ...
greggp 04/13/2007 13 2 - 2
Blackwater Showdown on the Mexican Border
I wrote about this just over a month ago. Blackwater is trying to move in to the San Diego area. First Blackwater Diary Now, ...
greggp 04/03/2007 14 26 - 24
Iraq Time Conversion Table
Recently, House Minority Leader John Boehner said we would have to wait "60 to 90" days to see if the Iraq surge would work. This new time period has added to the complexity of understanding the ...
greggp 03/31/2007 6 5 - 5
More DOJ incompetence costs taxpayers $100 million.
A federal judge has refused to require a convicted tax evader to pay $100 million (that's $100,000,000.00) in restitution because the U.S. Department of Justice cited the wrong statute in ...
greggp 03/28/2007 10 7 - -
Why the U.S. Attorney scandal?  The Gonzales-Nifong connection.
It’s really strange, isn’t it? We have an administration that lied us into a war, tried to destroy the Bill of Rights, and tried to make torture acceptable. Yet none of that seems to ...
greggp 03/21/2007 15 6 1 1
Attorney General Replacement Poll
So, while it may be fun to speculate as to when Alberto Gonzales is replaced, it seems like it's old news already. I think the better question will be who will replace him?
greggp 03/14/2007 50 6 - 7
1458 Days - Iraq longer than the Civil War
U.S. Civil War: April 12, 1861 - April 9, 1865 = 1458 Days Iraq War: March 20, 2003 - March 17, 2007 = 1458 ...
greggp 03/11/2007 11 8 - -
Southern Baptists support eugenics to remove "gay"
This ought to turn the world upside down. A prominent Southern Baptist leader wants to genetically remove the gayness out of fetuses.
greggp 03/09/2007 66 18 - 6
Operation Thin Mints - Girl Scouts Feeding Our Troops!!!
So, today I got my Girl Scout Cookie order. I got a box of sugar-free brownies, and I also bought a box of Thin Mints as part of the effort to feed our troops.
greggp 03/08/2007 23 13 1 13
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