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WOW, Chris Matthews Tough on Priebus
In one tough display of emotion and facts, Matthews laid down the law to Priebus this morning on Morning Joe. I did not watch the show live this morning, but when I saw the video, I found it tough ...
griffin459 08/27/2012 7 8 - 104
Rasmussen Tracking Poll Shocker
I try to keep up with the polls on a daily basis. I look over the latest polls and the Daily Presidential Tracking Polls. Even though Rasmussen is slanted 4-5 points to the right , I look at them ...
griffin459 08/17/2012 20 11 - 405
Harry Reid- "A Dirty Liar"
Reince Priebus- the Chairman of the Republican National Committee called the Senate Majority Leader- Harry Reid- a "Dirty Liar".
griffin459 08/05/2012 29 6 - 221
Congratulations Tea Party- The Stock Market is Crashing
Congratulations to the Teahadists! You succeeded where others failed. The Stock Market is down 500 points today. You brought back Hoovernomics- the philosophy that government works best when the ...
griffin459 08/04/2011 32 17 - 266
What Will Happen 8/3?
If the debt ceiling is not raised by 8/3, the Treasury will only receive about 60% of the revenue needed. This means tough choices have to be made on what and how much to pay. Should salaries be ...
griffin459 07/14/2011 13 3 - 66
Royal Wedding is a Pathetic Joke With Poll
England has come a long way since the Colonies declared their independence 230+ yrs ago. But still they have this pathetic joke called royalty. Lawrence O'Donnell does a fantastic take-down on The ...
griffin459 04/16/2011 40 4 - 230
Stephen King Might Use Rick Scott in Next Horror Novel
Actually, Stephen that is too kind. I actually like the Three Stooges. But, as you can see in the video below, Mr. King spoke at a rally in Florida where he is vacationing. He calls himself a ...
griffin459 03/09/2011 11 11 - 99
Fox News Reporter Attacked?
Yesterday, during a live broadcast of the Wisconsin protests, Fox News reporter Mike Tobin said he was"attacked," "punched," "hit," and "battered" by a protester, but footage of the incident has ...
griffin459 03/01/2011 17 7 - 168
"The Mutual Business Interests of Two Media Giants"
The departure or firing of Keith Olbermann was predicted back in August when Comcast was striving to take over Universal-NBC.
griffin459 01/22/2011 3 13 - 62
SHOCKING: Watch Loughner's Video
Jared Loughner posted his own YouTube Video a few days before being suspended from Pima Community College. Delve into the mind of someone who has lost ALL grasp of reality and is in his own ...
griffin459 01/15/2011 48 9 - 77
Indies: WTF Did We Vote For?
All across this land, independent voters are turning on their TVs and their laptops and grimacing at what is happening in DC... Things are occurring that are causing them to grimace and wonder ...
griffin459 01/03/2011 34 7 - 67
The New GOP- Thanks Alot Rand Paul
Rand Paul openly disagreed with the private business provisions of the Civil Rights Act. The Civil Rights Act has become a staple in the past 45 years and is what this country stands for. However, ...
griffin459 12/14/2010 7 3 - 59
Mr. President- WTF?
I am a little mad. I AM VERY MAD. GRRRR The President wants to play nice with the poor little Republicans? Awww, Isn't the nice. I wish everyone would be so special in such a meaningless way. ...
griffin459 12/01/2010 17 2 - 33
Bullet Buses To Replace High Speed Trains
Well, you have heard of Bullet Trains, no Bullet Buses are here. Well. not really, but the video is very funny. So, in case you haven't seen it here is the link.
griffin459 11/19/2010 20 4 - 48
No More Gubbermint Motors
With the IPO (initial public offering) GM is coming back BIGTIME. Decried by many lunatics on the right (i.e. BECKheads and Teabaggers) that the bailout is SOCIALISM, the infusion of government ...
griffin459 11/18/2010 14 5 - 38
New CNN Poll Unreliable
CNN Headline: " CNN Poll: Those who say things going poorly higher than 1994 or 2006 " may in fact be true, however, the polling and the inferences made are ...
griffin459 11/01/2010 20 3 - 58
DCCC Gives Up On Grayson
In a shocking display of self-rightousness, the DCCC has given up on a true Progressive- Alan Grayson a person I consider a future star of the Democratic Party and a hero of mine. According to ...
griffin459 10/21/2010 78 20 - 92
Letter to My Brother
Help!! My brother is a mailman and has been brainwashed! Below the fold is my letter to him to try to bring him back from the darkside.........
griffin459 10/13/2010 2 2 - 60
The opening skit for SNL for the new season is about none other than Christine O'Donnell.
griffin459 09/26/2010 19 25 1 251
American Taliban Strike Again - Katy Perry Needs A Burka
In a perfectly beautiful dress - singer Katy Perry has been banned from Sesame Street. After You Tube viewers saw the recorded segment before airing it, viewers complained to PBS.
griffin459 09/23/2010 34 3 - 55
Peace Corps Volunteer Murdered
My daughter called this morning at 4:50am EST to tell us about the tragedy that happened to her Peace Corps community in Lesotho. Lesotho is a land-locked country located inside Soth Africa. I ...
griffin459 09/04/2010 65 130 - 99
Wag The Dog, Not The Tail.
Clear and consistant messages. That is what is lacking in the campaign as we move into the Fall. Let me say it again. Clear and consistant ...
griffin459 09/01/2010 2 1 - 30
OMG You've Got To Be Kidding!
WTF! President Obama spent last weekend in the beautiful waters along the Florida Coast in the Gulf of Mexico to try to appease a handful of GOP critics... but it was not enough. No matter where ...
griffin459 08/19/2010 14 11 - 22
MSNBC says GOP Would Not Sign onto Rangel Deal
MSNBC is reporting this afternoon that a deal had been reached between the House Ethics Committee and Rep. Charlie Rangel. However, 5 Dems and 5 GOP on the committee have to agree to the deal and ...
griffin459 08/09/2010 24 6 - 29
Franken Mocks McConnell
Poor old Mitchy needed a waambulance today as Al Franken apparently made faces from the dais (the President's Desk in front of the Senate Floor) as McConnell was speaking. Franken was presiding ...
griffin459 08/05/2010 37 21 - 100
Divided We Fall
NO NO NO NO NO is the Strategy of the Republican Party. Say NO to everything and support Nothing. They want President Obama and the Democrats to Fail. And by hanging tough and not giving in to ...
griffin459 08/03/2010 4 6 - 34
Matthews Screws Up- Says Breitbart did Not edit Tape
Chris Matthews retaped his 7PM show today after screwing up bigtime on his 5PM show. His 5PM show, which I saw live, had me wondering what the heck Matthews was talking about. He insisted that ...
griffin459 07/29/2010 66 21 - 104
NYC Public Library Facing Budget Cuts.  Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!
In a time of slashed budgets for local schools and local services, many public employees don't know where to turn. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!
griffin459 05/19/2010 4 3 - 26
Dogs In Space! NOOO!!, Dogs Are On the Menu!!!!
When Americans go to Space, they now eat a varied menu of food, including beef enchiladas, lasagne, and sweet-and-sour pork on their space missions. NASA has said space food must be easy to prepare ...
griffin459 05/16/2010 18 2 - 23
Colbert Slams Beck's 100 Year Plan From God
Glenn Beck has a plan. Beck has a New book called "The Plan" A hundred year plan for America and apparently inspired by God. Who else had hundred year plans.. Well let's not go there...
griffin459 05/14/2010 185 213 3 215
Fox News Satellite Out of Control!!
The Galaxy 15 satellite operated by the Intelsat Corp seems to have been affected by a Solar Storm last month and is now drifting out of control. Intelsat cannot communicate with the satellite.
griffin459 05/11/2010 84 25 1 123
Students Sent Home for Wearing American Flag?
I did not understand the infraction that penalized students for wearing an American Flag? Apparantly the principal thought the T-shirts the students were wearing were "incendiary" that would lead ...
griffin459 05/06/2010 133 3 - 107
Census returns Only 3% Below 2000 Numbers
Looking at the latest numbers at the website, it is easy to see that most people were not frightened by the Scare Tactics of insane politicians, right-wind wacko pundits, and tea-baggers.
griffin459 04/19/2010 15 4 - 27
Chancellor Merkel Proclaims "Nazi History Month"
Because of the importance placed by tbe Nazis in an "Historical Perspective", the Sons of the Third Reich (real sons-not ancestors) petitioned the Chancellor of Germany for this proclamation and she ...
griffin459 04/09/2010 94 16 - 125
POLL: If Roles Were Reversed, What Would the GOP do?
Over and Over this week, you hear the nauseating cry that the Democrats are not listening to the voice of the American People. Blah, Blah, Blah. Mostly from wingnuts, and even MSM types have ...
griffin459 03/23/2010 10 4 1 16
Does John King know His Butt from a Hole in the Ground?
I turned the TV to CNN at 9pm ET to get an update on the Health Care Debate and the voting in Congress, and, lo and behold, I get to hear the words of wisdom from John King.
griffin459 03/21/2010 33 11 - 26
Drudge Headlines GOP "Hoax" Memo
A few minutes ago TPM reported that a hoax memo has been circulated that claims to be a Democratic HCR Budget Buster. The alleged memo talks about changes for Medicare that would taked placce next ...
griffin459 03/19/2010 15 10 - 17
Weekend Getaway
"It's time to get out. Time to see the world from a tree's point of view. Time to find Mother Nature and shake her hand, and when you travel you always make sure it is in harmony with ...
griffin459 03/15/2010 2 - - 15
What If Al-Qaeda Killed 45,000 a Year?
I ask President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Reid to ask that question. This is how Health Care Reform should be debated. The debate should not go into what ifs, we know that 45,000 (maybe ...
griffin459 03/06/2010 26 9 - 19
Oil Prices Rising
World Crude Oil Prices reached over $80 barrel yesterday. Hopefully, this a momentary spike, and will be if legislation is passed to lower speculation.
griffin459 03/05/2010 35 2 - 26
Democrats Bite the Dust
Is this what the status of the Democratic Party is today? Yes, maybe a few setbacks, but Biting the Dust? I had thought that CNN was somewhat objective, but now I am pissed. At 8:25am EST this ...
griffin459 02/17/2010 12 5 - 10
It's Alive
The Syfy Channel is running its usual holiday marathon of reruns from the original "The Twilight Zone". One of the reruns from the show early this morning was named "It's Alive". It starred Dennis ...
griffin459 01/01/2010 10 2 - 25
Jamie Dimon for Treasury Secretary? NO F'ING WAY
Are you kidding me? Is this a sick joke? More below....
griffin459 11/23/2009 28 5 - 46
Fox News shows old video to boost Palin
After Hannity was caught showing old footage of a Becks' 9/12 protest and claimed it was the Health Care rally, you would think Fox News would try harder, and they did!!...Here we go again.
griffin459 11/18/2009 24 13 - 89
As Dow Nears 10,000, Looking Back At Beck's Prediction
A few months ago, Glenn Beck's War Room tried to scare everyone of the Dow's eventual demise under the Obama presidency. Today, most Conservatives don't give Obama any credit for the Dow's success ...
griffin459 10/14/2009 43 30 2 73
Limbaugh: It's All About the Money...
Well, he admitted it. In case you didn't know, Limbaugh could care less about his pathetic dittoheads. All he cares about is GREED!!
griffin459 10/10/2009 54 5 - 21
UPDATE: SNL Obama Sees Glenn Beck + Protestors Against Beck Expected Saturday
Glenn Beck will arrive in the Seattle area tomorrow on his way to a ceremoney from the mayor of Mt. Vernon, Washington. Yesterday, the entire city council voted unanimously against Mayor Bud Norris ...
griffin459 09/25/2009 20 16 - 37
Live From New York Its "YOU LIE!"
SNL Thursday Edition had a skit about Senator Joe Wilson's outburst. The skit is funny and afterwards see the SNL Update with a James Carville impersonator...
griffin459 09/18/2009 10 8 1 106
Where Were Their Hoods?
After watching DeMint(ed) and the protestors in Washington this weekend, I asked myself - What is missing in this picture?
griffin459 09/14/2009 15 2 - 4
Attacked by Chase
I had no idea this was coming even though they said they mailed it back in June. Chase Bank has attacked my fiscal well being... More Below.
griffin459 09/07/2009 20 8 - 2
Our Plan Will Hatch Wednesday
Our time is almost here. We have waited years for it to come and now I can hardly stand it. O has signed the order and the wheels are now turning.
griffin459 09/03/2009 11 6 - 1
WTF are These People Talking About?
I don't know if you have seen this video yet, but I just saw it for the first time. They help make my point that there are many ignorant people in this country who live, breath, and eat Fox News, ...
griffin459 09/01/2009 109 17 1 80
36 Companies Left BECK, Color of Change Update
The quarantine around The Glenn Beck Show has become widespread. Many of these companies who have advertised on this show for months spending tens of thousands of dollars have left.
griffin459 08/25/2009 127 240 4 37
33 Down and Counting - Glenn Beck Boycott on a Roll!! Updated
The latest number of companies who have pulled their ads from The Glenn Beck Show is now up to 33! If you haven't added you name to the petition from the web site, Do ...
griffin459 08/24/2009 35 28 1 35
CNN Headline News just showed Sympathy for Woman Criticized by Barney Frank Update 2
Just a few minutes ago while changing channels, I saw CNN Headline News show a segment of Barney Frank's Town Hall meeting from last night. BUT, it was edited to show Representative Frank picking ...
griffin459 08/19/2009 618 813 7 189
The Democrats Hope for Bipartisanship with Chuck?
Grassley, you know, the guy who apparently takes marching orders from Glenn Beck? . . In case you can't ...
griffin459 08/15/2009 6 1 - 7
Kossack's Health Care Poll - 12/1/09 Bill or No Bill?
With all the mob-rule mentality that has taken over many Town Hall meetings, my question is whether or not this stuff will be behind us in a few short months? Well, at least, will ...
griffin459 08/07/2009 6 1 - 8
Glenn Beck Begs His Crazy/Lunatic Viewers Not to Kill Anyone
After this weekends arrest of one of his lunatic followers (see casing a National Guard Base, Glenn Beck tells his viewers that it is wrong to ...
griffin459 08/03/2009 96 40 1 31
Glenn Beck was FOR the Patriot Act before he was AGAINST it.
Glenn Beck is worried that the Government can look into your Computers or Eavesdrop on your phones, but is this the same Glenn Beck that was FOR the Patriot Act on February 19, 2008 when George ...
griffin459 08/02/2009 16 7 - 116
GOP Leader criticizes "Beer Summit"
And the Hits keep on coming. For trying to help develop a dialogue about a racial divide in this country, the President has come under unwarranted criticism from the Republicans again!
griffin459 08/01/2009 23 10 - 35
When Their Daughter was ILL, Parents Did Not Seek Medical Help!
The father of a young girl who died in Wisconsin is on trial for second degree reckless homicide because he did not seek medical help. Instead, he and others prayed to God for her recovery.
griffin459 07/31/2009 46 11 - 34
Can You Believe This? Glenn Beck Calls President Obama a RACIST!!!
From Bizarroland (Faux News), Glenn Beck has succeeded in achieving his ranking as Numbero Uno Right Wingnut Wacko. Congratulations, you outdid yourself this time...
griffin459 07/28/2009 129 25 - 16
How many Congressmen are Birthers??
Wow , it is incredible to see how many Republicans in Congress really believe that President Obama should not legally be President.
griffin459 07/27/2009 27 11 - 21
WE DID IT - Fox News/Kilmeade Forced to Apologize
In a too little/ too late scenario, Fox News Finally apologized for an absurd racial slur that occurred on July 8th Fox and Friends.
griffin459 07/20/2009 25 15 - 28
Public Option Will Never Pass
Do you think I am negative. I wasn't until I read this article in Roll Call.
griffin459 07/10/2009 56 8 1 23
Senator Cornyn - Fiscal Conservative?
Senator Cornyn(R)-Texas (who voted against the stimulus) seems to have no problem going to the taxpayer trough when it benefits himself...
griffin459 07/08/2009 13 9 - -
DC Metrorail Fail-Unsafe
I rode the new system on the Red Line with my brother to see the fireworks on July 4, 1976. I was fascinated how beautiful and modern the subway system looked and still does. However, last week ...
griffin459 06/29/2009 39 4 1 30
Fox News Shep Smith: Hate is Feeding Each Other
Even though he is on Fox News I think Shepard Smith is right on with his comments on the right-wing extemists hate mail he is receiving...
griffin459 06/10/2009 25 18 - 19
Limbaugh makes joke over Sotomeyer's broken ankle
Wow. Limbaugh really has no morals, he thinks it is funny to make jokes about people who are injured. What a sick SOB.
griffin459 06/08/2009 66 12 - 99
Jon Stewart Slams Fox News Criticism on Obama Speech
Jon Stewart once again takes Fox News head-on. Reviewing some of the comments by Fox News Hosts and Guests, he analyzes and laughs at their idiotic words.
griffin459 06/05/2009 31 37 1 21
Airport Security is a Joke
After seeing the following story, I have come to the conclusion that there are Serious defects in security procedures at the nation's airports.
griffin459 06/04/2009 42 6 - 44
Was Mancow's Waterboarding a Hoax? with Poll UPDATED
Gawker and the Miami Herald Television Critic Glenn Garvin are claiming that emails from the publicists for Mancow and promoters claim that the waterboarding was a hoax. Why would he fake it, is ...
griffin459 05/29/2009 68 3 - 83
Whoopi Destroys BECK on The View
Glenn Beck appears to be a pathological liar given the way he tried to portray an incident that happened on Amtrak for his radio show..
griffin459 05/22/2009 40 16 1 41
Rising Energy Prices Threaten Economic Recovery
Historians will look back at this time period in one of two ways...the economy stayed in a continuous recession unable to recover...or a time when the economy recovered with sustained growth. The ...
griffin459 05/21/2009 21 5 1 27
Obama - Soccer Dad In Chief - With Video
Today, President Obama watched his two kids play seperate soccer games.
griffin459 05/16/2009 40 28 1 29
Rachel Maddow Slams GOP Scare Tactics UPDATED with Video
Rachel Maddow has taken the mask off of the GOP commercial that is meant to scare the bejesus out of everyone.. The GOP ad supposes that there is no place that can house Gitmo prisoners because ...
griffin459 05/08/2009 15 14 2 31
Cantor kisses Rush's Ass Again.
Cantor disses the "Listening Tour" idea and adopts Limbaugh's "Teaching Tour".
griffin459 05/06/2009 26 5 - -
Obama and Biden Visit Hell with Awesome Video
Well its really Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Va.
griffin459 05/05/2009 59 37 1 16
Democrats "are committing suicide".
Yet another Republican Congressman has joined the followers of Rush Limbaugh in defying all the polls and common sense. This person is Roscoe Bartlett R-MD. Look below the fold:
griffin459 05/02/2009 57 23 - 18
Keywords of Political HATE
For the most part, these words have been kept to the lunatic fringe of the politcal spectrum, but are now talked about frequently on MSM news shows and radio programs. I am talking about words like ...
griffin459 04/08/2009 6 - - -
Glenn Beck Fans Line Up for New Video Game
Wow, it didn't take long for video game manufacturers to put out a game to help the right wacko wingnut jobs of the world to get what they have been praying for... WARNING: SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND ...
griffin459 04/07/2009 12 3 - 12
Boehner Has a Bad Hair Day
House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner has had a bad few weeks. Not only have the Republicans become irrelevent, but are under attack from their own party for lack of leadership. But the MSM ...
griffin459 04/03/2009 38 5 - 13
Glenn Beck Spreads Fear as Nazis March Behind Him
As in Glenn Beck's magazine Fusion (Springtime for Bailouts), Beck again compares the Obama administration ...
griffin459 04/01/2009 42 2 - 1
Glenn Beck's Crazy Rant Calls Obama the "Manchurian Candidate"
I just heard this audio and I am just shocked.. Glenn Beck seriously is accusing the President of the United States to be the "Manchurian Candidate". I guess during the election I got used to ...
griffin459 03/25/2009 99 12 1 22
Beck Now Compares Obama's Plans to Nazism
You may find this hard to believe, well so do I.. There is a magazine cover spoof from Glenn Beck comparing the plan put forth by President Obama to Nazi Germany.
griffin459 03/24/2009 64 1 - 17
I Must Have Missed the GOP Outrage Over the Lost $12 Billion
Is this the same GOP that just last month cried out about proposals to reduce the executive compensation packages of the "bailed out" companies? Didn't they call it "Socialism"? I guess I was ...
griffin459 03/20/2009 22 22 1 20
What is Patriotism?
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search "patriotism" : One entry found. Main Entry: pa·tri·ot·ism Pronunciation: \pā-trē-a-ti-zam, chiefly British pa-\ ...
griffin459 03/15/2009 18 1 - -
Bill Introduced Requires Birth Certificate for President
Rep. Bill Posey R-Florida has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives requiring that all potential candidates for the President of the United States shall show their Birth Certificate in ...
griffin459 03/14/2009 78 17 - 31
Colbert sinks Beck's "War Room"
The Colbert Report did a parody on Glen Beck's "War Room" with Stephen Colbert's "Doom Bunker". The two parts of the show are below....
griffin459 03/06/2009 252 415 18 64
What if Obama was white?
Personally, I say "so what?". It makes no difference to most people reading this, but my question pertains to the continuous verbal attacks on the president from Rush Limbaugh and his followers. If ...
griffin459 03/03/2009 27 2 1 4
Is the Media too critical of Obama? with POLL
Well, 56% of Republicans say the media have not been critical enough. However, both Democrats and Independents think the Media has been critical enough. This comes from a party who ran the country ...
griffin459 02/22/2009 32 4 - 2
Now is the time to Negotiate with OPEC
As 35+ Oil tankers are making lazy circles in the Gulf Coast waters waiting for crude oil prices to rise, OPEC countries are getting edgy looking at their black gold losing value. President Obama ...
griffin459 02/21/2009 11 - - 3
Limbaugh: "They must be stopped"
Is it my imagination, or is Rush Limbaugh comparing the Democrats and the President to rapists and murderers? And what does Rush Limbaugh mean when he says "they must be stopped"? How does he ...
griffin459 02/20/2009 76 8 - 21
Oil Refiners cutting production causing high gas prices.
CNBC is reporting that while Oil prices are at their lowest point of the year, oil refiners have cut their production. This is turn is causing gasoline prices at the pump to be at their highest ...
griffin459 02/15/2009 18 8 - -
MMMMM, Drunken Negro Head Cookies
The owner of a pastry bakery in New York City thought it was a funny idea to make pastry that looked like "drunken negro head"s. You've got to see this story to believe it. The link for the ...
griffin459 01/24/2009 48 2 - 1
MD Republican guilty on child porn
The Herald-Mail Hagerstown, MD reports: Former Maryland Del. Robert A. McKee was sentenced Friday to 37 months in federal prison for possession of child pornography. News of that search was ...
griffin459 11/21/2008 48 4 - 16
Thanksgiving 2001 - Bush was my hero
Hard to believe isn't it, but true!!! Two months after 9/11 Bush's popularity rose to extremes as people looked for revenge and for leadership. This was a time that any President would dread, but ...
griffin459 11/20/2008 17 1 - 1
MOIC – My opinion on the future of oil price stabilization.
Hopefully, a press release in the not to distant future. “Today, President Barack Obama announced an agreement between the 10 major Oil Importing countries and OPEC. These Major Oil ...
griffin459 11/19/2008 3 - - -
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