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Nazis again
I don't really have much to add to this article in the NY Times: Basically, it details the presence of Nazi leaders who fled ...
gshenaut 01/10/2015 17 2 - -
Chairman McCain is coming
In an article in the New York Times, the probable ascension of John McCain to the chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Committee is discussed. As is well known, McCain is a strong hawk on Iraq.
gshenaut 11/08/2014 10 4 - -
What is a “large fraction”?
We have now read about a decision by a federal appeals court in Texas that has ruled that 13 abortion clinics in the state must close because their facilities do not have all of the accoutrements ...
gshenaut 10/02/2014 3 - - -
No boots on the ground
I just had a thought about why the president's policy of no boots on the ground may be even more shrewd than it appears at first glance. The standard reason for not sending in American combat troops�
gshenaut 09/27/2014 25 2 - -
But can they legislate?
It occurred to me today that we have a vast legislative electioneering industry in America, at every state and national level. We learn much more about candidates for states legislatures and ...
gshenaut 09/20/2014 9 5 - -
What if Communism was never the problem?
This is one of those “OMG I just had an idea” diaries. For the bulk of my life, the Cold War and many pre-WWII animosities were presented to me in school and in the media as a battle between ...
gshenaut 09/05/2014 26 12 - -
Tombstone symbolism
I recently got hold of a photo of my great-grandfather's tombstone in Lawrence County, Ohio. He was an iron ore miner, killed by collapsing shale while he was working. I'm intrigued by this photo, ...
gshenaut 04/30/2014 20 5 - -
Next time: the debt ceiling law
It's painful to realize that in 2009-2011, we could have repealed, yes permanently repealed, the stupid debt ceiling law. That session of Congress was not the first time that Democrats controlled ...
gshenaut 10/12/2013 5 9 - -
The debt ceiling game
This is something that's been bugging me lately. Apparently, President Obama's advisers have informed him that the president doesn't have the power to override the debt ceiling law, and Republicans ...
gshenaut 10/08/2013 5 4 - -
adventure capitalism
This is a short word about an article I just read in the French version of Slate magazine. The article itself is about how mezcal production is taking off in ...
gshenaut 08/19/2013 1 2 - -
Guantánamo: please sign my petitionánamo-then-shut-it/ngYFYrDY This morning I read this Op-Ed by Ackerman and Fidell in the New York Times:
gshenaut 05/04/2013 4 2 - -
How many democracies are we?
I've been pondering the old debate about whether the US in a democracy or not. Generally, right-wingers tend toward the “not” side of this, and left-wingers toward the “democracy” side, a ...
gshenaut 03/15/2013 16 - - -
I just went back to Act Blue
President Obama has been in continuous campaign mode since the inauguration. I, probably like all of you, have been receiving dunning emails from DCCC and others wanting more money. None of that ...
gshenaut 03/03/2013 6 7 - -
Laboratories of Democracy?
I am not an advocate of state sovereignty. I think it was a terrible idea from the get-go. Furthermore, I am convinced that had there been no need for assuring the southern colonies that no extern ...
gshenaut 10/27/2012 1 1 - -
The New New Deal
I suggest you read this interview in Slate:
gshenaut 08/14/2012 4 7 - 54
The curious incident of Romney in Utah
Slate's Matthew Yglesias summarizes Baingate like this: The way the Bain/outsourcing debate has gone, if I understand it, is this: 1. Romney touts his experience in the private sector as a key ...
gshenaut 07/15/2012 10 16 - 227
Wild penalty: what Roberts didn't write
OK, now we're having a big debate about the implications of the Roberts decision. Obviously, there are major implications: First, the ACA has been pulled back from the flames and there are all sorts ...
gshenaut 07/03/2012 11 4 - 92
My dad was thirsty
In 1960, my dad, a Marine officer, was transferred from Barstow, California, to Albany, GA, which was quite a culture shock in some ways. I was 12 years old, and an active Boy Scout. In Barstow, my ...
gshenaut 06/17/2012 11 34 - 115
Why re-elect Barack Obama?
Let me hasten to say, I'm not trying to convince anyone not to vote or not to support the President, just the opposite. I will vote for him and will continue to donate to his campaign as much as I ...
gshenaut 06/12/2012 69 6 - 200
Why do they want to be president?
Why do people want to be president? And more specifically, why did Barack Obama want to be president and why does Mitt Romney want to be president? I think that people do not go through all that it ...
gshenaut 06/06/2012 7 - - 50
Doctorow's Primer of American Unexceptionalism E L Doctorow gives a handy primer on how to create an unexceptional America. I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere ...
gshenaut 04/29/2012 3 8 - 99
Comparing Romney with Obama
There was a thought-provoking article in the New York Times this morning, in the section headed “...
gshenaut 01/15/2012 3 4 1 65
Tea Party in disarray?
We've all had fun mocking the GOP presidential candidates. It's amazing, every few days we have another not-Romney surge followed by the exposure of more great embarrassing hypocrisies. With a ...
gshenaut 12/31/2011 18 3 - 163
When I'm 104
This is a nothing diary, but something compels me to to post it anyway. You know the classic Beatles' song “When I'm 64”? (Will ya still need me, will ya still feed me...)? Well, today I turn ...
gshenaut 12/25/2011 12 20 - 227
What if there were no GOP presidential candidate?
As the circus known as the Republican presidential primary continues to amaze and astound onlookers everywhere, there does not seem to be any kind of closure in the foreseeable future. We are ...
gshenaut 12/03/2011 16 1 - 129
Question from an idiot centrist Dem
OK, I get it: centrism, rational compromise, incrementalism, all that stuff, is now extremely unpopular in the left Left. Even Barack Obama, who in my opinion gets it exactly correctly and has done, ...
gshenaut 09/02/2011 54 2 - 192
GOP call for raising taxes?
This morning, the New York Times editorial describes what they call a new resentment of the poor. This short note isn'...
gshenaut 08/31/2011 3 1 - 60
Where's our ideology?
I think the American Democratic Party has a serious ideology deficit. Without a coherent ideology, it is much more difficult to market our party. Unlike Republicans, this deficit make it difficult ...
gshenaut 08/13/2011 12 1 - 54
The United State of America
I'm fed up with the idea of a “50 sovereign states” all within a single “sovereign nation”. I think that having states is really very bad for the nation. If you stop and think about it, how ...
gshenaut 06/07/2011 4 - - 52
Death of an iron miner
After reading hayden's very interesting diary about the note left by a grandfather, I had the thought that publishing bits of text written by or about one of one's ancestors could be very ...
gshenaut 03/28/2011 9 12 - 101
Guantánamo question
OK, today the Obama administration published, as an executive order, the new set of procedures for handling prisoners at Guantánamo. Part of the ...
gshenaut 03/07/2011 6 - - 20
Searching for my last name
My last name, Shenaut, has interested me since I was a little kid. By the way, my immediate family has always pronounced it /ʃə 'no/, sort of quasi-French style. That's what initially got me ...
gshenaut 03/06/2011 31 16 - 167
Another opportunity down the tubes
Well, we can see that the initially horrified response to the tragedy in Arizona is starting its seemingly inevitable transformation into jabs and gotchas between left- and right-leaning militant ...
gshenaut 01/10/2011 26 3 - 32
Atheism, humanism, and faith
This diary is about something that I think is often misunderstood during discussions of atheism versus theism. I have been an atheist all my life. I was probably about seven when I realized that I ...
gshenaut 01/01/2011 57 18 - 66
Google News settings
Sometime ago, Google News had one of those polls that they put out every so often about how they could improve the service. One of the questions was whether it would be a good idea to be able to ...
gshenaut 12/30/2010 11 12 - 52
“Race card” and “racial injustice”
In a recent diary , it was suggested that progressives not use the term “[play the] race card” because ...
gshenaut 12/18/2010 11 1 - 29
Only registered voters
This is just a thought that hit me as I was reading about the growing importance of the Chamber of Commerce's apparent commingling of funds from foreign and domestic sources and using the resulting ...
gshenaut 10/14/2010 30 2 - 55
What if there were a federal election every year?
The constitution specifies presidential elections every four years and House and Senate elections every two years. Only in the Senate is there an interleaving process whereby about 1/3 of all ...
gshenaut 09/12/2010 6 1 - 30
How many days until voting starts?
That seems like an obvious question: just find a calendar and count how many days until November 2, right? And it's an important issue, too, because that's how long we have to convince people to ...
gshenaut 09/10/2010 8 2 - 71
I can see the whites of their eyes!
The military advice given at Bunker Hill and elsewhere “Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes” is an excellent strategy, especially when you have limited firepower and are ...
gshenaut 09/06/2010 6 2 - 21
LA Times and Teachers' Effectiveness
The LA Times has begun the publication of a report on a very large research study they have undertaken on teachers' effectiveness. Read about it here:
gshenaut 08/17/2010 61 8 1 50
Perpetual flight: Solar Impulse
I've following various reports about alternative-energy powered flight for some time now. It's always interesting, but my excitement has always been muted by the fact that none of them truly seem to ...
gshenaut 07/08/2010 25 7 - 11
New ATT tiered data plan with tethering
Well, what do you think of the new AT&T tiered data plan? http://...
gshenaut 06/02/2010 72 8 - 107
A modest proposal
Part of the reason why the Republicans appear to be driving the healthcare reform debate with their loony criticisms of the "Democratic plan" is because there is no Republican plan. If there were, ...
gshenaut 08/09/2009 9 9 - 3
Representative Democracy
Something has been bugging me lately. Well, it's bugged me for quite a while, but it's really starting to bother me now as there is all this talk of violence and disrupting political discourse. In ...
gshenaut 08/08/2009 3 - - 6
Arithmetic and filibusters
There are currently 99 US Senators. Norm Coleman is apparently determined to keep it this way as long as possible in order to deny the Democrats their 60 vote filibuster-proof majority. The Senate ...
gshenaut 05/05/2009 7 - - 3
Truth Commission As Wiki?
If we are going to get to the bottom of the torture madness, I think we are going to have to use some method other than a standard Senate investigation. I think that what we need instead is to have ...
gshenaut 04/23/2009 - 2 - 8
Spam your senator
Yesterday, I emailed both of my senators about the economic crisis and also the Whitehouse about how I felt about Tom Daschle being hounded out of office due to (in my view, as I wrote) the ...
gshenaut 02/06/2009 5 - - 2
Mixed feelings about inauguration
How can I say this. Imagine that you're about to sit down to the best meal of your life. You've worked really hard to gather it together, all your friends are going to be there, you've got the best ...
gshenaut 01/21/2009 14 7 1 4
Please, Sarita, it's over
Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water, Sarah Palin has been sighted in the vicinity. This time, she's ...
gshenaut 01/09/2009 40 2 - 2
Public money
I think that the current economic crisis is a wonderful opportunity to take care of our long-term infrastructure problems, and to make long-overdue adjustments in policy to help protect the ...
gshenaut 12/12/2008 - 1 - 4
Recruiting across the aisle
David Brooks' latest lament about hard times for Republicans has given me an idea. Here is the key passage: Battle ...
gshenaut 11/11/2008 23 2 - 25
One idea for getting out of Iraq (diya)
This is only indirectly related to the current political campaign, but I wanted to write down this idea FWIW. Since it is very clear that we will be withdrawing our troops from Iraq, probably ...
gshenaut 11/01/2008 6 1 - 4
Palin is right about the VP running the Senate
This will be short, but I just wanted to get it out there. The bottom line is, the Vice President's only constitutional duties, unless the President cannot serve, is to preside over the Senate. The ...
gshenaut 10/21/2008 153 7 1 17
Next Government Sneak Peek?
I was just thinking that by all indicators, Obama will become president and the Democratic majority in Congress will increase substantially. After the reaction to last night's debate, this outcome ...
gshenaut 10/08/2008 4 - - 6
Guilt by Association
As we all ponder teh McCain campaign's attempts to make their attacks using guilt by association to stick to Obama, I thought it would be interesting to compare another recent case where a major ...
gshenaut 10/06/2008 11 3 - 2
A Marginally Contrarian View of the Debate
OK, I've seen a bunch of mocking diaries of Sarah Palin, and I don't agree with them, so I thought I'd write down my thoughts on the subject. The fact is, Sarah Palin lost a debate with Joe Biden. ...
gshenaut 10/03/2008 12 4 - 21
What it's like to debate Sarah Palin
In a fascinating article in the CS Monitor, Andrew Halcro, an Alaskan who has debated Sarah Palin several times, tells us what it'...
gshenaut 10/01/2008 8 5 1 7
Hitchens on Kissenger
Christopher Hitchens of Slate weighs in on the squabble during the debate about Henry Kissinger, managing along the way to make a few interesting points.
gshenaut 09/28/2008 41 7 - 19
Mommy, what's a McLie?
I've been wondering what the word in English is for a lie that has been completely debunked, but which is still asserted as if true. This is a gap in the English lexicon that is shrieking to be ...
gshenaut 09/25/2008 1 3 - 5
In reply to press question as to the business situation
In reply to press question as to the business situation The fundamental business of the country, that is production and distribution of commodities, is on a sound and prosperous basis. The best ...
gshenaut 09/15/2008 7 3 - 1
McCain's war injuries
We see a lot things being said about McCain's war injuries, some valid, but some perhaps invalid. Recently, we are seeing the injuries being used to explain McCain's lack of computer skills. ...
gshenaut 09/13/2008 25 2 1 -
A small suggestion
There are two main kinds of campaign diaries here: diaries focused on the Democratic versus the Republican approaches to government and the consequences thereof, and diaries focused on putting down ...
gshenaut 09/11/2008 - 2 - -
Dueling narratives
Back during the primaries, I was one of the many who vacillated between Hillary and Barack. Why? Because of the fact that while both had programs that I liked, Hillary's was more detailed and in ...
gshenaut 09/08/2008 11 1 - -
American voters: you were wrong
There is one aspect of the "change" theme that needs to be addressed, I think. The fact is, the American people re-elected George W. Bush and Republican majorities or near-majorities in Congress in ...
gshenaut 08/25/2008 17 2 - -
What if McCain withdrew?
I'm uncomfortable about this election. McCain just doesn't seem to be a worthy opponent for Obama. The campaign has already descended into trivialities instead of issues. The Republicans need a ...
gshenaut 08/07/2008 70 2 - 18
Join Hillary for dinner
Probably quite a few of you have received a mailing under the name of Bill Clinton asking that you donate to help pay off Hillary's campaign debt. Apparently, if you do, your name will go into a hat ...
gshenaut 07/31/2008 15 2 - 2
McCain Versus the Natural Born Citizen Clause
This issue keeps arising. Its latest manifestation is laid out in this NY Times article: The text of Gabriel Chin's opinion can be ...
gshenaut 07/12/2008 17 1 - -
Let's see how Obama handles this
The overall shape of the Republican campaign to defeat Obama is now clear. In fact, it really has been clear since before Obama had even announced his candidacy. A lot of it is untruthful and ...
gshenaut 07/01/2008 4 4 - -
Hillary Iraq war vote apology at convention?
It occurs to me that as Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy sinks into history, it might be a good time for her to redeem herself in the eyes of Democrats, and to redeem the party in the eyes ...
gshenaut 06/01/2008 17 - - 1
A question for Hillary Clinton
OK, West Virginia happened, and you won a huge victory. But I read your victory speech, and you didn't address what I see as the most disturbing aspect of your victory: explicit racism turning West ...
gshenaut 05/14/2008 22 4 - 4
It's time for solidarity
Up until this morning, I have been uncommitted in the primary, leaning Hillary, second choice Obama. I have found myself defending Hillary's policies and her overall approach to politics in several ...
gshenaut 01/27/2008 12 7 - -
A geekish question for the candidates
We've been exposed to revelations that (1) RNC emails were not archived at all, and (2) Whitehouse emails between 2001 and 2003 were sort of archived, apparently via an extremely simplistic one-...
gshenaut 01/17/2008 3 3 - 23
Running in the air
I've been dissatisfied with the primary campaign this past year, but I don't think that it's because of the candidates or the banality of the campaign events. This lack of satisfaction has kept me ...
gshenaut 01/01/2008 1 1 - -
Winter reflections on healthcare
The winter holiday season is in full swing. Historically, this was a way for people to enjoy the fruits of the harvest and to prepare for the relatively more introverted, reflective months to come. ...
gshenaut 12/15/2007 5 2 - 1
Schumer owes us
I think that once Mukasey is "settled" in to his new office as Attorney General, Sen. Schumer and other Senate Democrats should call him back to testify in the Senate regarding his answers to ...
gshenaut 11/09/2007 10 2 - -
The official Bush waterboarding policy spelled out.
I was reading about the latest statements by President Bush regarding waterboarding, in answer to questions about the Mukasey nomination. These are summarized ...
gshenaut 11/02/2007 1 2 1 -
Would an Afghan "soil bank" help?
The US plans to spend about $500 million next year fighting opium traffic in Afghanistan. It probably won't work any better than it did in previous years, maybe worse. At current prices, the "farm ...
gshenaut 10/02/2007 6 5 1 -
Why I'm not afraid of Hillary
I'm an aging American voter with zero special knowledge, and these are just my thoughts. Probably most of you will disagree, but I love you anyway. No one can know the future, but we can look ...
gshenaut 09/25/2007 33 19 - 2
Two Iraqi Senators Call for New Leader in America
August 21, 2007 Two Iraqi Senators Call for New Leader in America By T. HOMSHAN and KERMAR KMAZZETTI WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 — The chairman of the Iraqi Senate Armed Services Committee, after ...
gshenaut 08/21/2007 4 8 - 8
Suspicious Iraq timing [POLL]
I've often read the opinion that Bush's intention is to let the Iraq war continue on into the next presidential administration, kicking the can on down the road. However, that never seemed all that ...
gshenaut 07/10/2007 9 2 - -
Unringing the bell
Jeez, all this impeachment talk is great stuff. Who would a thunk it, that half of all Americans would finally be in favor of impeaching Bush (and presumably kicking him and his sidekick out of ...
gshenaut 07/06/2007 2 5 - -
Did we blow it in 1776? [POLL]
Back in 1776, the British colonies had choice: they could either continue along the path of negotiation and diplomacy with England, or they could choose violence. As should be no surprise to anyone ...
gshenaut 07/04/2007 24 5 1 7
President Cheney
Dick Cheney's staff have put forward the notion that the office of Vice President doesn't have to follow the laws or rules that apply to the Executive Branch on the grounds that it is not an "entity"
gshenaut 06/24/2007 11 2 - 2
Goodling, self-incrimination, criminal acts? [POLL]
I've been wondering, along with lots of other people, I'm sure, just exactly what is the content of the incriminating testimony that ex-Gonzales aide ...
gshenaut 04/09/2007 5 4 - -
Harriet Miers and Executive Privilege
Executive privilege was diaried a few days ago, in a discussion that I missed, but I was motivated to explore this matter further ...
gshenaut 03/24/2007 10 3 - -
Evangelical death squads? WTF?
OK, this NY Times article is an interesting story about a situation between El Salvador and Guatemala in which several ...
gshenaut 03/05/2007 26 18 - 22
Considering Bill Richardson [POLL]
David Brooks likes Bill Richardson as a Democratic presidential candidate. Normally, this would be the kiss of death, but since I hadn't ever really considered Richardson as a potential candidate, I ...
gshenaut 03/04/2007 63 10 1 13
Three Lessons To Take Home From Iraq
There are many more than three lessons we should take home from the experience of invading and trying to occupy Iraq, but here are three that I think are particularly poignant, because they fly in ...
gshenaut 11/25/2006 4 2 1 -
How to get out of Iraq in one fiscal year
gshenaut 11/10/2006 4 - - -
Sacred institutions
gshenaut 10/27/2006 4 3 - -
What party of business? [POLL]
gshenaut 10/23/2006 4 2 - 2
What Unites Iraq? [QUIZ]
gshenaut 10/21/2006 4 - - -
How far away is Afghanistan/Iraq? [POLL]
gshenaut 10/12/2006 - 1 - 9
Talk with terrorists, please.
gshenaut 08/24/2006 23 3 - 18
Electoral grammar: a tense question
gshenaut 08/22/2006 3 8 - 3
What Chirac was talking about
gshenaut 08/21/2006 10 3 - -
Round Two of the Offensive Cartoons Tournament
gshenaut 08/20/2006 6 1 - -
France and Lebanon
gshenaut 08/18/2006 11 1 - 55
Theocracy, citizenship, and democracy [POLL]
gshenaut 08/16/2006 7 2 - 8
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