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The New Black.
There is no ‘new Black’. In the U.S., there are only groups newly experiencing parts of what it is like to be Black.
harlinchi 07/03/2013 2 - - -
A Revealing Mitt Romney Video
Mr. Romney's lack of character and his missing integrity are brutally exposed in this well-made video. It speaks for itself far more clearly than I would do for it.
harlinchi 08/15/2012 1 3 - 91
Two Blacks addicted to Koch!
The Koch brothers have tried to select leaders for the Black community for years. The only folks who used the phrase 'high-tech lynching' were those Blacks supported by the Koch brothers.
harlinchi 11/04/2011 53 4 - 310
Greeley told Lincoln - No Compromise!
The country has been compromising our ideals since its inception. At the writing of our constitution, in 1820, and in 1850, southern senators demanded and got huge concessions. Their 'or ...
harlinchi 03/11/2011 2 2 - 36
Yes of course, let's discuss Michel Vick!
We need to demonize Blacks whenever possible!
harlinchi 12/29/2010 86 6 - 139
What happened to 'It's a Wonderful Life'?
As a child, the movie seemed to always be on or ready to come on. Now, not so much. I wonder why?
harlinchi 11/29/2010 15 4 - 84
A check on polling methodology
Polls have always been useful in manipulating public opinion. Now they've become the one of the most common ways in which so-called news is reported. News organization which scream about an ...
harlinchi 11/01/2010 10 6 - 41
Polls are pointless manipulations!
Newsreaders or pundits for whom a poll is newsworthy regardless of its validity, professionalism and likely accuracy are not trying to inform but to manipulate!
harlinchi 07/15/2010 3 - - 20
When does media deregulation get discussed?
It is axiomatic that indulging in various forms of deregulation, removing rules that applied to the financial industry, the minerals extraction process and other areas has hurt this country badly. ...
harlinchi 06/29/2010 9 3 - 9
Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are a couple!
Joe Scarborough and Mika Bryzynski are an item according to statements made and not refuted on today's show!
harlinchi 05/26/2010 80 7 - 143
A Dem is a Republican who tried to use their health care.
Thoughts on a current event and quickly written and poorly phrased ...
harlinchi 11/09/2009 5 6 - 25
Feinstein: Critcism from left does not concern me!
One is left to wonder, though, if negative talk from the right upsets the democratic senator who appears to help the GOP more than the democrats. Republicans certainly appear to make her ...
harlinchi 06/29/2009 522 584 7 54
GOP leaders stand with people of Iran
The GOP stands with the people of Iran in their struggle against tyranny but against the majority of the American people in their struggle to achieve a public option.
harlinchi 06/24/2009 17 4 - 1
Why can't McCain seal the deal among working whites?
Since the media described, falsely it seems, but at length, how poorly Sen. Obama will perform among working Americans, particlularly White working Americans, will they now discuss why Sen. ...
harlinchi 08/04/2008 20 16 - 20
'Why can't Obama seal the deal...'
...and 'the media love Obama' because of the number of articles written, newscasts aired and opinion shows broadcast are some of the forked tongue remarks made by the devious among the media.
harlinchi 07/30/2008 30 4 1 12
Now Obama must pay for the Wright story overkill?
This focus on the number of stories written about each candidate ignores that many of the stories written about Obama were written with malice aforethought!
harlinchi 07/21/2008 9 10 - -
Major Media manipulations mean much mayhem!
Three times this week the major media attempted to deflate the balloon of popularity Sen. Obama is experiencing. Three times they failed. Sen. Obama's balloon must have the tensile ...
harlinchi 07/10/2008 7 3 - -
Pres. Carter is a good man who will be praised by history.
I admired him then and voted for him in the first presidential election in which I was able to vote, in 1980. I admire him now. I don't appreciate the extent to which he is (and was!) vilified. ...
harlinchi 06/25/2008 36 14 - 30
Seasonal Greetings!
The WSJ’s blog reported that the ‘statistical magicians’ turned a actual 6.5 percent fuel price increase into a small decline.
harlinchi 05/15/2008 2 2 - 9
How's that 'core inflation rate' working out?
Changes in how the rate is computed occurred in 1983 and again in 1998; the core rate obscures the real impact of price changes.
harlinchi 05/05/2008 2 5 - -
Obama, Clinton each receive more PA votes than GOP total!
The PA election return page shows 791,900 total votes cast for a GOP candidate. Obama received 1,030,703 and Clinton got 1,238,232.
harlinchi 04/24/2008 13 5 - 1
Will PSA's signed by the interim government in Iraq be valid?
Long-term agreements signed by a government which, almost by definition, will be short-lived are not smart, for Iraqis. posted on another site in 2005 -- still relevant!
harlinchi 04/18/2008 3 1 - 5
The Bushfamily Hillbillies
...sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies".
harlinchi 04/03/2008 - 2 - -
Obama vs McCain, Clinton vs Mccain polls intentionally mislead!
All of the hand-wringing polls asserting that the Democratic party is in danger because polls show good results for John McCain when matched up against either Democratic potential nominee are meant ...
harlinchi 04/02/2008 5 2 - -
Sen Clinton finally achieves 'Sista Soulja' moment.
Although instead of coming out against a radical view, ala Pres. Clinton during his campaign, Sen. Clinton's surrogate asserts a radical, politically incorrect view which might endear her to closet ...
harlinchi 03/13/2008 12 4 - -
Congressman's office says stimulus rebate won't have to be repaid!
As the proposed package currently stands, stimulus rebate checks will not be treated like loans to be repaid, as they were in 2001.
harlinchi 02/04/2008 12 3 - -
Baltimore Sun says rebate won't have to be repaid!
Article by David Nitkin, dated 1-25-08, says money is an outright payment. Nitkin's ...
harlinchi 01/28/2008 19 1 - -
I've called Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Fattah about the rebate.
No one answers whether rebate must be repaid or not.
harlinchi 01/25/2008 18 2 1 -
Where do they tell us how much of rebate must be repaid?
Lawmakers clinch deal giving repayable rebates to us and tax cuts to businesses. The ...
harlinchi 01/24/2008 10 5 - 2
Is a speedy stimulus required for the economy or...
harlinchi 01/23/2008 4 1 - 1
Why is the NYT avoiding DOW results on 1-22-08?
On a day when many people will look to see what happens with the Dow Jones, the NYT is avoiding the carnage. At least it is avoiding the ticker's carnage! The ticker is posting the closing results ...
harlinchi 01/22/2008 28 2 - -
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