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That Scott Walker as Koch puppet artwork
I noticed that the Scott-Walker-as-Koch-Industries-puppet artwork made it into a Kos article, here:
healthfreedom 04/11/2014 2 2 - -
Thanks to Daily Kos readers!
Thanks to Daily Kos readers for their support of this petition:
healthfreedom 09/11/2013 1 3 - -
Petition against Bush/Cheney immunity has almost reached its 150 threshold!
This petition against immunity for Bush/Cheney has almost reached its threshold of 150 to be posted on the open petitions page of If anyone can add their signature, maybe we make it ...
healthfreedom 09/04/2013 7 6 1 -
Petition - Reverse war crimes immunity for Bush/ Cheney
There is a petition on that people can sign, "Reverse the decision to grant immunity to George W Bush and the members of his administration who planned the Iraq War". See link: https:
healthfreedom 09/04/2013 4 2 - -
Proof that McCain dropped Napalm
I recently came across this article on Daily Kos claiming that McCain indeed was involved in napalm runs in Vietnam. The author quoted an old New York Times article that was summarized in another ...
healthfreedom 10/27/2008 111 12 1 19
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