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Israeli-Palestinian Talks: An Update
As Secretary of State John Kerry recently observed, we are at a ' critical point ' in the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict. In a New Left Project interview earlier this month, Norman ...
heathlander 01/22/2014 31 16 - -
The End of Palestine? An Interview with Norman G. Finkelstein
An agreement may be imminent that will end the Israel-Palestine conflict -- and the prospects for an independent Palestine along with it.
heathlander 01/10/2014 21 12 - -
As Kerry pursues peace process, Congress warns against endless negotiations
Ahead of renewed US-mediated Israeli-Palestinian talks, it's a relief to see that US lawmakers are aware of the dangers of endless negotiations.
heathlander 08/01/2013 5 4 - -
New US Middle East envoy Martin Indyk's solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict
A guest post by Norman Finkelstein, first published at New Left Project and republished here with ...
heathlander 07/29/2013 27 17 - -
A Historic Moment in the Middle East
The long-suffering Middle East peace process has been revived once again. Norman Finkelstein assesses its prospects and implications. Re-published with permission from New Left ...
heathlander 07/27/2013 6 11 - -
All Talk in the Middle East
Many analysts and politicians have responded to Hassan Rouhani's victory in Iran's presidential elections with concern -- that a more moderate Iranian figurehead may reduce international pressure ...
heathlander 06/20/2013 7 5 - -
Power Corrupts
Samantha Power has long criticised "peace processors". So how will she defend the most bankrupt peace process of all?
heathlander 06/18/2013 10 7 - -
White House correspondents expose U.S. hypocrisy (video)
For those confused about the U.S.'s latest push for Middle East peace , State Department spokesperson Jennifer Psaki has handily summarised Obama administration policy:
heathlander 06/16/2013 8 10 - -
Middle East Peace Process: Here we go again...
John Kerry's economic initiative for the Palestinians is a rehash of a failed strategy. Here we go again...
heathlander 05/30/2013 27 13 - -
The Scary Truth About Israel’s Election: Nothing Happened
Israel's recent election was widely expected to yield another triumph for the Israeli right. In the event, what impressed commentators most was the resurgence of the centre. After more than a decade ...
heathlander 04/01/2013 19 13 - -
Israel's Latest Assault on Gaza - What Really Happened
In this article Norman Finkelstein, leading scholar of the Israel-Palestine conflict, analyses Israel's most recent attack ('Operation Pillar of Defense') on Gaza. He argues that shifting regional ...
heathlander 11/29/2012 57 27 1 -
Israeli newspaper: Israel attacked Gaza knowing truce was in the works
As Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip enters its second day, reports have emerged that it launched the attack in the knowledge that a 'permanent truce' was in the works.
heathlander 11/15/2012 238 85 2 -
Israel Bombs Gaza: A Chronological Reminder
Israel has been pummelling Gaza all afternoon, assassinating Hamas's military chief and killing (so far) an estimated nine people , reportedly including at least two children.
heathlander 11/14/2012 183 27 - -
Palestinian Authority in crisis
The Palestinian Authority's financial collapse has been temporarily deferred again after it managed, cap in one hand and apocalyptic warnings of the rise of Hamas in the other, to wring last-minute ...
heathlander 07/26/2012 8 11 - 92
Life in an occupied West Bank village
Footage of Israeli soldiers raiding a house in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh (with English subtitles):
heathlander 03/23/2012 6 26 - 109
Major new EU-funded study: Palestinian children 'systematically' ill-treated, and sometimes tortured
"The test of a democracy is how you treat people incarcerated, people in jail, and especially so with minors" – Mark Regev, spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu A major new EU-...
heathlander 03/22/2012 70 43 2 291
Common Sense: Occupation, Assembly, and the Future of Liberty
As well as posting on DKos, I co-edit the British left progressive website, New Left Project . Today we launched our publication of a new ebook by Dan Hind on the Occupy movement and deliberative ...
heathlander 03/20/2012 4 9 1 43
Occupy Wall Street and Transformational Strategy
The beginning of the new year seems an appropriate time to reflect upon the progress, and potential, of what must surely rank as one of the most astonishing and encouraging developments of 2011: the ...
heathlander 01/07/2012 3 17 1 94
'We teach life, sir.'
We're approaching the three year anniversary of Israel's massacre in ...
heathlander 11/18/2011 6 13 - 141
What does a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict look like? This.
In 2008, then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made the Palestinians an offer so reasonable and enlightened it made Ehud Barak'...
heathlander 11/13/2011 52 28 1 377
Goldstone contra Goldstone
The degeneration of Judge Richard Goldstone continues. In April, you'll recall, he ...
heathlander 11/01/2011 70 14 1 294
Is the 'special relationship' becoming too expensive?
There are signs that, in the wake of the Arab uprisings, American elites are reconsidering whether the 'special relationship' between the U.S. and Israel is really worth it.
heathlander 09/20/2011 33 22 2 214
Israeli Human Rights Group: 'Myths and Facts' on the Gaza Siege
A couple of weeks ago the UN Secretary General's office published the findings of an inquiry, ...
heathlander 09/19/2011 17 29 8 197
9/11 - Decade of Fear
The decade that began on 9/11 saw the brutal efficacy of terror repeatedly demonstrated, in Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza as well as on the streets of New York and London. But the purveyors of fear have ...
heathlander 09/11/2011 8 6 1 56
The neoliberal mafia
The mafia - it ain't what it used to be.
heathlander 09/08/2011 6 8 - 110
What Are 'Enlightenment Values'?
The debate between advocates of a 'Secular Enlightenment', and critics who reject that understanding of the Enlightenment as overly accommodating to power, echoes the eighteenth century debate about ...
heathlander 07/21/2011 35 22 7 276
Minimum Feasible Participation: The Politics of 'Rationality'
The rise of systems analysis in twentieth century America illustrates the utility of 'rationality' as a legitimising ideology for minimising popular participation in the political process.
heathlander 07/13/2011 9 6 2 60
Revising the June 1967 Arab-Israeli War
Historically, the ’67 war offers an interesting case study through which to examine arguments about the importance of individuals vs. structural forces in determining state action; the extent ...
heathlander 05/05/2011 60 13 4 243
Rousseau, Voltaire and Climate Denial
Chris Mooney has an interesting article up at Mother Jones which draws upon insights revealed by psychology and neuroscience to explain why ...
heathlander 04/25/2011 24 22 3 132
The Political Economy of Book Publishing - an industry insider speaks out (Part 2)
The second of a two-part interview with author and former publisher Dan Hind. Commissioning power should be stripped from unaccountable editors, Hind argues, and invested in the public.
heathlander 04/22/2011 16 17 1 78
The Political Economy of Book Publishing - an industry insider speaks out
In the first of a two-part interview, author and former publisher Dan Hind talks about his experiences in the publishing industry, and how powerful interests and structural forces skew the ...
heathlander 04/21/2011 19 22 2 159
Goldstone's Fatal Retraction
Last week Richard Goldstone wrote an op-ed in the ...
heathlander 04/11/2011 73 24 1 472
The Spirit of Tahrir
About the series: Adalah ("justice" in Arabic) is a diary series about the Middle East, with special (but not exclusive) emphasis on the ...
heathlander 02/23/2011 27 32 1 152
Adalah: Learning from the Egyptian Revolution
About the series: Adalah ("justice" in Arabic) is a diary series about the Middle East, with special (but not exclusive) emphasis on the ...
heathlander 02/17/2011 16 20 - 114
The Men Who Stole the World
My interview with Nicholas Shaxson, author of 'Treasure Islands', about America's and Britain's leading roles in the global offshore economy and the prospects for challenging corporate tax avoidance.
heathlander 02/11/2011 35 100 18 1092
Revolution in Egypt - where next?
Just back from a talk on events in Tunisia and Egypt by George Joffe ...
heathlander 02/07/2011 8 13 - 96
Spreading Egyptian values
In a speech yesterday attacking ‘multiculturalism’ Prime ...
heathlander 02/06/2011 26 21 - 88
Explosive leaked documents: The Palestine Papers
Make no mistake about it: despite attempts by some to downplay the significance of the biggest leak of secret documents in the history of the Middle East conflict, ...
heathlander 01/23/2011 363 84 5 261
Chasing Dreams - my interview with Ece Temelkuran
Ece Temelkuran is one of Turkey’s most prominent journalists. A recipient of the Turkish Journalist of the Year and the Pen for Peace awards, ...
heathlander 01/21/2011 9 8 - 76
Tunisia as regional paradigm?
George Joffe gave a fascinating talk yesterday about ...
heathlander 01/19/2011 21 24 - 69
The Political Economy of 'Democracy Promotion'
Where are the ‘democracy promoters’ on the Tunisian uprising?, asks Marc ...
heathlander 01/14/2011 26 16 - 81
Becoming Economic Citizens - an interview with Ha-Joon Chang
In the first part of an extensive interview, leading development economist Ha-Joon Chang discusses Marx, Keynes and the nature of economics as an academic discipline.
heathlander 01/03/2011 8 15 1 108
Human Rights Watch: US should slash aid to Israel
'Separate but Unequal'. That’s the title of Human Rights Watch's latest report on Israel's occupation in the West Bank. Of the main ...
heathlander 12/19/2010 100 39 1 58
UN human rights inquiry accuses Israel of "wilful killing" and "torture"
This week the UNHRC published its report [.pdf] into Israel’...
heathlander 09/26/2010 213 41 1 54
'Against the Stream' - my interview with Israeli journalist Gideon Levy
For decades Gideon Levy has used the platform provided by the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz to shine a light ...
heathlander 09/08/2010 78 38 2 60
On the resuscitation of the 'peace process'
“Peace process? What peace process? That's so nineties. After 18 years, don't they feel silly... There are only two scenarios. The optimistic one is more of the same. The ...
heathlander 08/29/2010 68 29 1 101
Panorama: Righteous Slaughter in the Med
The BBC has, predictably, "dismiss[ed]” claims that a ...
heathlander 08/20/2010 101 21 - 37
The latency phase - of "terrorist babies" and "dead children strategies"
Muslim babies as “future terrorists” – the latest barbarous idiom produced by the ‘war on terror’ and its ...
heathlander 08/12/2010 85 25 - 723
Palestinian MKs demand democracy
Right. Just got back from a press briefing in London with MK Taleb el-Sana , of the United Arab List, and ...
heathlander 07/26/2010 169 27 - 49
* ahem *
heathlander 07/24/2010 27 12 - 27
'God helps those who help themselves' - Part 2 of my interview with Norman Finkelstein
Norman Finkelstein is one of the world’s foremost public intellectuals writing about the Israel-Palestine conflict. He is the author of many books on the topic, most recently Beyond ...
heathlander 07/21/2010 54 24 1 58
A Nobel Peace Laureate appeals for an end to the persecution of Mordechai Vanunu
Below is an 'Open Letter of Appeal to the Jewish People' from Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire. She addresses it to 'the Jewish People', perhaps because she thinks that Jews tend to have greater ...
heathlander 07/19/2010 212 17 - 13
'God helps those who help themselves' - my interview with Norman Finkelstein
Norman Finkelstein is one of the world’s foremost public intellectuals writing about the Israel-Palestine conflict. He is the author of many books on the topic, most recently Beyond ...
heathlander 07/13/2010 73 31 - 237
Western liberals are enabling Israel's degeneration
The current Knesset is probably the most right-wing in Israel’s history, with the right and the far-right ...
heathlander 06/09/2010 53 51 1 42
Seth Freedman never met a massacre he didn't like
Last year, in the midst of the most vicious assault on Gaza since the occupation began, Seth Freedman used his (inexplicable) privileged ...
heathlander 06/01/2010 21 28 - 68
Israel massacres peace activists (updated)
By now you will have heard about Israel’s assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla , in the course of which,
heathlander 05/31/2010 1841 738 9 2385
UC Berkeley students make history
heathlander 04/17/2010 203 44 - 38
Book Review - Israel's Assault on Gaza: One Massacre Too Many
Norman Finkelstein's new book on the Gaza massacre, This Time We Went Too Far: Truth & Consequences of the Gaza Invasion , is a damning chronicle of both ...
heathlander 03/24/2010 90 25 1 47
Avi Shlaim rocks Cambridge
heathlander 03/02/2010 57 24 2 31
Haiti & Gaza: The Political Economy of Humanitarianism
The contrast between the response of our political and ...
heathlander 01/27/2010 148 32 1 101
The racist arrogance of Israeli hacks
heathlander 01/06/2010 298 36 1 98
The betrayal of Gaza
In a report [.pdf] published this week, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Christian Aid and other leading aid ...
heathlander 12/23/2009 133 50 2 59
British government covers for Livni - so much for the "war on terror"
heathlander 12/17/2009 191 21 1 103
The "giant fraud" being perpetrated at Copenhagen
The incomparable Naomi Klein on the Copenhagen summit:
heathlander 12/14/2009 24 22 1 49
Noam Chomsky: invasion of Afghanistan was "immoral"
Today Kim Howells, Labour MP and chairman of the British Intelligence and Security Committee, urged a withdrawal from Afghanistan - ...
heathlander 11/04/2009 239 44 1 35
Goldstone's report on the Gaza massacre
Reading through the Goldstone report [.pdf], one theme becomes immediately ...
heathlander 09/25/2009 101 41 2 89
'Breaking the Silence' being silenced
Former Israeli military commander Efran Efrati recently testified to the BBC that Palestinian children are '...
heathlander 08/09/2009 64 32 1 29
How to lose friends and alienate people
Hiring paid hasbaratchiks to "spew ...
heathlander 07/18/2009 154 24 - 34
Global march on Gaza - satyagrahis wanted!
When Gandhi's doctrine of non-violent resistance ( satyagraha ) is invoked in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict,
heathlander 07/07/2009 302 45 - 58
Hamas "prepared to accept" an independent state alongside Israel
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh today declared that Hamas is "prepared to accept a state in the territories occupied by Israel in 1967". ...
heathlander 06/16/2009 302 25 - 26
Obama's 'bold vision' for peace in the Middle East
It is difficult to divine the basis for the mass of excited speculation surrounding the anticipated 'showdown' between the US and its most reliable client, which peaked with Obama's much-hyped ...
heathlander 06/13/2009 42 24 - 49
Israeli elections: a choice between extremists
As the election looms the political landscape in Israel looks increasingly consumed by militarism and right-wing nationalism. The Washington ...
heathlander 02/06/2009 338 31 5 57
Thwarting Palestinian moderation
After putting the exclamation point on its murderous rampage ...
heathlander 01/18/2009 130 38 2 40
Israeli war criminals - in their own words
"What I think we need to do is to reach a situation in which we do not allow Hamas to govern," Mr. Ramon said on Channel One. "That is the most important thing." - Vice ...
heathlander 01/14/2009 124 34 1 40
Israel rejected a proposed ceasefire with Hamas in December
Investigative journalist and historian Gareth Porter reports that Israel rejected a truce offer from Hamas in mid-December : "...
heathlander 01/11/2009 92 29 - 29
Huge Gaza solidarity demonstration in London
Just back from the demo in London. It was massive – probably the biggest Palestinian solidarity protest in British history, despite the freezing weather. I’m told Sky News ...
heathlander 01/10/2009 112 30 1 46
Purity of arms
A snapshot into the realities of Israel's war on "Hamas targets":
heathlander 01/07/2009 99 16 2 20
"This is an all-out war against the civilian Palestinian population in Gaza"
We’re hearing a lot about Israel’s supposed assault on “ Hamas ...
heathlander 01/06/2009 242 46 3 41
Ceasefire now! End the siege! Photos and video from the demo in London
Just back from the Gaza demo in London. The atmosphere was lively, as you might imagine, and the turnout ...
heathlander 01/03/2009 139 31 - 47
The aggression continues; over 400 dead
heathlander 01/01/2009 717 137 1 42
Israel rejects truce in favour of "war to the bitter end"
heathlander 12/30/2008 347 53 - 46
Gaza massacre continues
heathlander 12/29/2008 269 40 1 36
Gaza blitz continues as Israel rejects ceasefire
heathlander 12/28/2008 180 24 - 33
Iraqi shoe thrower prompts racist rant from Bill O'Reilly
Just saw this on TV, and sure enough someone has uploaded it to YouTube:
heathlander 12/17/2008 68 17 1 28
Media silence on Colombia abuses
Last Wednesday (December 10) the UN Human Rights Council convened ...
heathlander 12/13/2008 45 26 1 194
Gaza: silence is not an option
UN special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories Richard Falk ...
heathlander 12/10/2008 512 17 - 17
Amnesty International: Gaza reduced to bare survival
Amnesty International : "The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip is having ever more ...
heathlander 12/06/2008 461 45 - 32
Is EU policy towards Israel shifting?
heathlander 12/05/2008 76 13 1 19
A 'controversial' consensus
We're frequently told how mysterious, complex and controversial the Israel/Palestine conflict is. The reality was demonstrated recently by UN General Assembly, which once ...
heathlander 12/02/2008 269 17 3 119
UN: end the 'inhuman' blockade of Gaza
An 'explosive' Red Cross report leaked today documents ...
heathlander 11/15/2008 350 44 3 42
Breaking the siege
Earlier this week, a group ...
heathlander 11/02/2008 19 6 - 36
Selective outrage and Gilad Shalit
Nearly everyone has heard of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier who was captured by armed Palestinians in June 2006 and is currently being held hostage pending a prisoner exchange. The fate of Salwa ...
heathlander 10/11/2008 296 7 2 20
The "Dahiya doctrine"
"What happened in the Dahiya quarter of Beirut in 2006 will happen in every village from which Israel is fired on ... "We will apply disproportionate force on it [the village] and ...
heathlander 10/04/2008 42 8 - 1
Aid agencies expose "peace process" as a sham
A coalition of 21 prominent aid agencies, including the likes of Oxfam International, Save the Children UK, CAFOD, CARE International UK and Christian Aid, ...
heathlander 09/29/2008 11 3 1 -
Anti-Iran propaganda gets a free pass
The Daily Telegraph 's Con Coughlin has a long and distinguished record ...
heathlander 09/23/2008 11 5 1 8
Fishing in Gaza
It's ...
heathlander 09/16/2008 53 9 - 4
"A free hand to kill"
As you may recall, the brains heading up ...
heathlander 08/21/2008 43 8 1 2
Mustafa Barghouti on the Annapolis fraud
Steve Clemons of The Washington Note recently ...
heathlander 08/10/2008 49 13 - 6
Supporting occupation - Gordon Brown in Israel
Whoever scheduled Gordon Brown’s recent visit to Israel is surely out of a job. Brown&...
heathlander 08/01/2008 116 8 1 7
How Israel deals with unarmed demonstrators
A video published today by the B'Tselem human rights organisation shows an unarmed, handcuffed and ...
heathlander 07/20/2008 194 34 - 34
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