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African American turnout in NC
is one for the history books. At the end of early voting on Saturday, 49.7% of all registered African American voters in NC had cast their votes. And of those votes, 61% came from WOMEN . By contrast,
heiderose1 11/04/2012 98 320 5 -
Early Voting Statistics in NC
2012 General Election North Carolina Absentee Stats for 11/06/2012 updated: 10/29/2012 7am One week of Early Voting to go! Unless there is a significant last minute surge, early voting will fall ...
heiderose1 10/29/2012 6 3 - -
Meet the Dream Walkers: Felipe, Gaby, Carlos and Juan - join up and walk with them
The same day North Carolinian William Gheen, president of the virulently anti-immigrant organization ALIPAC, called on Congress to abandon the Constitution and subvert the 2010 Census data to crack ...
heiderose1 04/08/2010 9 11 - 96
Let America be America Again
Dear DKos Community, It has been a wild but sweet ride in the last couple of years, and I have checked in with you guys several times daily to get my bearings, catch the latest news, read your ...
heiderose1 11/07/2008 1 2 1 1
Over one million North Carolinians have already cast their ballots
About mid-day on Saturday, October 25, One–Stop Voting in NC reached one million ballots cast. With another week of One-Stop Early Voting still to go, NC has already surpassed the early voting ...
heiderose1 10/26/2008 19 18 - 3
Facing end-times-type drought without a plan
Residents and businesses in Durham, NC, have been told that they must cut water use by another 20% after months of cut-backs that resulted in a decrease of 31% or face the possibility of water ...
heiderose1 12/10/2007 20 30 2 40
Two years ago I wrote and helped pass a resolution for the North Carolina Democratic Party that supported repealing section 505 of the IIRIRA Act of 1996 and urged the passage of the DREAM Act. ...
heiderose1 09/26/2007 30 6 - 2
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