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Ohio takes one small step into 21st century: allows Tesla to stay.
Ohio's GOP-monopoly is now set to allow Tesla to keep its two existing stores (one each in Columbus and Cincinnati) and go ahead with a planned third location in the Cleveland area. But that's it. ...
here4tehbeer 03/26/2014 7 11 - -
Romney Campaign Barred Small Vendors from Tampa Convention
The Romney/Ryan campaign may claim to have " built it ", but according to this story from San Francisco's KCBS , they apparently weren't allowing anyone else to sell ...
here4tehbeer 08/31/2012 14 32 1 365
Columbus OH Sunday Rally - some crowd pix
Because in the "crowd" was as close as I could get. It looked like a lot more folks (60k+) than were expected showed up, but then the fact that the crowd probably realized that ...
here4tehbeer 11/02/2008 32 26 1 34
In which I retract my apology to the Obama campaign.
Well, I suppose that before I retract my apology I need to actually give my apology. A good few months ago I tossed a few hundred dollars to the Obama primary campaign, basically for a couple of ...
here4tehbeer 10/24/2008 66 30 - 29
"A"blog success story, but it's so much more than that.
Back around July 15th, John Aravosis posted a fund raising request on his AMERICAblog site. And not just the typical "our server crashed" or "we could ...
here4tehbeer 08/03/2007 4 2 - 1
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