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I am about to begin my 67th year of birding,
mostly in Texas on our farm, and I have noticed a few things about some birds and some mammals that have changed over all those years. In 1948, jackrabbits were everywhere. When I took my walks in ...
hestal 01/13/2015 60 83 1 -
Joseph Stiglitz Speaks and Says Nothing
In the July/August issue of Politico Magazine, economist and Nobel Laureate Josef Stiglitz wrote a 2,600-word article entitled “The Myth of America’s Golden Age.” What a pretentious title for ...
hestal 06/27/2014 63 3 - -
Fifty-One Madisonian Republics
I don't how much it will take to get people to stop trying to work within our political system and to start working to overthrow it, but things are getting bad so fast, and climate change is such a ...
hestal 04/03/2014 9 1 1 -
By the People
We know that there is a field of study that is called “political science.” But we also know that it is not really a science. The field of economics is not a science either, but because ...
hestal 03/20/2014 1 3 - -
The Secret to Golf
I played my first round of golf in 1946 at the Blue Bonnet Country Club in Texas. I played with my father and my Uncle Earl. On that day I got the first golf lesson that I can still remember. My ...
hestal 03/18/2014 22 9 1 -
I have lots of friends down here in Texas who are conservatives. They hate Obama, they are capitalists, and they hate government in general. But, on the other hand, they like Medicare because they ...
hestal 03/01/2013 3 3 - -
How Hogan helped Mickelson get rich
Phil Mickelson made some remarks today about his income taxes. He has a real problem, and he is complaining about it. But he should keep quiet. Lots of men suffered, sacrificed, and worked to build ...
hestal 01/21/2013 128 129 3 -
Madison, Republic, Democracy, Factions
In Federalist 10 , James Madison chose a republican form of government over a democratic form. He told us why he did it. His essay is one of the most famous, perhaps the most important, and ...
hestal 01/10/2013 2 2 1 -
The Lesson of the Secessionists
Even if there are a million of them that is still less than 1/3 of 1% of our population. Forget about it. Let 'em bitch. It may do them some good. People like these will never go away. They are ...
hestal 11/13/2012 13 4 - -
Mark Twain knew about history
Mark Twain said that history rhymes: There are two rhymes with history that are before us today. The first is about hatred. Mitt Romney expressed his hatred for people who don’t pay income taxes ...
hestal 11/02/2012 4 4 - -
Wall Street, Main Street, Peptic Ulcers
The Fed has announced a new phase of Quantitative Easing which it hopes will drop unemployment to 7% years from now. Main Street is still suffering. Wall Street, on the other hand has recovered. Big ...
hestal 09/14/2012 13 12 - 111
Congress 2006 - Congress 2010, will anything change?
On July 12, 2006, not long before the biennial congressional elections, a panel discussion was held at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, D.C. The purpose was to discuss The ...
hestal 06/09/2010 6 - - 20
George Washington: the Constitution is imperfect
On November 9, 1787, shortly after the new, proposed Constitution had been submitted to the People for their consideration, Washington wrote a letter to his nephew and heir, Bushrod Washington. In ...
hestal 05/10/2010 9 9 2 26
Changing the Constitutional System
I spent my working life making changes to the systems of large institutions, both public and private. I retired in 1995; I am an old man. In order to make useful changes to a system one first must ...
hestal 12/15/2009 30 1 - 27
Of the People, by the Parties, and for the Special Interests
Cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men Political parties were not mentioned in the original Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The only possible reference I ...
hestal 06/12/2009 15 2 1 31
Federalist 10 -- A Republic or a "Pure" Democracy?
In Federalist 10 , James Madison tells us why the Framers chose a representative democracy, a republic, rather than a pure, direct, democracy as the form of government for our new nation. ...
hestal 06/08/2009 12 5 - 95
There are two kinds of Christianity.
Christianity is not monolithic. It is instead highly fragmented, highly confused, and highly confusing. It is feverish and quarrelsome. Over the centuries many of its practitioners were violent, ...
hestal 06/07/2009 79 10 - 50
The Will of the People or the Will of the Corrupt Class?
We are faced with a choice, to begin to follow the Will of the People or to continue to follow the Will of the Corrupt Class. The People include all our citizens – tyranni and ...
hestal 04/13/2009 4 2 - 13
Unsubstantiated Hypotheses about Homosexuality
I live in the heart of fundamentalist Texas and the other day at the golf course I heard a guy say that homosexuality is a choice. This is a hypothesis and, as such, it should be tested against the ...
hestal 04/10/2009 55 15 - 30
President-Elect Obama Repeats History
President-elect Obama, a student of the Constitution, and, I presume, American History, is foolishly repeating one of the worst aspects of our national history: he is giving in to tyrants under the ...
hestal 12/19/2008 72 6 - 25
SCOTUS, CT, Gay Marriage
In light of the announcement that the Connecticut Supreme Court has said that the equal rights language of the state constitution requires that same sex couples be granted the right to marry, I ...
hestal 10/10/2008 2 2 - 12
We rely on Polls, but they are confusing.
In this election season, we use polling constantly and the folks here do a great job. They are careful and they do a good job of assessing the mathematical strengths and weaknesses of various polls.
hestal 10/05/2008 22 1 1 -
"What gives them the right to be angry?"
I was reading another diary this morning, and a commenter asked a question about the show put on by the conservatives last night. He asked, "What gives them the right to be angry?" A fair question.
hestal 09/04/2008 94 7 - -
McCain and the "Old Man Syndrome"
I am an old man, and I know many old men. The "Old Man Syndrome" visits many of us old-timers, it has visited many of my old friends. McCain has got it bad. Since the time he returned from POW ...
hestal 08/29/2008 1 2 - 8
Keith Olbermann, Obama, Edwards, Clinton, Unity
On Wednesday, January 23 John Edwards was a guest on Keith Olbermann's program, Countdown . KO played clips of Clinton and Obama talking about party unity. Then after the setup he asked ...
hestal 01/25/2008 78 12 1 25
MLK, JFK, LBJ, Primaries, Two Parties, Chaos
We are in the midst of our "democratic" candidate nomination process. There has been a great deal of excitement concerning the methods used by the various states and many are not satisfied with the ...
hestal 01/20/2008 1 - - -
Krugman, Edwards, Obama, Clinton. Recession
In today’s New York Times, Paul Krugman writes about the reactions of the presidential candidates to the impending recession. He also aims a little sarcasm at the MSM, by asking them to ...
hestal 01/14/2008 81 33 2 7
What will it take to make you happy?
From time to time Gallup tries to measure the mood of the country. They ask if we are satisfied with the direction of the nation. They ask this question several times a year, sometimes monthly, ...
hestal 01/05/2008 22 2 - 3
Religion is like France
I have been watching Mike Huckabee and seeing the MSM’s lack of reaction to his fundamentalist background, and reading about House Resolution 888 which is trying to establish an ancient ...
hestal 01/04/2008 64 15 1 1
Is it Factual or is it Economics?
I have confessed many times on this blog that I just don't get economics, and I am now beginning to think nobody does. A current case in point that is driving me crazy is the new book, The Myth ...
hestal 09/20/2007 27 3 - 2
Abraham Lincoln and the 44th President
As if we needed another reason to win the White House in 2008, think about this: on Memorial Day 2009, there will be a rededication of the Lincoln Memorial. The current plan calls for the 44th ...
hestal 03/07/2007 11 2 - -
Some Practical(?) Questions about Civil Unions
Let us suppose we elect a Democratic President in 2008 and one of his/her positions is that he/she is against gay marriage, but for civil unions. Some questions arise. How will civil unions be ...
hestal 02/15/2007 63 7 - -
John Edwards and the Southern Baptist Convention
When George W. Bush ran for President I knew he was a very dangerous man. Before I discovered Daily Kos I followed TPM. I wrote a rant to Josh Marshall during the 2000 campaign in which I said ...
hestal 01/29/2007 243 12 1 27
Nancy Pelosi is the Biggest of the Big Boys
hestal 11/08/2006 8 15 - -
Kerry gives the blogosphere a chance to prove its power.
hestal 11/01/2006 43 3 - -
What would the perfect voting machine look like?
hestal 10/20/2006 112 11 1 4
John Danforth and Al Franken
hestal 09/19/2006 8 3 1 1
Where are the New Ideas?
hestal 08/31/2006 13 3 - -
What if we win in November?
hestal 07/19/2006 38 6 - -
What Good Are Political Parties?
hestal 06/28/2006 63 1 - -
The Pope drops the other shoe.
hestal 02/27/2006 178 6 1 8
Impeachment, Filibuster, Withdrawal, or Oversight?
hestal 01/06/2006 - 1 - -
No one anticipated...
hestal 09/03/2005 2 1 - -
Drunk Driving and Abortion in Texas
hestal 08/23/2005 - 1 - -
The American Spectrum of Religious Belief
hestal 08/21/2005 3 1 - -
What does it take to get elected?
hestal 08/01/2005 3 - - -
H. Ross Perot vs. George W. Bush
hestal 08/01/2005 2 1 - -
Would Our Constitution Pass Today?
hestal 06/02/2005 8 15 - -
Filibuster message is not getting through
hestal 05/19/2005 42 1 - -
Does Satan Have God-like Powers?
hestal 05/02/2005 54 2 - 7
Voting against their economic interests is wrong...
hestal 11/04/2004 1 - - -
Don't be hard on Gallup
hestal 10/18/2004 5 - - -
Help! I just scared myself!
hestal 10/12/2004 20 - 1 3
Past or Future? Which is it?
hestal 10/10/2004 - - - -
What will Bush do when Kerry pulls clear in the polls?
hestal 10/09/2004 15 1 - -
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