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The Raleigh News & Observer picked up on it. Then Associated Press picked up on it. FDL and Raw Story have spread the word, as well. Whether or not the altered outrageous BlueCross BlueShield anti-health care reform postcards make it to Democratic North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan's office ultimately, she is assuredly aware of the effort by angered North Carolinians to undermine B.C. B.S's effort to influence the senator.

Those who saw my previous diary may know how this is playing out, essentially B.C. B.S. gets its comeuppance and there is a live protest planned for Blue Cross offices tomorrow. For those who do not know the background on this story, the original diary on Monday explained how:

On Friday, in the mail I received a flyer from BlueCross BlueShield of NC that included a postcard that the addressee is invited to send along to North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, the purpose, to let her know that the constituent is opposed to what the flyer refers to as "federal intervention in the private health insurance market." The spiel on the flyer (see below) draws an implied line from the public option to single-payer and refers to it a "slippery slope."

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On Friday, in the mail I received a flyer from BlueCross BlueShield of NC that included a postcard that the addressee is invited to send along to North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, the purpose, to let her know that the constituent is opposed to what the flyer refers to as "federal intervention in the private health insurance market." The spiel on the flyer (see below) draws an implied line from the public option to single-payer and refers to it a "slippery slope." It is an action designed for those who BC BS believes want to defend the health insurance organization's position in our currently sick health care system.

When I picked out the flyer from my mail while standing at the kitchen counter, realized the wording on it, and realized what they were saying and expecting me to do, I literally shuddered with anger. "Fuckers," I said outloud (and I guess the cats were listening, too.)

Then - "don't get angry, do something"-style - I figured out that the enclosed postcard could be altered to conversely subvert the intended purpose and that's what I did. I crossed out portions of the message, wrote in my own (see below), and and put it in the Saturday mail. Thanks for the postage Blue Cross B.S.!

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Raw Story has reported after The Washington Independent today picked up on a research study paper done at UNC-Chapel Hill's Center for Community Capital (Go Tarheels!) that the Bush Administration kept states from enforcing prdatory-lending laws, enabling further the housing crisis.

The report essentially confirms what former-New York governor Eliot Spitzer argued in a now famous Washington Post column in February 2008. (How useful to attempt to shut THIS guy up...)

The research paper, according to Raw Story, calls the findings "remarkable," saying that the link between anti-predatory lending laws and foreclosures remains "unexplored," yet important. (For the left, I imagine, this will produce quite a bit of "Well, duh" responses, but here's the details:)

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As a follow-up to Michael Moore's diary here on 'Why the Current Bills Don't Solve Our Health Care Crisis,' in which he lists 13 problems with the current health bill, and considering today's developments on the Senate bill process on Capitol Hill, I wanted to post his remarks given to the press today, seen in the below video from Moore's site, where he addressed concerns about President Obama's and the Congressional Blue Dog Democrats' approaches to health care reform.

He laid out the state of things - the strategic mistakes, the compromises, WHAT IS AT STAKE - very effectively and in powerful language and anecdote.

This was a press conference today given at Public Citizen headquarters in Washington D.C. I have provided an almost-complete transcript with highlighting by myself. There is also a question-and-answer session with Moore that can be seen after his prepared remarks (The video is 30 minutes.):

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Crystal Lee Sutton, the real-life inspiration for the 1979 movie 'Norma Rae,' died Friday after a battle with meningioma, cancer of the meninges, at the age of 68. Her actions helped to bring a union contract to employees at a J.P. Stevens textile plant in Roanoke Rapids, NC, and she gained national fame as a symbol of women's and laborers' right after her efforts (and jailing) were fictionalized in the movie.

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Please recognize the practical and symbolic rationale of the length of this diary. If is seems as if it takes 8 years to read it, well...

I was motivated to compile this post Sunday night after realizing I had seen no images in the U.S. media of victims of the NATO airstrike fireball that occurred in Afghanistan Sept. 4 (it is true that I may have missed them). I expanded even more on the idea of the diary after reading a commment from DKos' bentliberal in a post concerning the hospital raid: "In light of stories like this one, and the recent reports that Afghan civilians were wounded during a bomb attack by the U.S. coalition forces, I think Progressives should take it upon themselves to pay more attention to this war and how it is conducted."

Photographers are documenting the Afghanistan civilian casualties, although, as I've implied, you might have to do some tracking down to find it anywhere but the Internet. Maybe your local paper's editorial approach is different than mine. Here are photographs mostly from the events that developed over the weekend. Events that prompted me to arrange a narrative of my own, of sorts.

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Lawyer: Rove Knew Who DoJ Was Interviewing & Which Witnesses Were Cooperating

Investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna has posted a piece at Raw Story looking into the truth behind the implications found in today's Karl Rove Wall Street Journal editorial - statements he makes that seem to imply that Rove knew who the Department of Justice "was interviewing and which witnesses were cooperating."

The article at Raw Story highlights the quotes from the Rove op/ed piece and investigates whether they reveal that Rove received information in inappropriate manners from the House Judiciary Committee and the DoJ.

The gist of the concerns are found within these Rove statements:

“Committee staff confided to me that they considered her an unreliable witness,” Rove says of Simpson. “I also understand that Mr. Siegelman and Ms. Simpson refused to cooperate with the Justice Department’s review of his claim of political persecution, while I willingly gave sworn testimony.”

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WHNT-TV in Huntsville, Alabama, has a report on what they refer to as "new details" in the case of Democrat former Alabama governor Don Siegelman and the party's response to the targeting and prosecution of him by Rove and the Bush administration's Department of Justice.

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By now, you may have noticed the ads here at DKos and Huffington Post for this Sunday's James Gandolfini-produced "Alive Day: Home From Iraq"

Between the police and court harrassment over which freaking adhesive to use to put up posters for a protest in D.C. and which type of table to use at a press conference publicizing the event, and the comments of Gen. Patraeus that the surge hasn't "worked out as we hoped" (no fucking duh surprise), and Bill O'Reilly's braindead mouthing off, and having predicted all this outcome in 2003, wondering why there were no stories in the corporate war-mongering media about what was going to happen when the wounded started coming home, I'm already pretty worked up with anger and righteous disdain again tonight. And then I click on the ads and website for this documentary.

You want some perspective on how absurd this country is in September 2007, the month of the "Well, Let's Check In On the Iraq Occupation Once Again To See How It Is Going & Then Play More Games" report? Go to the HBO website. You will see photos like this...

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Cheryl Biren-Wright, the Chair of the Impeachment Issue Organizing Team of the Progressive Democrats of America S. Jersey Chapter, has posted on OpEdNews her account of Rep. John Conyers appearance at The People's March for Peace, Equality, Jobs, and Justice on Saturday, August 25 in Newark, New Jersey. I present it here so that you may make your own judgments.

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A U.S. president left office before the end of his term, disgraced by his unethical and undemocratic behavior.

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Wow. I just realized it's been a year since I've posted a diary here. Love the new HTML buttons/format.

Anyway, I have been optimistic about the New Mexico impeachment resolution introduced by state Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino, which has passed it's judiciary committees, but I found out about an APPARENT roadblock put up by state Senate Republicans Wednesday (?). I do not live in New Mexico and it is not clear to me just what is happening, so any input or update is appreciated...

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