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Intolerant Jackass Act
When dealing with morons it's best to treat them in a humorous way. A proposed state ballot measure that would authorize the killing of gays and lesbians infuriated one woman so much that she filed ...
hobie1616 04/20/2015 7 13 - -
Think ISIS is bad? Try the US.
Carl Hiaasen: Racial lynchings, our own history of terrorism Their fingers were hacked off and given out as souvenirs. Next their ears were chopped from their heads. A mob beat the man while a ...
hobie1616 02/28/2015 36 3 - -
Whale Watch
I took some friends out whale watching this morning. We cruised around for a while and finally ran across three whales lazing about and spouting occasionally. One of the 65 foot tour catamarans ...
hobie1616 01/16/2015 21 40 - -
GOP Straw Poll
Help the GOP select their presidential candidate for 2016 at Straw Poll. This is serious business so no foolin' around. ; )
hobie1616 01/05/2015 51 5 - -
I Miss W
About a year ago I got on a GOP mailing list that primarily spams my email with either fund raising requests of offers to buy GOP branded crap. Things like George H.W. Bush socks or camo hats. ...
hobie1616 12/11/2014 3 11 - -
No Boats For You Vlad
France has decided to delay delivery of two Mistral high-tech amphibious assault ships to the Russian Navy. President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday that delivery of the first ship, the ...
hobie1616 11/25/2014 7 5 - -
Really High School Science Teacher III
Back in April I wrote about Sophia, one of my junior sailing team kids, who was accused of cheating on a test by her high school science teacher. Really High School Science Teacher?!?! I also ...
hobie1616 09/23/2014 9 8 - -
Really High School Science Teacher II
A few weeks ago I posted a diary about one of my sailing team kids and how her science teacher accused her of cheating on a test about wind. We came up with two ideas to convince him that she had ...
hobie1616 05/04/2014 10 16 - -
Really High School Science Teacher?!?!
Sophia, one of the kids on our junior sailing team told me an interesting story yesterday. She's taking a physical science class in high school. She describes herself as a average student getting B'
hobie1616 04/19/2014 176 251 2 -
Bill Gates Has Dinner With Charles Koch
Rolling Stone recently interviewed Bill Gates. They covered a number of subjects including global climate change. We're heading for big trouble, right? Absolutely. That's why I happen to think ...
hobie1616 04/02/2014 12 14 - -
Cultural production of ignorance
The LA Times has an excellent article concerning the production of ignorance. Proctor came to the study of agnotology through his study of the Nazi scientific establishment and subsequently of the ...
hobie1616 03/09/2014 4 5 2 -
Newt On Maui
Newt and his helmet headed wife will be signing books today at Barnes & Noble in Lahaina at 2PM. An alternative, and much more satisfying event, will be a fund raising whale watch at the same time.
hobie1616 02/16/2014 5 1 - -
I'm An Old White Guy
I'm an old white guy (OWG). I'm also a life long Democrat. I live in Hawaii which is solid Democrat. I live in a neighborhood filled with other OWGs that are mostly Republicans or worse. One of ...
hobie1616 01/11/2014 9 18 - -
Earth Wind Map
This is totally cool. Earth Wind Map From Latitude 38 The Information Age has been a boon to mariners in more ways than we can count, providing innovations such as GPS, chart plotters, AIS and ...
hobie1616 01/03/2014 9 17 1 -
A Letter from Santa Claus to Megyn Kelly
Funny Or Die posts a letter from S. Claus Dear Megyn Kelly, I was recently watching your program (as a goof, of course) and you grabbed my attention when you began talking about me with three of ...
hobie1616 12/14/2013 7 13 1 -
How Long Before She Ends Up In The ER?
Or worse? Girlfriend wants charges dropped against Zimmerman ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — George Zimmerman asked a judge on Monday to change the terms of his bond so he can have contact with the ...
hobie1616 12/09/2013 17 6 - -
Mason-Dixon Line of Health Care
Timothy Egan, in the NY Times, calls out the South for their stupidity concerning Obamacare. He compares Obama's and Lincoln's "lies" in what they promised vs. what they delivered. The South's New ...
hobie1616 11/22/2013 2 6 - -
Judge refuses to block same-sex marriage law
The judge who refused to address the potential Hawaii same sex marriage law ruled on the now passed law today. Star ...
hobie1616 11/14/2013 22 39 - -
Nothing Out Of The Deal
People are saying that Republicans got nothing out of the deal. Not true. They got eight years of Hillary. -- David ...
hobie1616 10/19/2013 5 2 - -
Cars v. Guns
On September 30 fcvaguy posted a diary titled I Concede: Guns are like Cars. It had some great comparisons on how cars are regulated and how guns should be. I copied it and posted it to a forum I'...
hobie1616 10/02/2013 26 - - -
Junior Sailing In Lahaina
My neighbor, a Emmy winning video producer, got interested in our junior sailing program. This is the result. You can bump the quality up to 720HD.
hobie1616 08/28/2013 9 6 1 -
Flossie - The Next Day
Tropical Storm Flossie dropped on Maui like a ton of bricks. Cloud to ground lightning that blew up a bathroom and zapped one guy, 40+ mph winds that shredded my wife's orchids and enough rain to ...
hobie1616 07/30/2013 6 9 - -
Flossie Just Arrived In West Maui
After waiting all day the heavy rain started to fall about a half hour ago. It's pretty heavy. The wind is just below 40 mph out of the ESE. We never see wind from that direction. My wife made ...
hobie1616 07/29/2013 13 16 - -
Voting Rights Act Question
VRA Section 4 determines where it is applied and has been tossed by the Supreme Court but the Section 5, Preclearance, stands. Now that Section 5 applies to the entire country, can't the DoJ ...
hobie1616 06/28/2013 6 - - -
Why Do I Teach Kids To Sail?
We're holding our second week of junior sailing classes at the Lahaina Yacht Club. We've got a mix of experienced sailors and kids that have never been on a boat. Three of the noobies are eight-...
hobie1616 06/20/2013 13 20 - -
Adventures In Fruity Drink Land
We had out first junior sailing class this week.
hobie1616 06/07/2013 8 6 - -
Randy Paulie - Stooge Of The Night
Letterman's latest Stooge Of The Night segment. Hey, Alan, what time is it? Tonight’s “Stooge of the Night” is Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. DAVE: “Kentucky Senator Rand Paul ...
hobie1616 05/10/2013 2 2 - -
Stooge Of The Night
Letterman has a new segment named Stooge Of The Night. Hey, Alan, what time is it? Alan: “Well, Dave, it’s time for ‘Stooge of the Night!’ Tonight’s Stooge is Senator James Inhofe, ...
hobie1616 05/02/2013 5 9 - -
The Senate Won't Listen But GE Does
GE Capital has decided to stop loaning money to mom-and-pop gun retailers. LA Times With gun-control efforts bogged down in Washington, a handful of companies such as GE Capital are gingerly ...
hobie1616 04/24/2013 3 5 - -
A while ago a Kos diary pointed to a GOP survey. I answered the questions pretty honestly and left them my spam email address. I must have passed the test as I just got my first email from them. ...
hobie1616 03/20/2013 8 1 - -
Random GOP Thought
The GOP shouldn't have bitched so much about releasing Zero Dark Thirty before the election. If it had been released in October as originally planned, they could have blamed the film for their loss ...
hobie1616 03/16/2013 1 - - -
I Miss Saturday Hate Mail-a-palooza
Just sayin'.
hobie1616 02/23/2013 24 5 - -
Junior Sailing
We just finished our first junior sailing class of the year in West Maui. Seabury Academy's middle school takes a one week break and the kids get to go off and learn something outside of the ...
hobie1616 02/15/2013 9 10 - -
Does Sheriff Joe Have A Credit Card Posse?
The self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff in America" has apparently been the victim of credit card fraud. Maricopa County authorities in Phoenix said Tuesday that Sheriff Joe Arpaio's credit card ...
hobie1616 02/06/2013 4 - - -
The Whales Are Back
The first humpbacks started to appear off of West Maui in late October. There's so many out there now that seeing them from the beach is a common occurrence. The local paper today reports ten ...
hobie1616 02/01/2013 11 17 - -
Whole Foods Responds
Writing a letter to Whole Foods about their CEOs oral diarrhea elicited the following response. Dear Customers, Thank you for contacting Whole Foods Market to share your thoughts on John Mackey’...
hobie1616 01/23/2013 39 10 - -
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Says He Regrets Comparing Obamacare To 'Fascism'
That didn't take long. Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare “more like fascism” than socialism Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey says he regrets comparing Obamacare to "fascism," but remains ...
hobie1616 01/17/2013 66 30 - -
Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare “more like fascism” than socialism
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey calls Obamacare fascism in a NPR interview. In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey revised his previous description of Obamacare as ...
hobie1616 01/16/2013 403 257 6 -
Even Stanford Guys Can't Explain The Fiscal Cliff
TMZ interviews the Stanford football team. Smartest NCAA Athletes ... With ONE Exception "I'm from Florida."
hobie1616 12/31/2012 4 - - -
An Un-Well Regulated Militia
Between active and the reserves, I served in the Army for sixteen years. I attained the rank of Sergeant First Class, E-7. A few years after I left the service, I was approached by an acquaintance ...
hobie1616 12/18/2012 2 4 - -
White House Petition At 154,291. Will We See 250,000 By Week's End?
Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.
hobie1616 12/17/2012 1 3 - -
Texas Secession - 119,968, Gun Control - 120,788 Let's Double Our Number
Gun control is much more important to us as a nation then some Texas whack job who has his knickers in a twist. Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation ...
hobie1616 12/16/2012 2 4 - -
100,000 Have Signed, Have You?
Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.
hobie1616 12/15/2012 7 11 - -
75,000+, Sign Now, Yesterday Was Too Late!
Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Yesterday was too late for 20 little kids. Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.
hobie1616 12/15/2012 2 4 - -
50,000 +, Sign Now, Today Is The Day!
Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tomorrow is too late. Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.
hobie1616 12/14/2012 2 3 - -
Now At 42K, Sign Now, Today Is The Day!
Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tomorrow is too late. Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.
hobie1616 12/14/2012 1 3 - -
Sign Now!!
Sign the White House Petition on gun control. Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.
hobie1616 12/14/2012 4 3 - -
Brand - 1, Westboro Baptist Church - 0
Russell Brand interviews two members of the Westboro Baptist Church. During the interview we find out that Madonna, Mahatma Gandhi and Tom Hanks are all going to Hell.
hobie1616 11/21/2012 8 6 - -
Obama Administration Responds to Texas Secessionists
hobie1616 11/17/2012 8 31 - -
Scrap Wood Charges Phone And Makes Dinner
With no power in many areas of the East Coast, many people have no way to cook food or keep their cell phones charged. Enter BioLite. They make a small stove that uses dry scrap wood that both ...
hobie1616 11/10/2012 8 12 1 -
Karl Rove Stars in Casino Royale
The villain, Le Chiffre, in Casino Royale is looking for money to repay a gigantic debt. He eventually looses millions to Bond in a poker game. Le Chiffre is eventually confronted by his debtor ...
hobie1616 11/09/2012 4 2 - -
Karl Rove’s Performance Review
Everyone who works get a periodical performance review. Items covered usually include things like meeting goals for the previous year, objectives, working with others, strengths and weaknesses, ...
hobie1616 11/08/2012 5 - - -
Stop Harassing Each Other
Jimmy Kimmel paid $4,000,000 to make this commercial. "Leave me alone!!"
hobie1616 11/08/2012 1 3 - -
hobie1616 11/06/2012 2 2 - -
Hawaii - Some Oahu Polls Still Open
Shortage of paper ballots still a problem.
hobie1616 11/06/2012 3 - - -
Hawaii - Bad News/Good News
The turn out has been so large a number of polling places ran out of paper ballots. The temporary solution was to go electronic but the polling places only have one unit. Paper ballots were ...
hobie1616 11/06/2012 1 8 - -
Voting In Hawaii
Hawaii has the worst record for voter turnout. Lahaina has the worst record in Hawaii. My wife and I hopped on our 115 miles to the gallon scooters to vote at the Civic Center. It's the only ...
hobie1616 11/06/2012 13 15 - -
White People Video
Jimmy Kimmel continues to deliver.
hobie1616 11/03/2012 5 21 - -
Barbers Discuss Romney
Jimmy is in Brooklyn for the week. He visits Level's Barber Shop to get the barber's advice on how Mitt Romney can get more of the Black vote. Jimmy says Romney currently has three percent of the ...
hobie1616 11/01/2012 6 4 - -
Thank You Climate Change Deniers
Thank you global warming/climate change deniers for delivered the biggest October surprise ever. While the President is looking presidential by being proactive and working with Bloomberg and ...
hobie1616 10/31/2012 1 2 - -
Tsunami - West Maui
Sirens went off about five minutes ago. Lahaina grocery stores and gas stations jammed. Typical for this kind of event.
hobie1616 10/27/2012 25 6 1 -
You're Talking Out Of Both Sides Of Your Mouth
We had some friends over last night for pupus and drinks. In any group setting on Maui the price of energy may come up and it did. I was asked what we paid for electricity the previous month. It ...
hobie1616 10/25/2012 7 3 - -
Tagg, You're It
Sorry, I had to do it.
hobie1616 10/19/2012 3 2 - -
Sesame Street Saves The Day
My three kids grew up on Sesame Street. Like it or not, I could sing most of the songs. Who knew it would come in handy one day.
hobie1616 10/05/2012 5 18 - 99
Goose vs. Gander
TMZ reports Mitt Romney funded a surrogate who carried twins for his son Tagg. In the Gestational Carrier Agreement, Paragraph 13 pops out. "If in the opinion of the treating physician or her ...
hobie1616 09/21/2012 2 3 - 41
Something Is Going To Happen
I spent two week on the Mainland recently during both the Republican and Democratic conventions. Most of the time I was surrounded by conservatives. It was fun to blunt their Fox talking points ...
hobie1616 09/17/2012 8 5 - 215
Yacht Club
I’m on the Mainland for a week. I had dinner with friends last night at their yacht club. We retired to the bar and someone suggested seeing if a rerun of the Presidents speech was on TV. I ...
hobie1616 09/07/2012 7 3 - 98
Letterman Top Ten 8-15-12
Last night Dave had Lionel Richie on doing the Top Ten Rejected Lionel Rich Song Lyrics. Number one, sung to the tune of Brick House, was... Mitt's got a beach house Car elevator Brings Cadillacs ...
hobie1616 08/16/2012 3 3 - 102
Are Public Sector Employees Needed?
You bet your ass they are. Yesterday a small grass fire exploded when the trade winds jumped to 30 MPH. Pictured here is the Maui Fire Department helicopter dropping his bucket into a large pool ...
hobie1616 07/30/2012 3 12 - 55
Junior Sailing 2012 - Week 2
We just finished up our second week at the Lahaina Yacht Club. We had 38 kids. Here's our motley crew. The little girl in the rainbow shirt in the front row was almost three feet high. It was ...
hobie1616 07/13/2012 7 5 - 31
Brad Pitt's Mom Writes A Letter
Brad Pitt stated in People Magazine, "No state should decide who can marry and who cannot. Thanks to the tireless work of so many, someday soon this discrimination will end and every American will ...
hobie1616 07/05/2012 18 4 - 276
Rupert Opens Second Front - Scientology
Not content with basing liberals, Murdoch takes on the Church of Scientology with support for Katie Holmms. The rants are already rolling in.
hobie1616 07/02/2012 16 3 - 197
Junior Sailing 2012
School is out and it's time to get the kids off the video games and out on the water.
hobie1616 06/26/2012 17 12 - 59
Chemical Eye Wash Station
Rmoney's cool new bus should be equipped with a chemical eye wash station. If he can talk out of both sides of his mouth he should be able to drink that way too.
hobie1616 06/15/2012 2 1 - 35
Old Racist
For the last few years I've been fighting the good fight against a bunch of right wing whack jobs that have thrown everything at me including the kitchen sink. Whether you know it or not, all of ...
hobie1616 06/11/2012 6 3 - 161
Crazy Blue Coat Lady
There have been two diaries featuring a nutter addressing the Lincoln, Nebraska city council. The first had a video, the second discussed the passing of a anti-discrimination ordinance.
hobie1616 05/15/2012 9 2 - 74
Republicans, Get In My Vagina
hobie1616 05/05/2012 4 2 - 134
1,553 to 26,321
Keep porn boy on the air vs. bye bye fat ass. Have you voted?
hobie1616 03/16/2012 5 3 - 117
You Knew It Could Happen
There is now a White House petition to keep Limbaugh on Armed Forces Radio. Keep Rush Limbaugh on AFN radio, equally target liberal entertainers who offend us, don't threaten free speech! ...
hobie1616 03/15/2012 4 3 - 33
26,070 And No End In Sight
Will the Kossacks blow up the White House servers with all their votes on ridding Armed Forces Radio of Porn Boy? It could happen. You can sign here.
hobie1616 03/14/2012 4 7 - 61
Minus 778 To Go
You all are a bunch of over achievers! Excellent work!! You can sign here.
hobie1616 03/13/2012 3 7 - 53
1088 To Go
The petition to rid Armed Forces Radio of Rush Limbaugh still needs your vote. Have you signed yet? You can sign here.
hobie1616 03/12/2012 4 7 - 46
3800 To Go
The petition to rid Armed Forces Radio of Rush Limbaugh still needs your vote. Have you signed yet? You can sign here.
hobie1616 03/12/2012 4 2 - 21
4500 To go
The petition to rid Armed Forces Radio of Rush Limbaugh still needs your vote. Have you signed yet? You can sign here.
hobie1616 03/11/2012 12 9 1 51
5200 To Go
The petition to rid Armed Forces Radio of Rush Limbaugh still needs your vote. Have you signed yet? You can sign here.
hobie1616 03/10/2012 3 9 - 30
Have You Signed?
There is a petition to rid Armed Forces Radio of Rush Limbaugh. Have you signed yet? Over 15,000 more signatures are required. You can sign up here. Full text of the petition below.
hobie1616 03/05/2012 3 1 - 50
Matt Taibbi on Breitbart
Matt Taibbi offers his insights on Andrew Breitbart. Andrew Breitbart: Death of a ...
hobie1616 03/01/2012 36 31 - 878
Support Ellen
Support JC Penney's decision to keep Ellen Degeneres as their spokesperson by commenting at:
hobie1616 02/03/2012 6 11 - 113
Obama? Really?!?!
I live on Maui. We get a lot of part time residents that own vacation homes or condos. I've made friends with a few and can set my watch by their consistency in returning every year. One is Jane.
hobie1616 01/29/2012 250 472 7 3644
Anti Adoption Scumbags
How low can the GOoPers go? Huntsman outraged at ad targeting adopted daughters MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) - Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman and members of ...
hobie1616 01/06/2012 23 11 - 145
Joseph Wambaugh Comments On UC Davis
Joseph Wambaugh, retired LAPD detective and author of The New Centurions, The Blue Knight , and many other books, offers his views on what really happened, how to save the taxpayers money, ...
hobie1616 11/27/2011 7 2 - 189
Would You Sit Down?
Here's some interesting gonzo advertising.
hobie1616 11/09/2011 3 3 - 40
More Junior Sailing
The local Catholic school, Sacred Hearts, in Lahaina tried a sailing program for their eighth graders last year. It got excellent reviews so they're back again this year. The program runs for five ...
hobie1616 10/03/2011 14 12 1 41
Car And Driver Talks To Joe Biden
The VP is a car guy who owns a '67 'vette he can't drive. He talks GM bailout, jobs, batteries, and Caddy burnouts.
hobie1616 10/03/2011 11 11 - 96
Will Newt Catch A Social Disease?
Half of Newt's current campaign debt was spent flying private jets from Moby Dick Airways. He's downgrading to commercial. Full article at
hobie1616 07/15/2011 4 - - 28
Junior Sailing
I've been involved in the Lahaina Yacht Club junior sailing program for eight years. We get kids who have no boating experience and teach them boat handling, knot tying, parts of the boats, etc. ...
hobie1616 06/17/2011 7 9 - 39
Bob Schieffer Hammers Sideshow Racist
Bob Schieffer gets up in Trump's grill and calls him a racist. Watch at Trump's ratings should be in the ...
hobie1616 04/27/2011 16 12 - 245
Unqualified Kid Quits
Young Brian Deschane has submitted his resignation from his old/new job as a bureau director at the Department of Regulation and Licensing. You may remember Brian has no college degree, very little ...
hobie1616 04/07/2011 6 5 - 95
Unqualified Kid Goes Back To Old Job
Young Brian Deschane has been tossed back to his old job as Wisconsin bureau director of board services where he was paid $64,728 a year. Brian, as you may remember, was promoted to administrator ...
hobie1616 04/05/2011 8 21 1 244
Hate-spewing “Christians” need to listen up
Fake Steve Jobs checks in with thoughts on apps, faux Christians, Roman pagans, tourist attractions, and taboo breaking.
hobie1616 12/07/2010 12 15 1 52
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