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Calm down - most web forms suck
We have seen a few web design pros discuss the difficulty of designing complex web data collection sites, so I thought I would offer a supporting viewpoint. I don't design sites, but as a public ...
hof1991 10/18/2013 10 5 1 -
Laying down the sword by Phillip Jenkins [book review]
Laying down the sword: why we can’t ignore the Bible’s violent verses by Phillip Jenkins Just like I am a fan of the fiction Laurie B. King, P.D. James and Connie Willis, I am a fan of the non-...
hof1991 04/26/2012 4 1 1 22
How far back they want to go and why they won’t succeed
In listening to Santorum / Gingrich / Romney / Catholic bishops, it is fun to measure just how far back they want to go. Santorum and the obvious culture warriors proclaim that it was the 60s that ...
hof1991 04/02/2012 60 178 11 1059
Bonobo handshake and Sex at dawn: a paired book review
I don’t have time to write anything even informal about most books I read (e.g. just finished Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire and The magician king by Lev Grossman but don’t have much original to ...
hof1991 02/27/2012 5 3 - 44
1877 : America's year of living violently / by Michael A Bellesiles.
For more Americans, and even for most of those with an interest in history, the years 1866 – 1900 pass in kind of a blur. It’s where our knowledge of presidents fades. In high school, teachers ...
hof1991 01/21/2012 49 80 3 520
Another Wisconsin (Rapids) Rally - with photos
Wisconsin Rapids is a mill town, where the unions have been hard hit over the last decade. Hundreds of good jobs have disappeared as the paper mills have changed hands or simply closed. Despite that,
hof1991 03/16/2011 7 14 1 72
I vote Republican and embiggen a Tea Partier
I have voted Democratic since they allowed us 18 year olds to vote in 1972. Even when primaries and such were mostly meaningless, I always felt is just wasn't right to vote for any Republican. ...
hof1991 10/10/2010 18 5 - 47
Politican attacks poll as biased - the more things change...
As someone who works with historical documents, I often come across pieces that remind me that the more things change, the more they are the same.
hof1991 10/01/2010 7 2 - 47
Tailgating with the Troops - updated
I currently have two sons deployed, both with the 32 IBCT (Wisconsin National Guard). One has grad school on hold and the other has law school, a wife and two young children awaiting his return. ...
hof1991 10/18/2009 5 8 - 127
RINO, DINO and now (CINO) Christian
On the current Rec list is a diary I won't be silent - this is not Christian . Lot of truth there. People hijack religion just as they do political parties. ...
hof1991 09/07/2009 12 4 - 23
08 : a graphic diary of the campaign trail
08 : a graphic diary of the campaign trail / by Michael Crowley and Dan Goldman. This a a good example of a niche ...
hof1991 04/19/2009 5 1 - 1
Why Gates is OK with me
I am not big on "good soldiers" in administrations. Those who have worked diligently to advance the Bush Doctrine (that's you Colin Powell) don't get my respect for their service to the president. ...
hof1991 12/06/2008 7 3 - 6
Baby Boomers Vs Gen Jones
OK, I have a bone to pick here and a soapbox to mount. While Baby Boomers is a term often used to cover everyone born between 1946 and 1964, actual demographers (as opposed to pop culture talking ...
hof1991 07/13/2008 95 6 - 30
Obama/Reagan bankrupts the "Evil Empire"
During his presidency, Reagan was credited with spending so much on the military that the Soviets were forced to try to keep pace and thereby went bankrupt. It seems that Obama has duplicated this ...
hof1991 04/22/2008 11 7 - 4
Iraq: Operational vs Strategic
In my non-virtual life, I am a librarian. Recently I was struck by the article CIP on the Moon . In it John Celli quotes noted ...
hof1991 04/10/2008 5 3 - -
Librarians choose Obama
I just got back from the Public Library Association's biannual conference in Minneapolis. It is a big deal for librarians, where in their thousands they can catch up on the latest trends and see new ...
hof1991 03/30/2008 17 19 6 7
One voter's experience in Wisconsin [Sunday Update]
I live in Stevens Point, near the center of the state. This area has been hammered by job layoffs lately, with only the local university going strong. It is a fairy Democratic area, with a Dem state ...
hof1991 02/16/2008 26 20 - 18
Dionne on Dems and Petraeus
A respected military analyst recently wrote "...what can Congress oppose right now in Bush's foreign policy other than attack Petraeus head-on? What a ...
hof1991 09/14/2007 5 5 - -
Why the Dem attack ad on Jindal is wrong
As noted , some Republican in Louisiana wrote a short piece about his Catholic faith a decade ago in an obscure magazine and the ...
hof1991 08/22/2007 30 6 - 2
Goodbye Tommy Thompson
He pledged that he would quit if he didn't finish high in Iowa. Now, it is clear that the straw poll was bought by Romney, but the megalomaniac Tommy Thompson finished waaaaaay down. This is good ...
hof1991 08/11/2007 17 6 - 6
Deep economy by Bill McKibben [book review]
There were several posts back in April of this year about McKibben and his work with Step It Up and the National Day of Climate Action. I would like ...
hof1991 05/21/2007 6 13 1 55
The boy who was raised as a dog [book review]
I put this on my to-read list and then forgot about it. When it resurfaced, I thought it would be like Oliver Sacks The man who mistook his wife for a hat, that is, a look at selected medical ...
hof1991 05/12/2007 4 5 - -
The 300 : a dual review (book and movie)
Just finished 300 (the graphic novel by Frank Miller) and 300 (the movie based on the graphic novel). First the good news. The graphic novel is pretty good. Miller has always been dark and full of ...
hof1991 05/03/2007 10 5 - -
It's that simple - Thoughts on leaving Iraq
The Iraq invasion and occupation has been always on my mind. I had a son deployed in the Gulf during the run up to the war and my other two sons were in the Guard. I knew quite early that they would ...
hof1991 04/20/2007 2 3 - -
Being politically active and Christian – three viewpoints
I was going to do a review of Gregory Boyd's The Myth of a Christian Nation as a stand alone, but realized that I was going to compare it to Jim Wallis' God's Politics. That being the case, I ...
hof1991 04/15/2007 8 7 3 150
Writing DC vs. writing local office
I was reading a diary about writing to your rep/sen Dear Senators: End the War! (99 Personalized Letters) and I started to ...
hof1991 02/11/2007 2 1 - -
Inevitable Surprises: Thinking Ahead in a Time of Turbulence by Peter Schwartz [Book Review]
Schwartz is the author of the very influential Art of the Long View, the book that made scenarios a household word. This 2003 book is a follow-up to that, a very necessary one. In addition to ...
hof1991 02/04/2007 1 4 1 -
Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power by Gerry Spence [book review]
Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power : The rise and risks of the conservative hate culture by Gerry Spence [book review]. Spence is a Western Populist and it shows. He is not afraid of ...
hof1991 12/30/2006 12 9 - 10
Military Families Speak Out - Letter to the editor
Below the bump is my letter to the editor supporting the views of MFSO . All three of my sons are home now, but there are 140,000 sons and daughters (and moms and dads) ...
hof1991 12/23/2006 14 21 1 -
Military Families Speak Out – Bring them home NOW
Military Families Speak Out continues to fight the good fight. "Bring Them Home NOW and Take Care of Them When They Get Here” has been their motto from the beginning. I would urge any ...
hof1991 12/08/2006 9 12 - 1
Leading indicators and trailing indicators
hof1991 11/11/2006 11 7 1 132
Every soldier deserves a parade like this
hof1991 10/01/2006 7 7 - -
1491 : New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus by Charles C. Mann
hof1991 08/20/2006 32 16 - 9
The travels of a t-shirt in the global economy [book review]
hof1991 07/30/2006 6 1 - -
Islamofascists and Chrisofascists
hof1991 07/15/2006 6 11 - -
American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips
hof1991 06/11/2006 10 12 - -
False pillars of our continuing occupation
hof1991 11/28/2005 2 3 - -
The end of the National Guard as we know it (part 2)
hof1991 10/23/2005 1 2 - -
Neocon or not? A field guide
hof1991 10/21/2005 1 3 - -
98% of this community supports Bush
hof1991 10/02/2005 11 6 - -
Challenge: Cindy gets arrested, will you write a letter?
hof1991 09/26/2005 1 - - -
A Report Card: A Grading of President Bush
hof1991 09/17/2005 2 1 - 9
Anthony Shadid's "Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of America's War"
hof1991 09/14/2005 1 5 - -
Soldiers not allowed to even volunteer to help cleanup
hof1991 09/07/2005 4 4 - -
Why Military Families (Mainly) Support the President
hof1991 08/30/2005 12 4 1 -
Soldier won't have his job upon return
hof1991 08/19/2005 7 2 - -
The end of the National Guard as we know it
hof1991 06/08/2005 4 7 - -
Bush the lame duck, part 2
hof1991 04/30/2005 - - - -
Bush the lame duck
hof1991 11/05/2004 8 - - -
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