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Top Story! Weekly Takes On Christine O'Donnell
The sketch show I do in Hollywood, Top Story! Weekly , does a new show every Sunday night at iO West in Hollywood ...
hughster 10/12/2010 2 1 - 33
A Sketch on Confederate History Month
I run a weekly, live news-based sketch show at iO West in Los Angeles called "Top Story! Weekly." Last Sunday night we did a sketch on the Confederate History Month fracas that I thought the ...
hughster 04/15/2010 5 5 - 23
The New Yorker Cover: Anti-Elitist Opportunity?
As someone who has been mightily impressed by the political acumen of Senator Obama and his staff, I am among those who wouldn't be surprised ...
hughster 07/14/2008 20 1 - 2
Hillary: I Can't Quit Because RFK Was Assassinated in June!
Honestly, I don't know what to say about this . To even allude to an ...
hughster 05/23/2008 568 248 6 75
Giuliani's SC Campaign Chair? Crack Dealer.
This could be big.... South Carolina state treasurer Thomas Ravenel, a Republican who unseated a longtime Democratic incumbent, has been ...
hughster 06/19/2007 66 25 - 39
L.A. Kossacks: Come See "Big News" at IO West Thursdays at 8!!
hughster 06/01/2006 4 - - 4
Coroner: GOP Advisor died of drug overdose
hughster 03/26/2005 6 2 - 2
Real Time with Bill Maher tonight - AWESOME!!!
hughster 02/18/2005 40 9 - 3
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