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The Free Market just vetoed Keystone XL
I apologize for this short diary today. As oil prices drop into the $70's, Tar sand oil from Alberta, which costs more than $85 just to extract, no longer make economical sense. So even if the GOP ...
icemilkcoffee 11/13/2014 177 193 2 -
Border completely overrun.... or maybe not
If you have been watching the news for the past week, you would have had the impression that the entire southern border has been overrun by illegal immigrant youths lured in by Obama's Dream Act ...
icemilkcoffee 07/11/2014 46 69 3 -
Groundswell of asian american opposition to affimative action
If you have ties to the chinese american community here in California, you have no doubt seen a torrent of chain emails railing against SCA-5 this past 2 weeks. SCA-5 is a state constitutional ...
icemilkcoffee 03/08/2014 48 22 - -
The Prophet Mohammed and ground beef
Here in the land of the free, you can blaspheme god and man all you want, but you best watch your mouth around perishable vegetables and meats. Diane Sawyer and ABC News just got hit with a $1.2 ...
icemilkcoffee 09/13/2012 18 7 - 160
Planned Parenthood's messaging fail
We've all seen this movie before. In 2009 ACORN got ambushed by a sting video, and the Democratic congress panicked and gutted ACORN. Subsequent investigations ( CRS , MA Attorney General ,
icemilkcoffee 05/31/2012 10 6 - 133
I am not convinced of Troy Davis' innocence
First of all, let me start by saying that I agree wholeheartedly that the DA and the police have commited practically every prosecutorial abuse possible here: biased line-up identification, ...
icemilkcoffee 09/22/2011 182 6 1 608
Obama: not a chump
The recent high profile and increasingly suspicious collapse of Solyndra has left the Obama Administration looking like a bunch of ...
icemilkcoffee 09/21/2011 1 4 - 82
Good news: Total Bailout costs only $87 Billion
Here is some good news to start your weekend on. Timothy Geithner just announced that the total costs of the bailouts are projected to be only $87 billion.
icemilkcoffee 04/23/2010 18 6 1 37
Taking the pulse of Immigration Reform: Who should be legalized?
With Health Care Reform on the home stretch, I would like to switch gear and talk about the powderkeg issue of Immigration Reform. Even within the comfortable confines of DailyKos, Immigration ...
icemilkcoffee 03/25/2010 37 2 - 27
Cram Session: Cliff Notes on the House Reconciliation
This is a late night cram session on the House Reconciliation Act. So curl up on the couch and join the study group: Full text: summary:
icemilkcoffee 03/19/2010 19 8 - 38
Devil in the Details 3: Medicaid goes Mainstream
Continuing on with my 'drill-down' study of the Senate Health Reform Bill; today we'll look at a groundbreaking change for Medicaid that seems to have received little notice.
icemilkcoffee 03/12/2010 46 15 1 240
Devil in the Details 2: AHIP took a left hook to the liver
Preface: In the interest of breaking through the current 'Kill Bill' vs 'Save & Improve Bill' deadlock here on DKos- I am doing a nooks-and-cranny exploration of the HCR Bill. Hopefully ...
icemilkcoffee 12/22/2009 41 26 - 182
Devil in the Details: Mandate not mandatory
Preface: In the interest of breaking through the current 'Kill Bill' vs 'Save & Improve Bill' deadlock here on DKos- I will do a nooks-and-cranny exploration of the HCR Bill in a series ...
icemilkcoffee 12/21/2009 28 24 3 538
I am starting a new religious cult- wanna join?
Like most of you, I've been sick to my stomach over the Mandate. How could the government force me to hand my hard earned money over to the for-profit (and lots- United Health's CEO made $54 million ...
icemilkcoffee 12/18/2009 27 6 - 60
3 Ways to make the mandate palatable
At this late hour, I think we all have to face the reality that: The mandate is not going away. For reasons that Ezra Klein and others have already elucidated- if you are going to force insurers to ...
icemilkcoffee 12/16/2009 20 2 - 32
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