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The Real Story of Benghazi
One does not rule a country for over forty years without having a colossal ego, intense personal confidence, and the ability to adjust to situations. Muammar Gaddafi accomplished what few in his ...
idahospud44 11/16/2012 4 16 - -
Why I Have Faith in St. Cenk and Not the Lamestreet Media
No St. Cenk, No Peace Know St. Cenk, Know Peace It does appear that not so Young Turk, Cenk Uygur has the same complaints as Simple Sarah when discussing the ...
idahospud44 07/26/2011 18 5 - 124
Demented Sandwiches-The Ayn Rand-Arby's Connection
The demented chain-smoking, serial killer admiring, Christian mocking, humanity hating, verbose crazed writer and supposed philosopher Ayn Rand's sick influence continues to pollute our everyday ...
idahospud44 06/15/2011 45 19 - 234
The Insanity of Mental Health Cutbacks
Our national and most individual state economies are in rough shape and people are desperately searching for ways to save money. States have prisons to run, schools to fund, police to ...
idahospud44 02/01/2011 16 28 1 428
I Think Obama's Spine is Indeed Strong-Words to the Doubters
I am writing this in hopes of persuading some of my fellow lefties that President Obama has done numerous, progressive things which are improving human's lives. To illustrate my ...
idahospud44 01/27/2011 110 25 7 101
First Steps Into Eternity-How We Helped Mom Die
This post is for all those who have an elderly parent or maybe a special friend that is moving toward the end of their life.
idahospud44 01/15/2009 58 51 6 188
I Almost Killed Hundreds of You
They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game. If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me. I must play their game, of not seeing I ...
idahospud44 11/28/2008 30 37 1 31
Bobby Sent Me a Human Ear in the Mail-Updated
I ran into Bobby's elderly mother who I had not seen for over 25 years at the local grocery store. She called over to me and we greeted each other and chatted for a few moments. As she slowly moved ...
idahospud44 11/22/2008 41 148 3 32
Bobby Sent Me a Human Ear in the Mail
The grand kids were all in the living room watching Scoopy Doo Laugh Olympics when a commercial came on asking for donations to African orphans, with sad music and graphic pictures of ...
idahospud44 11/15/2008 376 889 31 146
The Jehovah Witnesses Visit my Guys Group Home
Now that Barack is President-man that feels good to say-I am hoping that we can do something about the millions suffering from various forms of mental illness that wander our streets in ...
idahospud44 11/13/2008 63 29 1 22
Sarah Palin Studied in Moscow-the Unreported Story
Simple Sarah Palin studied in Moscow and the Mainstream Media seems asleep to this revelation. It is up to me to report this startling fact.
idahospud44 11/12/2008 38 12 - 4
Hidden, Mentally Ill End Times Believers Threaten America
I am a mental health counselor specializing in schizophrenia. It seems to me that a case can be made that many Christians today believe in ways that one could and should question their ...
idahospud44 11/11/2008 109 55 2 36
Why Are They Still Making Autos Nobody Wants? I Need Help In Understanding
General Motors just announced that they lost 2.5 billion dollars in the last quarter. Yet, the pictures included in the report showed them still putting together the big cars that nobody ...
idahospud44 11/07/2008 95 10 - 19
Arrest Rove, Humilate Lieberman, No Earmarks for Alaska-My Top Ten List
There are some simple things that could be done immediately that could be a lot of fun. Here are my top ten.
idahospud44 11/06/2008 40 7 - -
With Painful Slowness....A skinny kid with a funny name
I simply don't know what to do with myself. I've cleaned the house, did my wash, cooked a hearty meal for tonight and have for some stupid, irrational reason keep checking, 538,
idahospud44 10/28/2008 27 25 - -
Low Information Voter Tip Guide
Many low information voters get confused with information and facts. This tip guide is designed to help them.
idahospud44 10/27/2008 6 2 1 1
Hitching a Ride on the Obama Magic Carpet Saved Me from the Political Boneyard
I am inspired by how this New Greatest Generation has come through in saving the American dream. It is hard to inspire an old cynic but you did it young ones and I can't thank you enough.
idahospud44 10/25/2008 17 19 - 9
Simple Sarah is in Favor of Special Needs Kids and Against Kicking Puppies
Simple Sarah Palin was just on television giving a "policy" speech which was nothing more than a calculated attempt to exploit special needs families. The Low Blow Express marches on.
idahospud44 10/24/2008 33 21 1 6
Just Like Clockwork-Here Comes Seasonal Depression
I am reminded that this is the time when seasonal depression starts for many of us in the north. It is an especially dangerous time for our mentally ill brothers and sisters. Be aware.
idahospud44 10/23/2008 86 24 3 19
Who Drives You Nuts on TV? Not Counting Billo-(Update)
I am compulsive about this election. I am constantly checking the polls and television to try to get the latest on what is happening. I am anxious and excited. Some of these television ...
idahospud44 10/22/2008 68 3 - 1
I Wore my Obama Shirt to Friday's Homecoming Game
I proudly put on my Obama shirt and headed to my son's homecoming football this last Friday evening. I knew I would get some comments but got home unbloodied and with a new sense of hope.
idahospud44 10/19/2008 37 49 1 18
More McCain B.S.-Two convincing arguments to use in red states or on your own family.
Here are two issues that don't get much play. However, I believe that they can be used to help persuade others. Energy is on everyone's mind and nuclear may seem reasonable but is it prudent ...
idahospud44 10/18/2008 8 5 3 2
The Are You Qualified to Vote Quiz--Can You Pass?
Do you know enough about the economy to make proper decisions? Let us see. You may use the chart on the IRS form but no goggling for the answers. Bet you can't get ten...
idahospud44 10/17/2008 17 6 1 8
After the Debate--McCain Kicks Obama in the Nuts!-
John McCain has been accused of attacking Barack Obama with a calculated well-placed kick from his wingtip to Obama's groin. Is this the October Surprise we have all been waiting for? It ...
idahospud44 10/16/2008 17 5 1 1
Topless Car Washes, Lots of Beer and Crazy Christians- Simple Sarah's College Town
For Simple Sarah it had to have been a tough choice between Cosmetology School or the University of Idaho journalism department. She graduated in 1987 after attending four other schools.
idahospud44 10/15/2008 52 19 - 18
Bush Approval Rating At 25%-Which is Depressing.
George Bush's approval rating is at 25% according to the latest USA/Gallup poll which puts him at the second lowest rating ever. This at first blush seems to be good news but not to me.
idahospud44 10/14/2008 23 3 - 1
Headslapped on My First Ever Diary-Progressives Attack a Tribal Elder
Thought you might enjoy reading about my baptism at the Daily Kos. Hell, I can still hardly breathe. After absorbing some of the most rabid comments I felt like a Barack supporter who had ...
idahospud44 10/13/2008 67 22 - 15
McCain Would Be Much Worse Than Bush & I Can Prove It
A John McCain presidency at this time would be an unrecoverable blow He is much worse than Bush on many ...
idahospud44 10/12/2008 8 1 1 -
I am Looking Forward to This Depression
There very well may be some good that will come out of this coming depression.
idahospud44 10/11/2008 188 30 - 21
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