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Clean energy is hard to find
Digging into Obama's answer to the energy and environment question broadcast on YouTube today. Terribly consistent with the average Illinois politician's support for more nuclear energy, coal, and ...
ids 02/01/2010 35 8 - 13
Climate Change Mirage
The crap passing in Washington for climate change reminds a couple of EPA attorneys of the 1986 Challenger disaster (ignoring the warnings). Others have compared it with complicity in a holocaust. ...
ids 11/01/2009 83 9 - 52
Olympic Sized Nightmare
Boss, Mike Royko's take on Mayor Richard J. Daley, tells how the Machine distracted attention from its first big scandal in 1959 by focusing on making Chicago into "fun town." It was a police ...
ids 09/28/2009 115 13 - 41
Obama, Lincoln, and waiting for catastrophe
Obama, asked Friday first of all in Montana, to compare different ...
ids 08/18/2009 10 2 - 12
Take these jobs and shove it
Chicago's Mayor Daley's environment commissioner last week on why his efforts to clean the air ignores the biggest polluters, two dirty old coal plants,
ids 07/31/2009 7 8 - 87
Daley da dope
The Cook County Board passed an ordinance decriminalizing possession (tho not in Chicago) of ...
ids 07/22/2009 6 4 - 29
Ounce of prevention . . .
With so much attention now on health care reform, yet another study indicates air pollution is stupid in more ways than ...
ids 07/21/2009 2 1 - 10
Grave Robbing & Chicago Democrats
Today a search of "Chicago cemetery" finds a count of at least 1,293 stories about four Chicago-area cemetery workers accused of digging up hundreds of graves and dumping the remains so the burial ...
ids 07/09/2009 11 2 - 5
Center for American Progress blows smoke at progressives
The Center for American Progress, Obama's Neoliberals: Selling his Afghan War One Report at a ...
ids 07/01/2009 17 10 - 233
Washinton Enviro groups like LCV hurt progressive movement
The progressive movement is stymied by Washington based environmental groups such as the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) . A look at ...
ids 06/28/2009 18 11 - 34
Obama's ACES loses to King Coal
David Waldman in House comes up ACES writes Where the Senate takes this, no one yet knows ... (though we ...
ids 06/26/2009 24 5 - 9
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