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The TPP: Our President Drops The Mask
My last post on the topic . Dean Baker continues to do an excellent job of exposing this shameless sellout.
ifthethunderdontgetya 05/13/2015 26 13 1 -
Eric Holder Resigns
Here's John Cassidy at the New Yorker: Why Didn’t Eric Holder Go After the Bankers? Amid all the coverage of Eric Holder’s resignation, I still haven’t seen a convincing answer to one question:
ifthethunderdontgetya 09/29/2014 6 8 - -
Sold out by the DLC
From a piece by Rick Perlstein about Al From, founder of the DLC: (Al) From somehow prevailed. His book’s acknowledgments list only sixteen politicians but identify twenty people “whose support ...
ifthethunderdontgetya 02/17/2014 13 16 - -
Festivus Animals and Motivational Poster
Bambi and Mom, December 23, 2013, 7:40:49 ...
ifthethunderdontgetya 12/24/2013 3 3 - -
Fire and Moon Power
Venus and Moon, Wednesday, November 06, 2013, 6:56:35 PM Thematic Photographic 268 - Power Used properly, it can keep you warm.
ifthethunderdontgetya 11/13/2013 4 2 - -
The Curious Case of Edward Snowden
A reply to those who insist that Edward Snowden's character is the real problem. 1) Why does the government have the presumption of innocence? They're the ones who have created a massive, secret ...
ifthethunderdontgetya 07/07/2013 6 5 - -
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