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It is very obvious from the debate performance that Obama missed several great opportunities to convert 100% of the American populance when he may have just got a paltry 55% or so. Shameful. ...
imported beer 09/27/2008 102 36 1 14
Breaking Wind: McCain "Palins" for the Country.
I hear a lot of chatter about how he is making a play for disgruntled Hillary voters, and how he is gambling on a game changer. I disagree. My take on McCain's choice is very different. McCain was ...
imported beer 08/29/2008 25 1 - -
Breaking Wind: Women know when they are being played.
I watched the McCain ad making a play for Hillary voters. I guess Republicans are so out of touch with women that they don't realize that most women know when they are being played and nothing is ...
imported beer 08/24/2008 59 32 1 33
Breaking Wind: Bidenism- the condition that faces many Americans today.
We have his record on women's rights. And his compelling personal story. And the fact that he is Catholic and White (and male). We have details on his personal wealth, and his foreign policy cred. ...
imported beer 08/23/2008 19 5 1 -
Breaking Wind: The best Candidate for VP
Well, I saw so many VP candidate diaries that I thought that I should add my own opinions to the bunch. I propose with about as much credibility as 60% of diaries and punditry that proclaim to know ...
imported beer 08/18/2008 28 3 1 -
No. I won't cut you some slack. Not you, but YOU.
I am not talking Hillary supporters. I am talking about the bloggers who advice the general public about how to treat Hillary supporters. I am not going to cut THEM any slack.
imported beer 06/03/2008 12 3 - -
The Color of My Skin
In the early 1970's. My mother was pregnant. She was the eldest daughter, and my father was the eldest son, this was the first grandchild, and my grandmothers, both of them went ballistic in their ...
imported beer 03/20/2008 41 27 1 144
In an office full of creative geniuses, I am the statistician often telling them their brilliant ideas "won't work" or as they call me the "Accountant". In a site full of sparkling wit and deeply ...
imported beer 03/10/2008 28 2 - 3
Breaking Wind: Why I will never say FAG again.
I was 14 years old when I smoked my first cigarette and I remember it so clearly. I studied in a Catholic School then, and there was a statue of a rather wistful looking lady of stone. She was ...
imported beer 02/21/2008 80 23 - 5
Breaking Wind: Pragmatism Vs. Idealism
My grandfather was not overtly young and idealistic when he first got the chance to hear Gandhi speak but he was almost boyishly "gushy" about it. He stood there- one in a crowd of diverse people. ...
imported beer 02/15/2008 11 18 1 2
BREAKING WIND: Respect All Snarks
One day, my best friend and I had canvassed a large, rather conservative neighborhood near Kansas City to request that people not support a constitutional amendment to define marriage as strictly ...
imported beer 02/12/2008 150 34 1 3
Breaking Wind: Have a Beer. Its on me.
You know what? Tips are over rated. They are over-rated because if you have any sense, you are gonna use it to buy beer anyway. Let me cut out the middle man and give a beer to some fine kossacks. ...
imported beer 02/10/2008 15 3 - -
Breaking Wind: I can't believe you did THAT!
Sometimes, you can say things that can cause a reaction rather like you just let out a loud, stinky one in confined space. You get the "WTF" looks, even the concerned "are you quite alright?" looks. ...
imported beer 02/08/2008 23 1 - -
Breaking Wind: All Sound and No Stink.
I have heard the change vs. experience, the judgement vs readiness and the establishment vs netroots arguments so often that when I use the loo, I pee policy but crap inspiration. There are those ...
imported beer 02/07/2008 9 2 - -
BREAKING WIND: A Guide To Diary Writing.
About the author: Imported beer lives in Dallas with her white husband, four year old monst...son, and a pootie and a wuzzle. You have read the smart sassy analysis of female bloggers. Now try an ...
imported beer 02/04/2008 49 18 - -
Before you all get dismissive, let me remind you of why my ass is just an important endorser. Think about it, the one thing that unites all of us is our ass. We all have one- small, big, droopy, ...
imported beer 02/03/2008 65 32 1 10
Obama narrowing the gender gap?
The recent Gallup article suggests that one of the reasons the race is tightening is because Obama is starting to pick up in one of Hilary's strongest demographics. I am talking..WOMEN. As late as ...
imported beer 02/02/2008 28 4 - 1
You are hereby FORBIDDEN
Super Tuesdays are coming, and despite the camaraderie between candidates last night, it is pretty obvious that things are going to get a tad heated here. I have seen the worst of it, and it seems ...
imported beer 02/01/2008 102 22 - 8
SUPER TUESDAY - An analysis of 3 states.
All data is from Rasmussen for reliability. I don't know the sample size so cannot calculate and analyze for significance so have done so on the basis of absolute numbers. If you are an Obama ...
imported beer 01/30/2008 14 2 - -
In my high school, nearly 15 years ago, Prom was quickly approaching. Everyone was very excited. And if you knew anything at all about that school, you knew there were only two people with a ...
imported beer 01/29/2008 6 3 - -
Held Hostage by Freepers
What do you tell a man who tells you.."You are not Mexican? I guess that means you came here legally" and bursts into laughter, eagerly echoed by his buddy? What if the same man also claims that the ...
imported beer 01/27/2008 71 47 - 17
REAL STORY -- Damned if I do, and if I don't.
I was 15 when I had my first crush. It was on a sensitive, articulate, ridiculously good looking young man- probably the only man I knew that read the same books I did, and could argue intelligently ...
imported beer 01/25/2008 30 21 - -
Forget the divisive debate.
I saw a program on the stage that claimed it was a primary debate, but I fear I saw much much more. I see now why Edwards supporters love him for his passion and deeply personal way of communicating ...
imported beer 01/23/2008 11 1 - 2
Brown in America (not a candidate diary)
When my sister first told my family that she was dating an American, my mother wished to know how educated he was, and my father wished to know if he was Republican. However, for much of the rest of ...
imported beer 01/21/2008 17 13 - -
The Minority Vote
When a politicial analyst claimed that the Republican party is not finding a candidate, but in search of its soul; my husband said it was more like Republicans looking into an Abyss and having ...
imported beer 01/20/2008 24 5 - 3
We are Family..
Though Senator Clinton claims the entire party is like a big family, my personal experience is that of the other side. Meet my friends. For the purposes of the Blog, I shall call them the Boltons. A ...
imported beer 01/19/2008 - - - 3
Musings from an objective observer
By the time I am eligible to vote- the elections will be over, and the candidate sworn in. You see, I am eligible for citizenship only in 2009. However, I am a democrat, whether officially one or not.
imported beer 01/11/2008 12 7 - -
Election Mela- How will you celebrate?
imported beer 11/10/2006 4 1 - -
Liberal Christianity?
imported beer 09/29/2006 73 5 1 -
The myth of Liberal Christianity
imported beer 09/28/2006 74 7 2 7
The delusion explained
imported beer 09/27/2006 11 - - -
I don't care about all them Muslims...
imported beer 09/26/2006 5 1 - -
Enemy of Freedom
imported beer 09/11/2006 - - - -
The parental consent conundrum
imported beer 08/28/2006 13 4 - 3
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