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Obama defends 'Race to the Top'
There’s been some pushback from the (so-called) radical left (unions, bloggers, etc., ) on some of Obama’s signature education plan. Recently, at the Urban League, he offered a defense ...
inforet 08/01/2010 69 8 1 48
...but Obama ADMIRES Reagan, so whats all the fuss?
Yesterday there was some huffing and puffing about a dairy that discussed the relative conservatism of Reagan and Obama. According to one diarist, the other diarist was an insensitive nincompoop ...
inforet 07/09/2010 187 5 - 46
Gulf Disaster: The BRITS, BBC & Obama (apparently British pensioners trump Gulf Coast Americans)
For anyone not keeping track of the international media on the gulf disaster, I thought you might find this stuff emanating from across the pond quite amusing. Unfortunately I cant find ...
inforet 06/10/2010 23 5 - 42
OBAMA: "It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don't cause spills,"
For those of you skeptical of the administration response and posturing on the gulf oil spill, I think you might want to read this before you jump to any ...
inforet 06/09/2010 177 15 1 47
Where are the REAL pictures of the GULF?
the pictures speak for themselves. Sorry I have so few. The only open access photos are ones of "administration officials" hugging each other, or BP crew 'cleaning' birds and beaches. I did a ...
inforet 06/05/2010 96 9 - 30
What Obama is NOT doing about the BP oil Spill
A recent recommended diary (similar title) claims that the average American and the Media is supposed to find out what the governments plan, response, contingencies for the Gulf Oil Spill are by ...
inforet 05/24/2010 176 28 1 170
Its NOT the Carville, Stupid! its the GULF!
Let me be clear, I can't stand windbags like Carville. I couldn't stand him when he was in the Clinton administration and I cant stand him now. While its true he's not an expert on anything (...
inforet 05/23/2010 154 43 1 137
Obama's true concern about the Gulf
You really have to have spent time in the gulf region, Florida keys, marshlands and wetlands to experience the uniqueness of the vegetation and wildlife, and how its one of the few regions truly ...
inforet 05/22/2010 162 4 - 47
Rand Paul is more important than Gulf Oil Spill
I am just disgusted by the large number of diaries hogging the front page about the Gulf Spill, how the Obama administrations response resembles the Bush administration, and all the unjustified ...
inforet 05/21/2010 20 - - 23
SHHHHH...dont use the M word!
It’s really interesting that the writings of democrats promoting this bill (and subliminally insinuating that we should ignore the 'rabid liberals'), always seem to miss the same single word ...
inforet 03/12/2010 14 1 1 19
10 reasons why you should support passing HCR
I have been an ardent foe of the no-public-option-with-mandate Senate Health Bill. I just couldn't convince myself that it was worth supporting. And the dishonesty that has been emanating from the ...
inforet 12/21/2009 17 9 - 16
Why so-called liberals and democrats suddenly love Bolton
inforet 07/20/2006 11 2 1 1
IMMIGRATION: Rove's secret wedge between Bush and the GOP?
inforet 03/28/2006 28 4 - -
KOS Please take the Book Ad off the comments area
inforet 01/03/2006 103 - 1 8
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