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Condolences to Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY-25) on her husband's death
There's word this evening of the death of her husband, Robert, at age 82. He was a constant presence by her side over the years, driving her back and forth from Rochester to Washington (6+ hours) ...
ipsos 05/20/2014 17 45 - -
(NY-25) Solid lead for our Louise Slaughter
It's taken until just Election-minus-40-days to get any polling from the redrawn NY-25, where veteran progressive fighter Louise Slaughter is getting what's supposed to be one of the stiffest ...
ipsos 09/27/2012 26 13 1 94
Digging into the real story behind Rush Limbaugh's Philadelphia station move
Hi there. Me again. It's been a while, I know - life's been intervening, as it sometimes does. But the news breaking tonight about Rush Limbaugh changing stations in Philadelphia deserves some ...
ipsos 04/09/2012 133 465 6 2844
We are still talking about Rush Limbaugh
...and that's exactly what Rush Limbaugh and the money behind Rush Limbaugh doesn't want to see happening. They were hoping something else would come up to divert our attention, and the radio ...
ipsos 03/19/2012 26 45 1 195
Limbaugh: Understanding what the "barter ad suspension" is really about
It took me a few days to finally put all the pieces together here, but I think I finally understand what Premiere Radio Networks, Rush Limbaugh's syndicator, really had in mind when it dropped that "...
ipsos 03/15/2012 106 288 5 1916
UPDATED: Rush's ad suspension: What it means, and what we should (and shouldn't) do now
Hi there. Me again. Tonight's news about Premiere suspending national advertising on Rush's show is a very big deal...but as with so much about Rush these last few weeks, it's very, very easy for ...
ipsos 03/12/2012 140 476 13 2446
The most important thing you're going to read all day about Rush's ads
An important thing to remember as we continue to use our free speech rights to speak out against hate radio and its sponsors: The only ads that matter are the ads that are heard over the air. What ...
ipsos 03/08/2012 201 478 6 2961
How to get your local station to cancel Rush, part 2
On Friday night, many of you saw my first diary on this topic, and I was gratified to see it spend some time on the Wreck List. Several Kossacks suggested I republish it on Monday for some weekday ...
ipsos 03/05/2012 45 135 9 885
How to take action against Limbaugh at the local level
**THERE IS A MONDAY UPDATE TO THIS DIARY, HERE !!** I'm in awe of the many Kos-activists who are leading the charge against Rush Limbaugh's sponsors. That's a great way to hit Rush where it hurts, ...
ipsos 03/02/2012 128 411 54 2503
How do you sleep, Gov. Walker?
Not well, I hope. Because while you might feel some temporary relief at having barely held control of the Senate, it's all downhill from here. Against huge odds and every dirty trick you could ...
ipsos 08/09/2011 6 6 - 79
Meanwhile, in birther-land...
If ever there was a day when Orly Taitz and Donald Trump and Pam Geller and the rest all looked especially silly, this would be it. But Orly's in court today, anyway, appearing before a federal ...
ipsos 05/02/2011 1 4 - 165
Glenn Beck off the Madison
This is barely a diary, I realize, but this was just too good not to share. Not only has Glenn Beck recently lost his radio affiliates in New York City and Philadelphia, today comes word that he's ...
ipsos 02/23/2011 125 302 4 2446
It appears Keith is returning to sports
Here's how anonymity cuts both ways: the good news is, even though I work in the media and spend all day being as scrupulously non-partisan as possible, I can still come here to DK and get my ...
ipsos 01/21/2011 423 313 5 216
NY-29: We're pissing one away
We all know the numbers: the Republicans need to flip 39 seats from blue to red, just over a month from today, in order to begin wreaking untold havoc on our House and our democracy. ...
ipsos 09/30/2010 56 42 - 75
Veteran vs. Debt Collector, or, who says I can't have a Democrat in my district?
You're probably not paying much attention to my congressional district here in upstate New York. I don't blame you. Not only don't we have a congressman here in NY-29 (remember Eric Massa? Yeah, we'...
ipsos 09/21/2010 9 22 - 69
NY-23: How soon we forget (UPDATED)
It was just one short year ago that the world was looking to frozen northern New York for one of the Tea Party's first electoral tests: could 'Bagger Doug Hoffman, running on the Conservative line, ...
ipsos 09/14/2010 22 12 - 72
MA-Sen: Nobody EVER said this was going to be easy
I'm writing this before the results are in from Massachusetts (except, perhaps, in Chris Matthews' head), and for my purposes here, the result tonight doesn't matter. Whether Coakley pulls it out ...
ipsos 01/19/2010 14 7 - 17
A surprising attack on the GOP's victim mentality
My lousy local paper has the annoying tendency to fall back on running Cal Thomas' syndicated opinion columns every few days, and they're usually about as predictable as the nameplate on the front ...
ipsos 11/21/2009 41 11 - 133
Mother of Jeebus, Keith. I almost agree with...Rush?!?!
Yeah, I know...I almost want to claw my eyes out just typing that sentence. But after watching Countdown tonight, as I've done religiously almost every night for the last four years or so, I think ...
ipsos 05/20/2009 100 17 - 34
McCain kinda gets it (UPDATED with video)
No, not John McCain...his 24-year-old daughter, Meghan, who was just on with Rachel Maddow for two full segments. I'm sure the video will be up soon at the show'...
ipsos 03/11/2009 32 6 - 1
Turn off the damn analog TV transmitters, already! (UPDATED)
One of the lesser-noticed headlines out of the Obama transition today is the news that the incoming administration is now supporting the idea of delaying the shutoff of analog ...
ipsos 01/08/2009 116 20 2 33
Taking off my journalist hat and crying tears of joy
On Monday, I diaried about what my Tuesday would be like - spent as a working journalist, and thus compelled to conceal my excitement ...
ipsos 11/05/2008 6 3 - 36
THANK YOU for doing what I couldn't
Before the diary crush of the big day gets underway, I wanted to say something to all of you here on dKos and across the left blogosphere that I can't say in public: THANK YOU. You see, as readers ...
ipsos 11/03/2008 32 23 - 28
How they'd put a bug in Palin's ear tonight (2X Follow-up UPDATE)
First things first: this is not a conspiracy diary. I think the odds rather disfavor the idea that Sarah Palin will be wearing an earpiece tonight, and getting cues fed to her from someone backstage.
ipsos 10/02/2008 571 426 11 9753
Palin misleads about the size of ANWR (updated 2x)
I know this is barely a diary...but I have to be up early in the morning, I haven't seen it anywhere else, and, on and you'll see...
ipsos 09/11/2008 42 13 1 22
NY-26: A shocker tonight in western New York
Good news first: Crazy Jack Davis won't have his name on a ballot this fall. Bad news: neither will Orange to Blue candidate Jon Powers. ...
ipsos 09/09/2008 36 29 1 30
The Box McCain's Locked Himself In
Here's the thing: Barack Obama is having a good time out there on the stump. So is Michelle. (Cue fist bump.) And when Joe Biden's got a podium and a microphone, he's the happiest man on earth. ...
ipsos 09/04/2008 19 9 1 -
Message Discipline, the GOP, and Us
We're all atwitter this evening because there's a video out there that pulls the curtain back, just barely, to show that Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan aren't as confident about their VP nominee as we'...
ipsos 09/03/2008 17 3 1 -
Understanding the New Yorker's cover selection process
Yes, I know; there are a lot of New Yorker diaries up here right now. But I hope you'll indulge one more, for just a few minutes, as I attempt to make some sense of why a New ...
ipsos 07/14/2008 50 15 1 34
Remembering Tony Snow, human being
No, I don't mourn the passing of Tony Snow's politics, nor can I muster much sympathy for him in the context of his professional life. I never met the man, and probably wouldn't have had much to ...
ipsos 07/12/2008 28 22 - 63
McCain campaign crosses "Auschwitz" line
So I'm reading Sam Stein's excellent takedown of McCain's Iraq comments over at HuffPo, and this ...
ipsos 05/30/2008 46 28 - 37
Baby, day 2 (including more pics and...the name!)
When I sat down yesterday morning to share my little bit of good news in this big crazy world with all my friends here ...
ipsos 05/14/2008 37 29 - 29
I had a baby this morning (MORE UPDATES)
Well, my wife had the baby this morning. I just sat there and watched. A boy, a month early, but everything went well. And while I'd like to say something moving and eloquent about a new life in the ...
ipsos 05/13/2008 657 424 1 59
The only number that matters tonight
So maybe Clinton wins it by 3 points, or 5, or 8. Doesn't matter, and the commentators on MSNBC (and probably CNN and Fox, too, but I'm not watching those) understand the subtext pretty well. ...
ipsos 04/22/2008 34 14 - 2
There are a lot of things I don't know
There. I said it. And if I ever had any reason to doubt that simple truth, I was reminded of it while spending far more of my day than I should have commenting (and responding to comments) in the ...
ipsos 02/25/2008 6 5 - -
Barack Obama crossed a line tonight
I've watched Obama's stump speech plenty of times in the last few weeks, seeing the energy that's building around him all over the country. But standing in the kitchen a few minutes ago, reheating ...
ipsos 02/12/2008 573 893 26 68
Help persuade me to bother voting Tuesday
I've never missed an election since the day I turned 18. Not one. Uncontested school board race? I'm there, pulling those levers. Off-year race for town justice and town clerk, on a day I'm traveling?
ipsos 11/05/2007 22 - - 22
NY-29: The road clears for Eric Massa
Yeah, it's still VERY early to be thinking about 2008 congressional races, but there's some potentially very good news here in upstate New York: there won't be a primary on our side in the very ...
ipsos 08/04/2007 8 13 1 12
On seeing dirty tricks where there are none (DON'T PANIC!)
ipsos 11/07/2006 19 10 - -
(NY-29/NY-26) Laura Bush: "Watch what you do, watch what you say"
ipsos 10/29/2006 53 29 - 16
CT-Sen: Is our Ned-mania really helping right now?
ipsos 07/24/2006 29 3 - -
NY-25: And then there was one...and no primary
ipsos 07/10/2006 7 11 - 10
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