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Fri Oct 07, 2011 at 06:34 AM PDT

What's With the Quinnipiac Poll?

by irmaly

I'd be interested in hearing Kossacks' opinions on this October 6th Quinnipiac poll.

The poll surveyed 2,118 registered voters and has a margin of error of 2.1. It included both land lines and cell phones.

Overall, the poll seems to be really bad news for the President. It shows only a 77% approval among Democrats. The poll found that Obama's disapproval has gone up 9 points since the summer, and indicates that 49-39 percent believe Romney would do a better job on the economy than Obama.

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Now who on earth could have ever anticipated that the Republicans would go after President Obama for cutting Social Security and Medicare???????

They're just getting started!

Reach Out And Touch Medicare
August 2011

Posted by: Research
For The Record…It Was Obama Who Offered To Cut Hundreds Of Billions In Medicare During The Debt Debate    
Obama 080411


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We all know the Super Congress is a set-up. We can try, but it's pretty clear we aren't going to be able to influence the appointments either. Pelosi will put three progressives on, but they will be easily voted down by the bipartisan, compromising, let's-all-get-along, sellout Serious People that Reid is going to pic.

So let's grab some hostages.

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Tue Aug 02, 2011 at 06:51 AM PDT

The Importance of Drawing a Bottomline.

by irmaly

Does this ring a bell?:

"Nobody should assume we're going to have a debt-limit extension," John Boehner warned. "If the vote were held today, it would not pass." Sound familiar? This was Boehner in November of 1995, when he was the House Republican Conference chairman and his party was refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless President Bill Clinton agreed to a package of sweeping spending cuts.

Kara Brandeisky of the New Republic takes us back today to how Bill Clinton handled the "debt crisis" of 1995:

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Watauga County, North Carolina was a conservative county back when I first arrived some two plus decades ago. Fast forward to 1996, when local progressives, sick of a losing and deal-cutting Democratic Party that sometimes even supported right-wing Republicans behind the scenes, staged a bloody coup and took over the Party.

At first, progressive wins were hard and slow, but by 2006, the "new" Democratic Party had managed to claim all county and state district offices save one--the Register of Deeds.

Then came 2010 when, like much of the rest of the nation, we went down to defeat. Bigtime. Of course, elections have consequences.

Look what we've got.

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This was published last Friday, but I didn't see it until tonight. If someone has already written a diary on this, I'll be happy to delete.

According to Michael Hirsh at the National Journal, President Obama held an unpublicized meeting with some liberal economists just before his news conference about the tax cuts compromise on December 7th. In attendance were Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs, Alan Blinder, and Robert Reich.  With Obama were Austan Goolsbee and Jared Bernstein.

I knew that Reich had met with thte President, but I was unaware this was a larger meeting.

In what two participants describe as a somewhat-argumentative one-hour discussion, Obama tried to convince the group that his compromise would deliver more bang for the buck to the economy and to people most in need of help than any other politically feasible option.

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Sam Graham-Felsen says he was President Obama's 2008 "Chief Blogger"in an opinion piece just published in the Washington Post. He complains that while Obama is being accused of alienating the left, what he has really lost is "the list."

Graham-Felsen says over $500 million came to Obama from his thousands of small dollar donations, but that these people have been forgotten.

They were inspired by Obama's promise to upend Washington by governing from the bottom up. "The change we need doesn't come from Washington," Obama told them. "It comes to Washington."

Yet at seemingly every turn, Obama has chosen to play an inside game. Instead of actively engaging supporters in major legislative battles, Obama has told them to sit tight as he makes compromises behind closed doors.

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I'm a 57 year-old Democratic political activist in the mountains of North Carolina. I always voted, but I got the bug, cut my teeth so to speak, on political activism back in 1990, when Harvey Gantt challenged racist and bigoted Jesse Helms for US Senate.

This is what we were up against:

And we lost the battle.

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Bernie Sanders has made a direct plea to progressives:

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Wed Dec 08, 2010 at 09:50 AM PST

'Splain this on the Obama Compromise

by irmaly

I'm sorry for the quick diary, but I keep coming back to this and would like to hear explanations of how anyone can think the President wasn't had in the negotiations over the Obama-McConnell Tax Plan.

Please square this:

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This will be a short (and sweet) diary (I'm crashing a Tea Party candidate forum in a bit), but I couldn't wait to give Kossacks a real treat! Take a look at three of the TV ads that the Billy Kennedy for Congress campaign let loose with today!

I'm cheering out loud!

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Last night I attended the incredible debate between Billy Kennedy and the hateful representative Virginia Foxx at the Ashe Civic Center in West Jefferson, North Carolina.

The place was packed to capacity with late-comers still trying to get in the door and "Billy Kennedy for Congress" Tee-shirts.  We came to watch this:

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