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They're Not Republicans, They Are Rebiblicans
A new word for the crazy Republicans of today: Rebiblicans , a group of people who believe in Fox News, the Koch philosophy, and their religion above everyone else's rights (The Buy-Bull ...
issy 02/23/2015 8 3 - -
The Republicans' Attack on SS Disability is A Hate Crime
They're at it again. Policians doing the bidding of their oligarch bosses rapidly shredding the disabled's last lifeline. The US Department of Justice defines a hate crime as "the violence of ...
issy 02/19/2015 15 5 - -
How About We Impeach Rupert Murdoch Instead
The Republicans are starting to fall all over themselves once again with the "I" word so perhaps the best thing we can do is to impeach their top guy first. Of course it's not Boehner, Paul, or Cruz,
issy 02/05/2015 9 2 - -
Open letter to The Supreme Court
Please keep your belief system to yourself and not down my children's throat! In regards to the Hobby Lobby's case regarding the birth control mandate and all the forced birth nonsense: ...
issy 03/17/2014 6 - - -
First they come for the teachers
The religious fundamentalists are at it again. And I am not talking about Islamist fundamentalists, I am talking about the American [Taliban] Christianists/Dominionists. Dr. Poole, a ...
issy 04/02/2013 17 8 - -
It's about the messaging - Looking for the Line
Don't you ever just wish you had that one line, the one that makes your right-wing friend stop and say, "Oh, I get it! You are right!" I am looking for as many of these lines as we can gather. ...
issy 02/11/2013 1 - - -
It's time to change the Message - starting with "Pro-life"
Progressives! It is time to change the message! Let's frame the issues from OUR perspective!
issy 02/07/2013 21 9 1 -
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