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It Gets Better Mitt Romney Version
Mitt the gay kid bully Romney wants to sweep this washington post article under the rug but we wont let him. He must not realize that in the 21st century we dont terrorize gay kids for simply being ...
itsnotmyfault 05/11/2012 2 1 - 56
The losing mentality
We are losing election after election I don't see any recognition of this simple fact from the most progressive members of this community and I don't see any long term strategy to change that.
itsnotmyfault 04/09/2011 13 - - 40
Veto The Tax cuts is that really wise
First things first lets get the facts straight. 53 percent of the american people want there tax cut but want the tax cut for those making over $250,000 to expire. Another 14 percent want all ...
itsnotmyfault 12/06/2010 21 - - 57
Lies on Daily Kos
That’s my Huffington Post style headlined designed to get more page views. The lies I'm referring to is the ad around the borders of our site claiming that career colleges are under attack ...
itsnotmyfault 12/01/2010 25 2 - 36
Obama Bashing 101
There is two diaries claiming obama is a blue dog. Lets dispel this ...
itsnotmyfault 11/10/2010 111 22 - 44
Why Obama should compromise on the tax cuts
this is going to be a a short diary.
itsnotmyfault 11/04/2010 86 3 - 42
The Top 3 lies about Barack Obama from "the right" and "the left"
I decided to make a top ten list of lies about my favorite president. He got me fired up yesterday.
itsnotmyfault 09/09/2010 23 4 - 54
When is it not a good time to bash a democrat?
Diarist on hear have great responsibilities. But that responsibility cuts 2 ways. I see comments calling Obama a coward, spineless lacking leadership qualities. We are fucked unless we unite. I ...
itsnotmyfault 08/26/2010 57 5 - 43
If I talk about primarying obama whats wrong with that?
Nothing IMO. If you really believe the worst of the progressive critiques on this president A primary is justified the problem is the progressive critiques even thought they would send the country ...
itsnotmyfault 08/10/2010 32 1 - 16
obama is advancing equal rights
Obama is not strong ally of gay Americans I wish he was because he should lead on this issue its the one issue where compromise is a moral flaw. So he has a extremely flawed position on equality but ...
itsnotmyfault 08/08/2010 7 - - 23
We are not f**ked
I'm an Obama apologist. Im just fucking with yall. But for all the people who feel this is the worst shape this country has ever been in. You fucking chicken littles need to get a fucking grip. The ...
itsnotmyfault 07/10/2010 47 14 - 26
Electing A Better Indiana Senator: A Call to Action
Evan Bayh is retiring the sky is falling. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Run for the hills the republicans are comming. Everybody calm the fuck down. We need to turn this into a turning point. ...
itsnotmyfault 02/15/2010 35 12 - 198
Who killed Health Care?(A who done it?)
There always the usual culprits like health insurance lobbyist who swarmed on capital hill and spent record amounts in order to ...
itsnotmyfault 02/10/2010 25 - - 17
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