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Images of Muhammad in Islam
In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris, I thought it would be a good idea to provide background information on the prohibition of depicting the human form in Islam, including the Prophet ...
ivorybill 01/10/2015 96 306 18 -
Black cops charged for police brutality
So what happens when black police use excessive force? As the nation focuses on two instances in which white cops committed acts of violence against black citizens, perhaps it is worth looking at ...
ivorybill 12/05/2014 9 15 - -
We milk the goat even if it's male
The so-called Islamic State calls out to be mocked... and plenty of comics in the Middle East are happy to rise to the challenge. Some say that they are so brutal, so awful, and cause so much ...
ivorybill 11/03/2014 7 6 - -
Dawn Chorus: Sweden
Mute swan - Cygnus olor I was in Stockholm for work, and had a chance to spend a few days in this beautiful city. We absorb images of Scandinavia from stories and books in childhood; Stockholm ...
ivorybill 08/24/2014 62 44 - -
Meanwhile in Iraq (Updated - US planes attack IS)
[UPDATE: Just received reports from the NGO coordinating committee and some of our partners in Erbil that the US has begun airstrikes against IS forces between Mosul and Erbil. WP reports that US ...
ivorybill 08/07/2014 251 314 9 -
Syria in context (not a rant)
I've felt that the diaries on Syria over the last few days have been more about the US than Syria and that there's been a gap in analysis. Meteor Blades encouraged me to write a diary on the Syrian ...
ivorybill 08/28/2013 215 294 24 -
Advocacy Alert: Senate Com on Intelligence Torture Report
Dear Friends, Do you have a few minutes for a little quick and painless advocacy? Do you live in California or Maine? Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) faces an ...
ivorybill 12/12/2012 2 4 - -
Libya - After the Revolution
This diary is a follow-up to one I published here last week, here:!?via=blog_583176 Some readers suggested that I continue ...
ivorybill 10/30/2011 22 19 - 113
Tripoli Celebrates!
Brit suggested I write a diary to expand upon his, so I'll do so. If you haven't read his yet it's here:,-Gaddafi-Killed:-NATO-
ivorybill 10/20/2011 102 144 4 576
Breaking - Iran implicated in plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador in US
I'm watching this on Al Jazirah outside the US but didn't see it posted yet on Daily Kos. Al Jazirah is reporting that the FBI has arrested an Iranian-American and indicted a leading Iranian ...
ivorybill 10/11/2011 47 14 - 182
Libya to release NYT reporter Anthony Shadid
OK, this will be a short diary, but this is very good news. Libya has acknowledged capturing Pulitzer-prize winning NYT reporter Anthony Shadid and three of his colleagues and will release them. ...
ivorybill 03/18/2011 5 4 - 45
Eyes on Iraq - Demonstrations Today
I wanted to write about some events today in Iraq related to the series of popular uprisings that are spreading throughout the Arab world. I manage some programs in Iraq and am currently in the ...
ivorybill 02/17/2011 11 19 - 57
News update - multiple large blasts in Baghdad
Just got an email from a friend who sent me a BBC link - seems there have been about 10 coordinated explosions in Baghdad, many of which appear to be car bombs in primarily Shia' areas of Baghdad. ...
ivorybill 11/02/2010 12 21 - 56
Afghanistan Onion - comedy and tragedy in Afghan press
I thought I'd share a few news stories in the Afghanistan Observer and the Daily Afghanistan Outlook newspapers - stories that alternately make one laugh or cry. This diary is not a detailed ...
ivorybill 08/26/2010 7 25 - 199
Easter Sermon for the Birds
I’ll admit I’m an odd person to be writing an Easter sermon. Some of us prefer our epiphanies grounded in the external world, even feathered and something we can hold in our hands. ...
ivorybill 04/04/2010 17 33 3 191
Urgent appeal - Gay men escaping Iraq
I got a call today that I would rather not have received. M called and told me that his partner was dead. The Sadr militia caught him, super-glued his anus shut and then beat him to death. M is ...
ivorybill 04/12/2009 150 231 - 44
"The Annointed One" - viral video, Obama and Abortion
Unfortunately, I share the same last name as a certain former Republican Congressman. It's not a common name, and for the last few weeks I have been receiving e-mails from a member of his family, ...
ivorybill 08/10/2008 50 34 12 13
Dawn Chorus - Iraqi Kurdistan Edition
Last week, Lineatus asked me to write a guest Dawn Chorus diary on location in Iraq. I wrote the following last weekend in Suleymaniya, a city in the Kurdistan region, and am posting it this morning:
ivorybill 05/10/2008 57 40 1 73
How long has this been going on?  Fraud at the NRCC
Just a short diary about some new developments in an interesting story. As was mentioned last week in the NYT, the National Republican Congressional Committee called in the FBI to investigate ...
ivorybill 02/06/2008 15 26 - 9
Gitmo defense attorneys endorse Obama
I'll make this a very brief diary and add some caveats right at the beginning. First, I hope this diary doesn't turn into an opportunity for more fighting in the primary wars, because all three ...
ivorybill 01/29/2008 5 23 1 9
GWB: Defining Down Torture for 40 Years
Wow. Fourty years ago today, George W. Bush first found his name in print in the New York Times. At the time, Bush was a senior at Yale and former president of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. ...
ivorybill 11/06/2007 7 10 - 1
Dream Act Defeated in Senate
The Senate just voted on the DREAM Act. The vote was on a procedural motion, so 60 votes were needed to proceed to vote on the DREAM Act itself. It was not really all that close. 54 voted in favor,
ivorybill 10/24/2007 46 18 - 58
Turks invade?  Realtime news from Kurdistan
OK, this will be a short diary. There are several diaries up right now about the Turkish invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan, so I feel compelled to post some quick information because we actually work ...
ivorybill 06/06/2007 42 50 3 14
Out Now!
Compare and contrast: Bush Administration incompetence doomed New Orleans. We created this mess by building levies on the Mississippi, destroying the wetlands, cutting canals through the delta, ...
ivorybill 02/06/2007 7 5 1 -
White House picks pastry chef w/“light touch”
This diary won’t be up to my usual standards, but there’s something so grossly offensive about reading the words “White House” and “light touch” in the same ...
ivorybill 01/30/2007 6 14 - 93
Saddam's Execution - Conversation with his Appeals Court Judge
An Iraqi appeals court upheld Saddam’s death sentence, and the AP reports that he has been handed over to the Iraqi government for execution within the next 24 hours. The inexorable slide ...
ivorybill 12/29/2006 107 150 10 36
Iraq Diary - Civil Society
This is the latest in a series of periodic diaries from Iraq. I haven’t written one for a few months, but this last week has been unusually depressing and frightening and the week’s ...
ivorybill 11/25/2006 24 43 1 142
A gentle critique: Iraq mortality report
ivorybill 10/11/2006 19 26 2 180
Iraq Journal - the Border
ivorybill 08/04/2006 45 57 9 209
War Crimes come home to roost in IL-11th
ivorybill 07/18/2006 6 15 - 2
Lieberman and Brownback - We Need You (today)
ivorybill 05/18/2006 7 1 1 -
Immigration Detention: American Gulag
ivorybill 03/16/2006 17 8 1 94
Iraq Postcard II
ivorybill 02/16/2006 15 23 - 9
Postcard from Iraq
ivorybill 02/11/2006 47 116 10 9
Alito on Asylum
ivorybill 10/31/2005 2 1 - -
Detain 'em and Deport 'em
ivorybill 09/21/2005 4 - 1 -
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