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The Grand Old Partying continues....

In the deteriorating climate he sees unfolding, Gundlach said, the Standard & Poor's 500 Index could fall another 30%, giant Citigroup could become an "AIG-sized debacle," Morgan Stanley would merge with a banking company, Wachovia won't be able to stand alone, default rates on even prime mortgages could soar, and European banks' woes are just beginning.

"This is no market for old men," said Gundlach... "This is no market for old-school thinking."

Below the fold: the result of 28 years of deregulation... Keating 5...  ENRON loophole... credit default swaps... all starring bad old John McPain and Phil Gramm.....

...GOP-caused economic meltdown that may reverberate til 2022... but sooner, an inconvenient October surprise: your Money Market (& Bank & Credit Union) accounts at risk... so come with me below the fold for plenty of ammo for educating your voters about why they are having horrible experiences and where the CHANGE needs to take place... in the central focus for election 2008: ECONOMY, ECONOMY, ECONOMY.

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When somebody is used to being a barracuda chewing right through anything and anybody who stands in their way, while being praised all their life that being a vicious pit bull is virtuous as long as it's in service of the Lord's work, what kind of person emerges after several decades of that?  When that somebody has been enjoying the experience of lying with impunity, manipulating power for petty purposes, financing their holy crusade via state coffers, and fueling their ambition in cahoots with international oil majors.... with years of experience like that, what do they do for an encore?

Our opponents are the incumbent party, representing the status quo.

The incumbents made the mess, and people are upset with the status quo.

So people want change.

We represent change.

Whenever we frame any issue this way, it plays to our strength.

There is no accident that CHANGE is Obama's core theme. (Obama doesn't just "get" this, he is this. He's brilliant; he's our most potent individual change agent; to help him win, it is up to each of us to...

[please follow me below the fold]


Which is the winning Frame for us?

74%26 votes
5%2 votes
2%1 votes
17%6 votes

| 35 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Mar 04, 2008 at 03:38 AM PST

(poll) Vote for best 3AM spoof

by ivote2004

Parody candidate #1:
Bass Motives 01:26

Parody candidate #2:
Children Parody 3 am Phone call Hillary Clinton Fear Ad 00:35

the 3rd candidate.... + 2 zingers (and a self-running YouTube playlist containing all 5 videos) remain beneath the fold...


For the 3AM parody/satire/spoof/snark category... and the winner is:

62%28 votes
6%3 votes
31%14 votes

| 45 votes | Vote | Results

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It's down to the last 24 hours before the Texas primary.... if you're not here for the ground game, is there anything you can do to help from afar?


Checkout these Obama-boosting YouTube videos, and email links to your favorites -- or forward my entire YouTube playlist (24 & counting) -- to everybody you know who has friends in Texas, and especially to everybody you know who could write and send-along a personal email note.... especially if they can do it in Spanish!

El Paso's Favorite Obama YouTube Videos


Strongest Obama Music Video for reaching TX Spanish-speakers in final 24 hours:

10%2 votes
63%12 votes
26%5 votes
0%0 votes

| 19 votes | Vote | Results

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Officially, it's the 6th biggest city in Texas.

Officially, it's the 21st largest city in the US.

(Unofficially, it population & rank are (much) higher.)

Technically, it's the oldest European settlement in what is now the United States (1598), easily beating both Jamestown (1607) and Plymouth (1620).

It's hometown to the largest military installation in the US, just about the size of Rhode Island.

As a metro area, it's the largest border town in the world.

It even has a congressman who, as House intelligence committee chair, stumbled into deserving some dKos adulation this week by calling-bluff and killing-off the so-called "Protect America Act" (FISA).

But as an extremely Blue city in an extremely Red state... and for lots of other shrewd reasons.... "here" is totally ignorable by everybody with any national political savvy.

So why were all the Clintons -- Hillary Tuesday, Chelsea Friday, Bill Friday & Saturday -- here 3 days this week?

((read the rest of this diary here, and then the poll will make sense :))


What do you think should be done about El Paso?

3%2 votes
5%3 votes
0%0 votes
5%3 votes
51%28 votes
18%10 votes
14%8 votes

| 54 votes | Vote | Results

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This is for real, and IMHO deserving of some blogosphere-wide attention (while everything is still fresh in our minds, and before we get too far into counting-our-chickens-before-they're-inaugurated):

MoveOn Political Action is offering $250,000 Rewards for Evidence Leading to Voter Fraud Convictions

(details --- along with some kudos to our fellow Kossacks & and our netizen siblings at MoveOn for pulling off miraculous akido and heavy lifting --- beneath the fold...)

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Karl Rove is a master of timing.

Like Machiavelli, Rove has the formula: Let all the bad news out at the time it will do the most "good" in distracting your opponents... and at the time it will do the least "harm" -- when nobody can do anything about it, and all will have forgotten it by the time it really matters. Give your opponents a false sense of power and momentum, then drop the floor from under them at just the moment before you orchestrate the act that really matters in the real chess game.

And, today, we got had yet again by the Rovian manipulator.

Tomorrow, Pawn gets promoted to Queen.

But the deeper... (continued below the fold)

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Mon Dec 13, 2004 at 12:41 AM PST

My blunt DNC chair letter

by ivote2004

To the folks who will pick the next DNC chair:

3 core issues.

My #1 issue = We must champion the cause of Global Security. Ecological Health is the #1 priority. Period.

I want the real issues that face humanity during the coming years and decades put squarely on the table: potentially irreparable Climate Disruption ("global warming", warmer oceans, killer hurricanes, new categories of oceanic/atmospheric emergencies, etc), Fresh Water Risks (Aquifer Depletion), Nuclear Risks (loose nukes, bombs, power plants, tailings, waste), Toxic Chemical Risks (!!!), Tobacco-addiction epidemic (easily 100x more annual preventable deaths than from all terrorism ever), Genepool Risks (species extinctions, GMO-genetic-pollution, carcinogens, teratogens, etc).


Next DNC Chair should rebuild the party around these issues:

20%1 votes
40%2 votes
40%2 votes

| 5 votes | Vote | Results

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Will we let them cook the books, and then burn 'em before we can do our audit? Will we let them hide their tracks? Shred the evidence?

Action #1: Archive everything relevant you can find online. Grab it while it's hot. Before it vanishes.

Download & archive all data; dont depend on URLs being stable.  

(read more...)

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This thread is for discussions related to getting the job done in New Mexico.

1) NM needs your help; deserves your help; welcomes your help.

As a Kossack, you know that the 2000 vote differential was 366 votes; that NM polls have been slipping in the wrong direction during the last week; even that King George himself is coming to NM Monday, so the other side is pushing harder. So its important for us to redouble our NM efforts.

  1. Consider travelling here; if you can't, then phonebank from where you are.

  2. Some contacts:

New Mexico Victory 2004,
Las Cruces:  505-525-1225
Albuquerque: 505-244-1077

Kerry Edwards,
Albuquerque: 505-256-2570

Voter Protection (NM Demo party HQ):

--- more beneath the fold, please read on ---

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Less than 1 week to go. Not much time by traditional standards... but still lots of opportunity by internet standards.

One approach some of us are using is to send out emails to people we know who are our side but not yet "plugged-in" and "activated". Turning on your "people network" can an be quite potent.  You might want to consider it.

But then there's the time to research &  compose your message. So let's make it easier on you -- anybody who has written such email, post a copy below --  and anybody who wants to can grab & use whatever they like, to speed up their own email campaign.

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